Tambeur Paul & Van de Pol Gerrit wins the 1st National Argenton with 'strange' pigeon 23.010 young pigeons (2004)

Tambeur Paul (L) and Van de Pol Gerrit (R), SCHERPENHEUVEL

The “6398627/2004” from the tandem Tambeur-Van de Pol won the first national Argenton 2004. It’s not a sinecure to win in such a area. If you want to win against fanciers like Gommaire Verbruggen (that also had a good results, starts with 8th national against 23.010 pigeons) , your pigeons have to be of high quality.
The tandem Tambeur Paul and Van de Pol Gerrit are two neighbours. Paul is 49 years old, Gerrit, who was originally from Holland (Nijmegen) buys and sells exotic and other birds for business.

How it all started…
In winter of 1982, the father of Paul, Maurice had a heart attack. The pigeons were just coupled and Maurice asked his son to continue the breeding, and he did.
A few months later, when his father was almost completely recovered, Maurice continued with racing pigeons, Paul was a little bit disappointed. It became a superyear, because this was the year that Paul knew that he wanted to be a pigeon fancier. His father was racing again and then there came some years we can call the “cortisone years”. Maurice received a very good product of his friend and they had some amazing results…they had dozens of prizes against 2000 or 3000 pigeons. But the cortisone didn’t work for long. Two years later they didn’t had one prize. Paul talked about it with his friend Ronald Lodewyck, who lives in Tielt-Winge. Paul thaught that the only way of getting top results is if you give the pigeons something “extra”. Ronald said he would prove that you only get topresults with toppigeons. Paul did it on Ronald his way but he wasn’t completely satisfied with the result. The only thing he wanted were toppigeons. He read some articles in a pigeon magazines about Dirk Bonte from Rijmenam. With a part of his savings he went to Rijmenam and buyed some youngsters there. And yet he wasn’t 100% satisfied and he took the advice of Ronald and went to Danny and Rik Van Avondt from Haacht, topplayers in the Brabant region.
These crossings Lodewyck-Bonte-Van Avondt are now getting the good results in Scherpenheuvel. But it’s not a pigeon from one of these crossings that won the 1st national Argenton.

Strange pigeon…
In the beginning of may Paul made his inventary of his 75 youngsters. He recognized 3 strange youngsters. He took contact with the owner of the pigeon. One with ringnumber 6398627/04, this was the pigeon of Paul Van Hove from Heist-Op-Den-Berg, a very good fancier on the sprint distance. Within one week time the owner’s certificate “627” changed from adress and was now a pigeon of Paul. Paul teached the pigeon and afterwards it went to Blois (459km). Without any problem she won a topprize. She also went to Bourges (469km), but no succes this time. There were 11 prizes from 39 basketted pigeons, but not one real topprize. The “627” won one of the last prizes. In the region of Scherpenheuvel there were about 1000 basketted pigeons for Bourges and not one of them had a top result. Why was that??? Nobody knows, maybe a problem with the transport?? The “627” went to Argenton (548km). Like a racket she arrived at the loft and was registrered at 16.11 pm. With a speed of 1317,93 m/m it was the fastest pigeon of the 30.146 pigeons.

In the “Demervallei” there were 12 prizes, 8 prizes per 10:
The results: 1st, 12th, 16th, 27th, 30th, 33rd, 39th, 42nd, 58th, 75th, 91st and 137th of 425 pigeons.

His method is very simple, after the bad experience on Bourges these pigeons were let together only 2 hours before the real basketting. Before Bourges it was 4 hours.
De “627 Argenton” is a rather small pigeon, but when you feel and see it, it looks like one piece of character. The pigeon also has a beautifull eye, Paul calls it a Picasso eye. After breeding a few times, it will probably move to some other loft.

The pedigree is very simple too, there is one central name, Schellens August. The father is the 6162760/1999 and the mother is the 6318054/2001.
There are a total of 170 pigeons staying in the lofts of Paul and only 2 of them are old pigeons and 9 of them are yearlings. So their game is really specified for the young pigeons. The breeding loft has about 35 couples. There are about 70-100 youngster that are ringed.

 Prizes of the "6398627/04"

93th of 965 pigeons from Toury.
Blois = Problem with the chipring.
206th from 620 pigeons from Sens.
176th of 874 pigeons from Bourges.
1st national Argenton 23.010 young pigeons

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