Steenbergen Stefan and Albert, "1st National Argenton Yearlings (2006)"

Albert and Stefan Steenbergen Herk-De-Stad (BE)

1th National Argonton Yearlings " 5099935/2005

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Albert & Stefan
are racing their 5th season and up to now, it has been a difficult season. One of their best pigeons returned home from the first Momignies race with a wing injury (it will never fly again). Pigeon 725/03 (1st I.Prov Chateauroux 2005 – 5.800p) also returned injured from her first French race. She had flown a first training race only last week. On top of all that bad luck two of their best pigeons –among which a crack pigeon who flew no less than 7 first prizes in middle distance races - never returned from Bourges I. The 2nd provincial ace pigeon Limburg 2005 stayed away for one week and the 3rd provincial ace pigeon 2005 was away for 3 weeks. Albert & Stefan had to start the season of 2006 with a serious handicap. Their bad luck started last year when they lost 30 young pigeons out of 54 all at once in a real disaster race. Because of that, they could only race 2 yearling cocks this year. "You really have to continue believing." says Stefan. The young team 2006 is having an excellent year. Albert and Stefan are pleasantly surprised with the achievements of the blue hen with ring number 5099935/05.

She won the first national yearlings and was the second fastest out of 22.324 pigeons after loosing at least 2 minutes before entering (several supporters can bear witness to that). This yearling hen was raced with one youngster of more than 2 weeks old at home. Her excellent shape was also noticed last week when she won the first prize of Soissons 6 minutes ahead ! Stefan suspects that the fact that she came in rather hesitantly this time was due to what happened one week before (Soissons): a strange pigeon arrived at the same time and that must have scared her. Apparently, she hadn’t got over the fright yet. Stefan had a heart attack so to speak when he saw his pigeon coming home. He was just on the phone talking to a fellow pigeon fancier about the fact that the pigeons had to come home within a couple of minutes to be early when she arrived. He hang up right away and about ten laps of honour and only 2 minutes later, she finally went in and obtained the first national prize. If she would have come in straight away, she would have been the fastest of the whole lot and she would have won by a large margin. Stefan takes it rather philosophically: “Those are just words. What really matters is the clocked time!”.