This table lists a couple of one loft races taking place all over the world. Fanciers who organise a one loft race and who wish to add it to this table can contact us at

One Loft Races

Name Race Website Country Contact person
Algarve Great Derby Website Portugal E-mail
Allflight Carnival City One loft Race - South-Africa E-mail
Al Shaheed One Loft Race Website Kuwait E-mail
As Golden Pigeon race Website Greece E-mail
ASTauben-Derby Website Germany E-mail
Balkanic Fair Play One Loft Race Website Romania E-mail
Belgian Master Website Belgium E-mail
Canadian International One Loft Race Website Canada E-mail
Columbodrom Superstar Website Romania E-mail
Corabia One Loft Race Website Romania E-mail
Delta-Club One Loft Race Website Hungary -
Derby Arona Website Spain E-mail
Derby de Andalucía Website Spain E-mail
Derby de Córdoba Website Spain E-mail
Derby del Mediterraneo Website Spain E-mail
Derby De Riachos Website Portugal E-mail
Derby Do Cartaxo Website Portugal E-mail
Derby Halkidiki One Loft Race Website Greece E-mail
Derby Pakrac Website Croatia E-mail
Dinokeng One Loft Race Website South Africa E-mail
Dutch Touch International One Loft Race Website Canada E-mail
Gran Canaria One Loft Race Website Spain E-mail
Fauna Orheiului Website Moldova E-mail
French Young Birds Derby Website France E-mail
Honest Race Website Romania E-mail
Internationales Ostseerennen Website Germany E-mail
Kalimanci One Loft Race Website Bulgaria E-mail
Melbourne Pigeon Cup Website Australia E-mail
Minnesota's Flying Aces One Loft Race Website USA E-mail
Mira Website Portugal E-mail
MVL-CUP Website Denmark E-mail
Nordseerennen SYLT Website Germany E-mail
One Loft Race Sofia Website Bulgaria E-mail
Radevo Website Bulgaria E-mail
South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race Website South Africa E-mail
Swiss-Sand-Derby Website Switzerland E-mail
Szprotawa One Loft Race Website Poland E-mail
Test Center Netherlands MGPP Website Nederland E-mail
Thailand Grand Pigeon Race Website Thailand E-mail
Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race Website Zimbabwe E-mail
Winners Cup USA Website USA E-mail
Winners Flight Loft Website South Africa E-mail
World Ace Challenge Website USA E-mail
Wutaishan One Loft Race Nanjing - China E-mail


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