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Regulations provide for the possibility of changing the date, length of the flight and the number of flights - but ...
Sorry, but two weeks ago, a change in the method of selecting the best team and the best dove "the racing ace" which is unacceptable to me.
They changed the rules for the auction of pigeons which is also reprehensible.
My asior there is no chance of victory in this WG, but I hope that someone will be harmed if the changes in the rules that will apply to the court. At the end of this legal project was paid cash, an agreement was concluded, each of us when reporting clicked the "I agree to the terms of the Rules of 2013", therefore, amendment of the rules could only be by mutual agreement of the parties, I do not know how the others but to me, no one communicate.
A potential reward for the racing ace zł 50 thousand or 25 thousand team. should be enough for a lawyer.
To sum up this WG was to be international and out "Wsiowe" without offending rural residents, of which I include myself in. ROGOWO great preparation of 2000 birds was down to 386 or something that proves not cope with the organizers of pigeon banked huge losses flown late first training session of 1 km and basketed evening with so many pigeons are some paranoia. I personally regret that I have given even though there are birds to fly final. primary carer varies during the first treningó interesting why Smile and even change the rules super-why wait weeks for the ending as it was established at the beginning and each
participant is approved paying no small money, after all, and entrusting młódki the best pigeons. change to four hours from the first pigeon would be in August so drifted the pigeons in the final in 4 hours. best aviator has yet to have a contest with the final flight to your klacyfikacji so that will certainly circuses. I wonder if these changes are legally made ​​great wish would be the final flight in birds flew in 10 minutes


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