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Hi guys,

Recently had to move pigeons to new location about 300 meters from their old lofts. Have kept the birds in for two months now and opened the traps of the cocks for the first time today.

Result: Straight out of traps and onto roof of old lofts.

I waited until almost dark a few came back around the new loft but disappeared again. Went to old loft, opened trap and let birds in but only half of them were there. Took them back to the new loft and fed them and locked them in. Have no idea where the others are and have looked all around for them but sure they will appear over the next day or so.

What should I do next.

Any advice greatly appreciated.




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The best way is to pair your cocks with the hens and let them build a nest.
Start to let them out, when they have eggs and the cocks should be on the nest.
You could wait untill they have youngsters in the nest, that could work even better.

Within two weeks your problem should be solved.
It's just 300 metres as you said, so it can't be a great problem.


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Hi Graham

I do the same thing every year. I fly my youngsters from a loft at the back of the property and move them to the old bird loft at the front of the property every fall. The secret is to have a little patience. Don't be afraid to let them into the old loft, better that than losing half. In fact, leaving the old loft wide open so that they can fly in and out on their own is a good idea. Once they realize there is nothing left for them in the old loft, they will start looking for where they can get fed and remember the new loft. The secret is to never again feed them in the old loft or let them spend the night there. If they refuse to leave the old loft to go back to the new loft, move them back at dusk by hand. I rarely if ever have to move the most stubborn of them back three times before they catch on. It works even faster if you keep them on short rations while breaking them. Once they trap into the new loft once, your proplems are over. That is the time to keep the old loft locked up.


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