Anciaux Marcel, "Winner 1° National Bourges I against 18.998 Old pigeons and fastest from 32.470 participating pigeons!"

Marcel Anciaux from Lillois


Bourges is the first race of the national programme 2008. In total 32.470 pigeons were basketted for this 'opener' of the national racing season (roughly 11.000 pigeons more than last year). On Saturday the 24th of May the pigeons were given their freedom, in ideal racing weather and on the route home the wind blew mainly out 'Eastern sector'. Despite the east wind it was yet again a Brabant pigeon that was the fastest, just like last year, 2007, when Davy Tournelle managed a double. This year it was Marcel Anciaux from the Waals - Brabant's Lillois, near Eigenbrakel… who clocked the fastest pigeon of the whole convoy at 12.25pm, with a distance of 419,708 Km, good for 1332,41 m/m... meaning the 1° National Bourges against 18.998 old pigeons! The pigeon from mister Anciaux achieved a magnificent performance, because at national level he flew almost 48 m/m faster than the 2° pigeon, clocked by M.& G.Casaert, the national victors by the yearlings… who clocked their pigeon at 12.23pm with a distance of 401,950 Km, meaning 1284,19 m/min… and no less than 62 m/min faster than the 2° prize National for the Old pigeons, the pigeon from the duo Gevaert-Lannoo who achieved 1270,20 metres.

The national victor, answering to the name "Le Philippe" delivered a performance that could be framed… one with 'Eddy Merckx'-allures, who in his glory years was minutes in front of his rivals! Just before going to press we had the very happy, but somewhat offended winner Marcel Anciaux on the telephone… he especially didn't like the fact that he had heard rumours that certain 'big lofts' begrudged him his victory! Why people? Give a small fancier and pure hobby racer so as Marcel Anciaux the 'honour' he deserves, full stop!

"Le Philippe" 1st national Bourges 2008

The fancier

Marcel Anciaux , a 63-year old retired teacher , is a passionate fancier with a small pigeon infrastructure. Scarcely 15 old and 7 yearlings + for every widower a feminine partner, in addition to a handful of youngsters… completes his pigeon constituency. And breeders? He hasn't got any…and they are not really necessary, according to Marcel, when you treat the pigeon sport as pure hobby. Look, says Marcel, I am a pure 'amateur' and not a 'man of commerce', then I don't really need the breeders… only pigeons to race with for pleasure are more than enough. Marcel bought 10 pigeons from fellow villager Philippe Charlier (including the National winner), and 10 pigeons from the 'Kweekstation Natural', that's it!


The old pigeons raced as preparation for Bourges : Vervins, Soissons, Nanteuil, and then 2 x Toury, without anything to write home about. The week before Bourges all the pigeons were still in Toury. The bad weather meant that they were not liberated until Sunday… on Marcel's birthday. Marcel had booked a table at a restaurant for the Sunday so that he could celebrate his birthday eating with his family. Something that he was determined to do, no matter what, and seeing that he didn't clock electronically… the pigeons didn't only return to a home without their boss, they weren't even clocked.
When Marcel returned from the restaurant 16 of his 22 clappers were waiting for him. A neighbour noticed 2 pigeons around 3pm, pigeons that would have raced in the first 15 prizes from Toury in the club if he had clocked them. According to the neighbour one of these two early pigeons was a ' light white flight', could it coincidently have been "Le Philippe", who later won Bourges National that was showing the first signs of top condition? In any case, it was prize from Bourges… after he had also done well from Toury for the yearlings.

The winner "Le Philippe"
Le Philippe 1502882/06 gave Marcel the 1st national victory of his career... and is named after the breeder and good friend of Marcel, namely Philippe Charlier (Lillois), where this pigeon came from. This 2-year old cock raced in traditional widowhood. He didn't do very well in the French races, but when the bird flu broke out and the pigeons were force to race from Germany, "Le Philippe" showed his true colours from Koblenz and Maagdenburg with 2 prizes per 10. His pedigree contains famous names such as Marc Roosens, Pirson, Janssens, Van Hee, Deneufbourg, Polder and Steketee… so we can conclude that this 'Bourges clapper' is a product of crossbreeding, containing the 'noble winner's blood' of the aforementioned top fanciers. Marcel basketted 10 pigeons for this Bourges, including this "Le Philippe" who grabbed 'victory' from the touch competition! He will probably be the only one of Marcel's pigeons that has managed to classify himself nationally from Bourges. Marcel may have to book another table at a restaurant, this time to celebrate his national victory! In any case we are very pleased for him. Our congratulations to Marcel and his family from the entire PiPa team!