Karnataka Racing Pigeon Club

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Karnataka Racing Pigeon Club

Mr. Y. Suresh, is the president of Karnataka Racing Pigeon Club (KRPC).

The Karnataka Racing Pigeon Club (KRPC), the oldest organisation dedicated to the sport in Bangalore, Karnataka.

History - In 1973 a band of four members got together on the 18th of October and formed the Mysore Racing Pigeon Club (It was all Mysore State then). It was later renamed the Karnataka Racing Pigeon Club consequent to renaming of the state(Karnataka).

Mr Philip David from California, who lived in Cox Town in the 70s, “Two great Pigeon Racers from Stephens Road were very instrumental in getting the club off the ground. One was Dellamott, he had a great a great loft in the back of his house and had some very fine pigeons. The other person was Peter Pereira, he started with few Japanese blues which he got from Kevin Stephens. They used to race among ourselves much before the club started. There were many pigeon fanciers around the cantonment, Bangalore area during the 70s who lent their shoulder to kick start the club. Some of them were Dellamott, Robinson, Pereira, Willie and Stephens.”

KRPC conducts tournaments across south India for distance ranging from 200 KM - 1000 KM. Bangalore host 20 races in a season, drawing 3,600 owners and around 10,000 pigeons annually.

KRPC, ASHWA ARCADE, Jai Bharath Nagar, Next to Orion East, Bangalore 560033