Bongers Twan wins International Perpignan

Twan with his daughters Kim & Lynn

After 20 years without pigeons, because career was most important, Twan Bongers restarted racing pigeons in 2000. He consulted the result of the national race of St. Vincent 2000 which was raced by a strong wind out of the north and with a temperature of 30°C, and searched for the fanciers who had very good results on this specific race. He bought some pigeons and bred out of them.

The big success came rather quickly by winning 1st International Perpignan 2005. A fantastic victory with a hen on the nest, ringnumber NL02-0260950. This same hen won a few weeks ago already 6th Nat. and 17th International Dax.

The pigeon now has the name “Kim-Lynn”, named after the two lovely daughters of Twan.


Father: NL01-0167839 W. Heurkens Geffen out of NL96-9603976 (son Goudklompje Jo van Schijndel & Zn Geffen x Wanroy/Aarden/v.d. Wegen by A. van Haaren Heesch x NL96-9603101 1st champion overnight Fondclub Zuiderkempen 2001 W. Heurkens (Wanroy/Aarden/v.d. Wegen via A. van Haaren).
Mother: NL01-2141444 Gebr. Maas Gemert out of NL00-2113889 (Van Limpt/Prut lijn 16-Kapot Borstbeen-Jonge Merckx x Wal Zoontjens) x NL00-2478498 A. Bouman Herpen son Albatros (father of De 39 Worldchampion middle distance) x Blue hen Maurice Voets Kessel (B.).
Twan basketted a lot of pigeons on the Perpignan race, 57 to be exact, more than 20 of them are on the national result.

His distance is 1015.989 km and he clocked on following times:

Small overview of the performances of Twan Bongers in 2005
Raced in fondclub Zuiderkempen (Afdeling 3 NPO)

St. Vincent 5338 p. 88/22 36…
Barcelona 1005 p. 26/9 16…
Bergerac 5071 p. 73/15 21…
Marseille 384 p. 20/4 13…
Dax 3516 p. 42/17 48…
Perpignan 827 57/28 1-2…