Schaschkow Cyrille, "1st International Barcelona (2005)"

Schaschkow, Wiesviller (NL)

The “Diva Barcelona”, won in very hard weather against 25.835 competitors the international race of Barcelona 2005. Her unbelievably high willingness to win gave her an extra advantage to overclass this 2005 edition. On the result you’ll only see the name of Cyrille, but the oldest brother, Raymond, who lives in Sarreinsming also takes part in the activities on the loft. Brothers SCHASCHKOW have made Barcelona their major goal. They realize this race is the most honest race of all races. Also Barcelona is a high demanding race on which only the best pigeons can win.

Friday evening, brothers SCHASCHKOW are waiting for their pigeons in the rain until 11pm to see if there could be any pigeons at home on the same day. Due to the bad weather they could be sure there would be no pigeons who would fly during the night, anyway, Cyrille went back to the loft already around 4.40am, because he was convinced that his hen would already be there waiting for her boss, just like she did from Pau 2004 (clocked at 5.13am) and from Marseille (clocked as yearling at 5.48am). He wasn’t wrong! The small hen was there waiting, just on the same spot as from Pau 2004. No doubt she raced during the night, to get back to her loft as soon as possible.

Cyrille knew that this had to be an early pigeon, because in Pau 2004 the east side had little bit advantage, but now chances were equal. Raymond joined his brother just after 5am. At this time Cyrille still wasn’t able to get his “Diva Barcelona” in. After trying several times, the hen finally entered the loft at 5.03am.

A method for a real champion
Most of the time those big champions have something more to get those good results. Also brothers SCHASCHKOW have something extra because they have so much experience and motivation, which makes them having an advantage comparing to other fanciers.
Only hens on eggs are in the Barcelona team; the cocks stay in the lofts. Most Barcelona specialists are convinced that the pigeons need a preparation flight untill about 600 to 700 KM. The last race before Barcelona was the race out of Villefranche sur Saone on June 5th, 390 KM! But the biggest difference is the training method. Every morning around 5am his daytask begins and they put the pigeons in the baskets and put the baskets in the car of Cedric, the son of Raymond.
Cedric works in Straatsburg, and he takes the Barcelona team with him every morning to release the pigeons, without paying attention to the weather circumstances. This is a daily flight of 90 KM and it replaces the training around the loft because hens on the nest don’t train well if they can only fly around the lofts. It also improves their orientation and they get used to all weather circumstances. It takes about 53 minutes before these hens find back their nest.

« DIVA BARCELONA » born to win !
Diva is a 4 year old checkered hen, middle sized with very good feather quality. Even an unexperienced pigeon fancier can tell this pigeon is high quality. Diva Barcelona has a very high willingness to win, she doesn’t know how to give up and it’s also very difficult to handle her, she only wants to be in her nest.
At the age of 4 years old she achieved the top performance of her career. But before she also raced:
In 2003 – 292nd against 20.204 pigeons on the International Barcelona Race, and 94th against 4.344 hens.
In 2004, she won good result from Dax and Pau (216e int hens).
In 2002 a prize out of Marseille, but the brothers SCHASCHKOW already noticed she recuperates very quickly after the race.
They basketted 27 hens on the Barcelona race but SCHASCHKOW brothers didn’t want to put her as first nominated because Raymond had the feeling this would bring bad luck…
The devotion
Cyrille and Raymond did everything they could to reach the European top in pigeonsport. Every year again the tention rizes more and more when the Barcelona race is coming closer. After that the pressure is less, they don’t have equal expectations for Marseille or Perpignan.
After they received telephone from the organisers, the media jumped on it and suddenly their quite village was now the centre of the pigeonworld. On monday they received visit from an asian television team. Raymond doesn’t care about all the visits but Cyrille prefers the silence, but he understands it’s all part of the Barcelona victory.

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