Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race

(14/09/2018) Victoria Falls one loft race schenkt winnaar jonge Chateauroux IV 1 gratis deelname

De Organisatie van de One Loft Race te Zimbabwe schenkt de winnaar van de laatste Nationale jonge duivenvlucht uit Châteauroux een gratis deelname aan de one loft race voor 1 duif plus 4 reserve duiven.

(30/06/2018) South Africans Andre Reynders & Ronnie Huebsch win the VFWCPR yearling edition – Alfons Klaas second – Jan Hooymans third

The 602 km final of the VFWCPR yearling race was released at 7.00am this morning, 584 birds were at the start and it took the first bird 7 hours and 17 minutes at a speed of 1375 m/m to get back to the loft.

(19/04/2018) Inschrijvingen voor Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race 2019 gaan van start

De finale van de Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race zal in de maand juli gehouden worden wanneer het weer in Zimbabwe op zijn best is. Tijdens deze race strijden de beste topduiven van over heel de wereld tegen elkaar.

(01/03/2018) Victoria Falls yearling race 2018: change of date

The final of the yearling race from the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race will take place on 30th of June 2018 instead of 7th July 2018. This changement was made in order to avoid a double booking with the Barcelona race 2018.

(04/02/2018) Victoria Falls victory goes to champion maker Mike Ganus who takes home 250,000 USD

The organisation of the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race had a dream winner in American superman Mike Ganus … the 2016 winner of the Million Dollar Race now takes gold and bronze in a very successful second edition of the fastest growing One Loft Race!

(17/01/2018) Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race: Hot Spot 5 results & increase of prize money to $1,000,000!

Hotspot 5 was held on Saturday 13th of January from a shortened distance of 205 km. The daytime temperatures were very high from mid-morning but there was a tail wind. The front pigeons recorded fast velocities and were sited at a higher than normal altitude when diving for the loft. The tail-enders struggled in the heat.

(16/01/2018) How can we make the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race better?

The VFWCPR has nearly completed its second year with the final coming up on 26th January 2018. The racing conditions that prevail under the current programme are extremely difficult and we believe that a change is needed to improve the racing environment. We believe that many good pigeons perish under these conditions.

(05/01/2018) Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race: Hotspot 4 – Prize Money Results

Hotspot 4 was held on Saturday 30th December from Mlonyeni, 279 km South East of Victoria Falls. The degree of difficulty is increasing and this race proved to be the most difficult so far. The wind has swung to a prevailing North West wind (headwind) and on race day there were clear skies and high daytime temperatures.

(29/12/2017) Victoria Falls: Race – Hotspot 3 – Prize Money Results

Hotspot three was held on Saturday 23rd December from Jotsholo, 205 km South East of Victoria Falls. This race proved to be more difficult than others. Although the weather was cloudy it was not raining at the liberation point. The pigeons however encountered rain en route with a steady 6km per hour head wind.

(22/12/2017) Germany and Mark Kitchenbrand complete the top 5 in the 2nd Victoria Falls hot spot race

On 16 December, the second hot spot race of the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race took place from Gwayi River, 163 km southeast of Victoria Falls. The birds were liberated in cool, windy conditions at 5.45 am. The top 5 positions were taken by three German fanciers and Mark Kitchenbrand, who finished second and fifth.