(30/07/2018) 英国鸽友凭借PIPA引进鸽后代在米德兰全国赛鸽俱乐部取得佳绩

2018年7月22日,米德兰全国赛鸽俱乐部(The Midlands National Flying Club)组织了2场比赛,分别从法国的波尔多和维尔(Vire)放飞。这两场比赛都非常艰苦,波尔多赛当天仅有13羽赛鸽归巢,冠军马克.威廉森(Mark Williamson)来自阿什本(Ashbourne),他的冠军鸽的父母均引进自PIPA。

(29/07/2018) Success with the Midlands National Flying Club for descendents of pigeons bought on PIPA!

The Midlands National Flying Club held two races on 22nd July 2018 - from Bordeaux and from Vire in France. Both races were held in testing conditions and there were only thirteen birds on the day from Bordeaux. The winner, Mark Williamson of Ashbourne, bought the parents of his plucky pigeon from PIPA.