Brockamp Peter & Hans-Peter wins international Marseille (2005)

Father and son Peter + Hans-Peter Brockamp, Boppard (DE)

14.041 pigeons were basketted internationally for this Marseille. Like always many german fanciers participated in this race. The father-son combination Peter & Hans-Peter Brockamp, Boppard, Germany won the international race. Marseille is about 785km for them ; they basketted in total 21 pigeons.
They did not only win the first international but also had a a lot of early prizes with early arrivals at 18H46, 19H04, 19H13, 19H14, 19H18, 19H22, 19H48, 20H28, 20H31 and 20H59. 18 pigeons from 21 were clocked within time. A super results ! That means on the international result : 1, 21, 79, 112, 118, 136, 163, …. The winning pigeon, now called the “Marseille King” is a 3 year old cock, which was their 4th nominated pigeon. Before he was basketted 5 times on national and international races and he always won a decent prize.
In 2004 he won 4th national Cahors (828 km) against 1578 pigeons, 297th national Marseille against 4928 pigeons and 195th national Perpignan (938km) against 2210 pigeons.
Also in 2005 he won 102th national Pau (977km) against 1238 pigeons.
The Marseille King is a bont blue checkered whitefeather cock, with very soft feathers, middle sized and a very beautiful eye. Father is “blaue Budapest II” a son of STAMFATHER “junge As” an original Georges Carteus cock. The Budapest II was also an excellent racing pigeon : 2° and 8° prize St Polten (635 km), 4° Nickelsdorf (735 km), 4° Wenen (720 km) and a 5°, 12° and 19° prize Budapest (900 km). The mother is a daughter of the supercouple of Etienne Vanhaverbeke, Ichtegem. She is also the mother of the 12° national Perpignan. Also a brother of the father was a super racers. Another brother became German Olympiad pigeon in South-Africa 2001 for Menne & daughter. A great family of pigeons !
In the opinion of Hans-Peter Brockamp the Marseille King won this international price because of the system of jealousy with another cock in the box above him. This other red cock, injured on the wing and not able to race, cannot really fly well into his box. Shortly before the basketting he was put again the loft where also the international Marseille winner houses. So the Marseille King got very jealous because the other cock was now in his box...this probably made him want to get home as soon as possible.
Peter & Hans-Peter Brockamp are a father-son combination. Father Peter is racing since 1948 with success. In the sixties he bought Huijskens-Van Riel pigeons, they made him famous in Koblenz. Son Hans-Peter was fascinated by the long distance from the beginning. Since the middle of the eighties Pau, Barcelona,Dax, Marseille and Perpignan are the most important races for them.
In 1999 the Brockamp pigeons won in 3 weeks as well the first international Bordeaux (raced by Harald Schröder with an original Brockamp pigeon) as the first international Perpignan, won by Brockamp themselves.
Even they are so succesful, pigeon sport is a hobby for them ! Totally they only have about 150 pigeons, they only race cocks on widowship.

Strain building

The first long distance pigeons were bought in the loft of Andre Vanbruaene between 1985 and 1988 and in the loft of Ivo Van Lerberghe. In the loft of Vanbruaene they bought “blaue Vanbruaene” BELG 85-3410669 , son of full brother 1st international Barcelona 1984. This pigeon is one of the basic breeders in the loft of Brockamp.
Just like many superior long distance lofts, also Brockamp seems to have built his strain on the Vanbruaene pigeons, probably the best long distance strain ever flown.
In the loft of Ivo Van Lerberghe they bought a son of “Barcelona Crack” (43° and 50° international Barcelona) x “Mona” (mother 1° international Perpignan 1988). He gave very good children.
At present the Brockamp loft exists out of 50% Georges Carteus pigeons, Ronse. The first 3 pigeons bought in the Carteus loft were each wonderful breeders. The mother of “Armstrong” 1° international Perpignan is a direct daughter of the legendary “Limoges” of Carteus (1° nat Limoges, 3° nat Perpignan). The mother of “Super Bordeaux” 1° international Bordeaux (Schröder) is a daughter of the famous “bonte Barcelona” (4° nat Perpignan 91) and the grandfather of “Marseille king” 1° international Marseille 2005 is a son of “As” (4° national acepigeon 93 and 2th international Perpignan 95)

Because they almost never race hens, they are always looking for breeding hens directly out of toppigeons anc acepigeons to cross them with their own strain. In this way the bought pigeons from Menne & Töchter, Hamminkeln, Harald Schröder, Aachen and Josef Fell, Erkelenz. Their first pigeon from Barcelona comes from a hen of Wim Muller, Wilhelminadorp.

They try to breed performance pigeons. They only have 10 breeding pairs. Among them the 2 Carteus stampigeons (son As 797 and son As 571) and a son of “Soustons” of H&R Wijnands, Maastricht, which is the father of “Armstrong”. All other breeding pigeons are performing pigeons with top results, among them “Armstrong” (1° international Perpignan 1999), “Marseille Star” (12° international Marseille 1997), “Tiger” (1° national St Pölten 1997), “Raphael” (10° national Perpignan 1999), “Hannah” (4° national Marseille 2003), “Blaue Budapest II” (2° national St Pölten 1997, 4° national Wenen 2001 and 4° national Nickelsdorf 2001).
Because most of the national winners and ace pigeons are born out of crossings, the Brockamp family likes to cross.
They also breed a lot of good pigeons out of prett young pigeons like good yearlings, etc…
When they acquire pigeons. They always have to come from a succesful family. Also the ability to recover fast is very important.

The preparation of the next racing season already starts on the end of the previous season. After Perpignan all racers are paired and they can all breed a round of youngsters, after that the pigeons can still incubate. This is to improve the moulting. In the middle or end of december these couples are seperated. All pigeons are seperated for the whole winter. In the beginning of april they are being put together as start of the new season. Also now they only sit on their eggs without having youngsters, during this period, the racing pigeons participate in their first training races. On this time the pigeons are also cured against Trichomonias for 7 days with Ronidazol ( 10%). Starting from May the pigeons are raced in the local club every week. This system makes sure that the pigeons moult slowly in the summer, the Marseille King still had his full wing of feathers on Pau, on Marseille he lost his first feather. That is why Marseille and Perpignan became the favourite race of the Brockamp family.

Medical supervision of the racing pigeons:
Son Hans-Peter is a biochemicus and since many years he studies the metabolism of the pigeons. He treats the pigeons as real athletes and he realises there is a big difference between just health and top condition. A very good metabolism is the key to top condition, that’s why son Hans-Peter developped the “Probac” products, based on probiotic bacteries. These products are administered the whole year to the racing pigeons.
The specific preparation for the long distance races start at about 14 days before basketting. They also give Oregano oil, Probac 1000 electrolytes and a very concentrated protein ( from animals ) APF90. This to let the whole muscle mass recover. Afterwards all pigeons Daarna volgt voor alle pigeons een kropspoeling met “Metro Plus” against trichomonas and andere kropaandoeningen. About 8 days before basketting they administer 3-4 days “aktieve Eisen” , an important products for the increase of hemoglobes in the bloood, this stimulates the taking in of oxygen. This because of the fact that the metabolism for pigeons need a lot of oxygen, just like in the human body. And finally the last 4 days essential fat acids are administered ( Lecithin oil ) mixed with Probac Energy. In the water the pigeons till get some Probac 1000 and Catosal.
Of course one still need class pigeons to win these kind of international victories.
We wish father and son a lot of succes and pigeon pleasure.