Van Moer Hugo, "National winner Montauban (2005)"

Hugo Van Moer, Beveren

Sundaymorning 26th of June, very nice weather, with a shining sun, perfect summer weather ; ideal to make a trip to what we call “ Het Waasland “, a region in Belgium with about 15 – 20 villages all around Beveren, Sint Niklaas, Temse…in east- flanders, not so far from the town province and town Antwerp. In “Het Waasland” Hugo Van Moer and his wife live, they are the national winners of Montauban this weekend. I was received very well by Hugo and his wife. It has been very busy this morning, with congratulations from everywhere and also phonecalls from possible buyers of the pigeon. Hugo did not decide yet if the country will be sold or will stay in Belgium. It is a decision you just dont make in a few minutes, you need to think about it thoroughly ; but Hugo did not have the time untill now to think about it. Yesterday night he stayed untill 24u00 clock in the pigeon club, tonight because of the high dose of adrenaline in his body he could barely sleep…This morning again a lot of phone calls and visits…
And despite this, they found the time to take some time to answer questions and to tell stories about their winning pigeons and about their pigeons in general to the Pipa Reporters.

Hugo started beginning of the eighties with pigeons. With the help of his mentor and friend Romain Legiest he had all advantages to start a beautiful pigeon carreer. He also got his best pigeons rom Romain Legiest. The first years Romain raced mainly the sprint, Noyon ( 204 km) ; he became 3 times General Champion in Beveren, his club on this discipline… Afterwards Hugo he started to race Dourdan ( 350 km ) with a lot of succes. He also became 2 times General Champion in his club on this discipline. It seems like everything Hugo touched changed into gold. Also when he started racing long distance about 5 years ago. He went to buy pigeons from Maestro Georges Carteus from Ronse.

In 2002 already he became long distance champion long distance in the long distance club Sint Gillis, where Hugo always baskets now.
If we ask for the high point in his carreer Hugo does not need to think a lot and he refers to the year 2000, when he basketted 6 pigeons for Limoges. He won 4 prizes in the top 17 against 500 pigeons and those 4 were his first nominated pigeons, he won 6/6 on this race.

The national winner Montauban 2005.

Pedigree National winner : Click here
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The pigeon itself is a 3 year old checkered cock, has wonderful wings, the pigeon is not too big, even rather small, but very strong..The pigeon is a top racing pigeon who won earlier this year already 71st national on Brive and 1st prize in the club Sint Gillis. So he has a very low coefficient for the moment to participate in the ace pigeon championship. But of course Hugo does not know if he will still race this pigeon. It is understandable after such a high performance.

The pigeon wins against 7313 old pigeons with a speed of 1064 m/m. As a youngster the pigeon ( that actually does not have a name, sometimes however he is called the Brive ) is not trained.
In 2003 he raced Argenton and Limoges, but no spectacular performances.
In 2004 he raced Dourdan, Brive, Bordeaux. Dourdan he won 70 / 794 pigeons, Brive 16 / 216 pigeons and on Bordeaux he did not win.
In 2005 Hugo the pigeon went to Quiévrain, on 8th of May he went to Vierzon ( 29th prize / 418 pigeons ). On Brive he wins on 4th of June the 1st prize against 177 pigeons and now he wins 1st national, 1st provincial and 1st in the club ( regional ).

The father of the pigeon is an original Georges Carteus pigeon, inbred to the famous "Limoges" of Georges Carteus. The mother of the pigeon is bred from a direct Romain Legiest pigeon with a pigeon from own old strain. The grandfather of mother’s side is the IERLANDER ( he died recently when he reached the age of 21 years old ) . The Ierlander is a pigeon that was actually sold to Ireland by Romain Legiest but because the people cancelled their order, Hugo got the pigeon from Romain, and it became father/grandfather/etc… of many good pigeons.
Hugo basketted 2 pigeons for the Montauban race, the first nominated came home 1st, the second nominated pigeon still has to come on the time we visited Hugo, around 12h00 clock the day after the liberation. Hugo is what you can call a small fancier, especially when you look the number of pigeons. He only has about 17 widowers, this includes his 6 yearlings. He has 40 youngsters, and 15 breeding couples. I cant stand too many pigeons Hugo says. I select very hard based on results and also based on feeling. Pigeon sport is a gift you get from God, I think you cannot learn it Hugo says. However you can learn a lot from experience.
Hugo only races cocks, normally these cocks dont see their hen before they are basketted, only for the longer distance races, they get to see their hen, like now on Montauban. The winner saw his hen about 5 minutes, just before basketting. Hugo does not feed his pigeons too heavy, only 3 days before basketting pigeons get more food. Only 2 days / year one goes to the veterinary. Medical supervision is mainly a matter of watching your pigeons yourself very carefully….Pipa wishes congratulations to the national winner.