Jacops Antoine wins nationaal Souillac (2005)

Antoine, the national winner Souillac is about 61 years old ; he was diamondcutter as profession.
His career as pigeon racer started in 1966. He is a happy fancier, satisfied with his performances and enjoying his hobby. After the victory Antoine enjoyed the succes but he prefers when it is more calm.

On the left Antoine and on the right Maria Jacops in her beautiful garden –

On the right Antoine with his son Jan.

The strain

The first breeding couple was a cock from 1961, from the Miel Verhaert strain and a hen from 1964 strain War De Schutter Pulle, fanciers who already passed away for a long time but are still very well known names in the region of the KEMPEN. During the years they Antoine brought in fresh pigeon blood from time to time…like a Staf v.d.Bempt cock, Willy van Berendonk (grandson of Main Couple of Meulemans Meulemans) a cock of Flor Engels, daughter of "Picanol" and a daughter of "Kleine Gaby van den Abeele" , sister "Kannibaal" Dirk van Dijck and a hen from Marc Lemahieu (Casaert strain) Karel Hufkens .... but all top pigeons still are descendants of that first main couple.

The national winner
Antoine tells he even has better pigeons than the national winner of Souillac, but of course the Souillac made him famous. Also a son of the national winner is racing very well. The national winner has as well daughter Picanol, sister Kannibaal as the old strain in the pedigree.
Luckily the wife of Antoine was watching the pigeons when the "Souillac" arrived. Antoine went to the club to basked the pigeons of Dourdan when the 1st national arrived. Mrs Jacobs, who normally never enters the loft took care of the 2nd clocking control within the time limit. ( after you clocked automatically with your electronic clocking system, you still need to clock manually) .

For a while Eric Limbourg from Brussgem was the national winner, but after a lot of calculation the pigeon of Jacobs won with a speed of 1282.46 m/m and the pigeon from super champion Eric Limbourg had a speed of 1282.31 m/m.

Method and History
During the years Antoine won a lot of first prizes. Antoine still remembers the first victory from the speed race of Quiévrain back in 1967, just like it was yesterday, but the absolute cream was the victory of the 3 first prizes on La Soutterainne and 5th, 6th and 7th national. He also won 2nd national Brive, 5th national Cahors, 7th national Bourges, 9th national Argenton, 36th national Barcelona and 72nd national Barcelona...
Antoine always has been very strict over the last 30 years, but the last 5 years he changed his method, not everything had to happen so strict, the pigeons did not have to train every day exactly on the same hour, the performance pressure decreased, but appearantly the performances only got better...
Being fanatic is not always necessary to have satisfying results…and who can contradict a national winner ?

In 2005 Antoine started with about 24 widowers. From the 75 ringed youngsters only 35 are left for the moment. The widowers do winterbreeding and are not coupled before the new racing season. Because of this system, the widowers moult slower and after Souillac the winner only lost one feather.
Antoine knew the Souillac was in top condition, when the other widowers were already in their loft for a long time, the Souillac came later all the time, so he trained longer…However the Souillac was not nominated as first bird from the 2 basketted birds….

National winner Souillac 2005 - Pedigree : Click here
Palmares : Click here

Antoine became 1st King Union Antwerpen, he won an Olympiad pigeon and differend ace pigeons. He won few times 1st provincial, won about 500 trophees in different championships.
....only a national result was missing....but that changed now in 2005...

The couple on their 40-years wedding day