Freddy De Jaeger and the firm ‘Jaegerson’ - Main sponsor PIPA IATP Ranking

The PIPA IATP (International All Times Pigeon) ranking is a championship organised by PIPA with the first nominated pigeon in the 5 most important international races with morning liberation, namely Pau, Barcelona, Tarbes, Marseille and Perpignan. A championship that was ‘christened’ in 2003, and today the day has grown to one of the most  renowned Championships at international level! What’s more, the championship is entirely free of charge and the classifications are calculated within the PIPA organisation on the basis of the international results!  There is no registration fee, the fancier does not have to submit anything… no, every fancier who enters pigeons for the ‘international grand distance races’,  is automatically included in this ‘IATP Ranking’… everyone is equal… it couldn’t be more fair! This is no excuse in retrospect, so as ‘forgot to register’, ‘forgot to submit’, no… after the last trip (read: Perpignan), the classifications are  drawn up… and divulged! And yes, here the  ‘BEST’ are always at position 1… at the highest place on the podium! A  championship which is also sponsored by someone whom we can describe in 2009 as the ‘coming man’ in the ‘grand distance’ in Belgium… crowned with the title of ‘All Round Champion’ 2009 by the Belgian Understanding … namely Freddy De Jaeger from the East Flemish Knesselare… CEO of the firm ‘Jaegerson’, and self active in the pigeon sport under the name Team Freddy De Jaeger!

Freddy De Jaeger, ‘main sponsor’ and ‘top fancier’!

Freddy De Jaeger became involved in the pigeon sport through his father, say – it was fed to him with the spoon. At the time, father Albert was a real ‘whopper’ in the middle distance and extreme middle distance, so much so that he was excluded from several alliances or only allowed restricted participation… and this happened not on account of ‘weak game’, on the contrary … It is significantly about the ‘break hammer’ that the late Albert sometimes used to reduce the entire competition to the proverbial ‘scrap’. So devastating were the pigeons by the De Jaeger’s! After the passing away of father Albert, Freddy started racing together with his neighbour under the name De Jaeger-Scheyvinck. And once again the roads were sown with success, and numerous victories and prominent titles – so as winner of the East-Flemish Marathon – were booked down.
But, due to the expansion of his company, the pigeon sport had to (temporarily) take a back seat for Freddy. He is Managing Director of the firm ‘Jaegerson’, a supply company for sheet working, which was originally housed in the shed behind his house. Freddy De Jaeger’s business instinct served him well and his firm grew and continued to grow… the many preoccupations in the company and the corresponding obligations abroad, constituted an obstacle to the practising of his chosen hobby, the pigeon sport. The shed behind his house soon became too small, and Freddy left with his firm to the nearby Beernem. In the meantime Freddy also introduced his son and daughter into the firm… and they were given more and more responsibility in the firm. This meant that Freddy had more free time to concentrate again fully on the pigeon sport. To do this he came to an agreement with companion Daniel De Vylder at the end of the nineties, De Jaeger-De Vylder was their name. Freddy believed that there was a lot of room for improvement, so he decided to get in touch with Marijn Laureyns in mid-2012. Marijn has been a great champion for many years and he is a tough opponent from the sprint up to the light long distance competition. He is a man with an astonishing list of achievements and Freddy says he can do wonders in a pigeon loft. Freddy wanted Marijn to join his team and Freddy is known for reaching his goals: Marijn Laureyns became his new caretaker in late 2012 and he was assigned a simple task: to get the most out of his racing team and his current breeding pigeons. Freddy noticed a significant increase in performance right away, while convincing his good friend Frank Morre to join the team as well. His task is to keep track of the performance of his pigeons, the breeding references, the pedigrees and the championship results. Team Freddy De Jaeger was born.

The search to toppigeons is still continuing, because Freddy still has an ‘eye and ear’ for real ‘top pigeons’, and when a unique opportunity arises he jumps at it straight away… for our part you could call it ‘having a nose for top class’! This illustrated itself both at business level, as in the pigeon sport! When Freddy puts his shoulder to the wheel, then he aims for the highest attainable, say… for the absolute top! The PIPA IATP Ranking also fits the picture perfectly… as most prestigious ‘ranking’ in our international  pigeon sport! Want to bet that he secretly dreams of one day standing on the highest PIPA IATP podium?