Herbots Gebs - Halle-Booienhoven

Herbots Gebroeders, Halle-Booienhoven.<br> 1st National champion yearlings KBDB '08<br> 4th National champion Ace pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB '08<br> 7th National champion Ace pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB '08
Herbots Brothers, Halle-Booienhoven. 1st National champion yearlings KBDB '08 4th National champion Ace pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB '08 7th National champion Ace pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB '08 Text : Karlo Van Rompaey Edited : Martin Degrave Back to Pipa Back to racing season 2008 Professional management, enthusiasm and passion lead to new success! Halle-Booienhoven lies in Flemish Brabant and belongs to the municipality Zoutleeuw. In the peaceful Dungelstraat the Herbots family have built up a real pigeon empire over the decades.

All this under the drive of father Filip! Herbots is now a concept in the pigeon world. The family is present everywhere and we can't imagine a pigeon event without a member of the Herbot family. You will always see a Herbot on all the pigeon networks! You will always come across the family by every large pigeon fair. But also on the smaller championship days in the area someone will always visit and give a voucher to support the event. The most important trump card of the Herbots is that next to the commercial aspect, which is affecting the pigeon world more and more, they also achieve excellent results on the sporting level.
In 2006 they had the national victory from Argenton with Julian. This year they were crowned in Halle-Booienhoven as national champion by the yearlings. The well-known Herbots-slogan 'always looking for number 1' is then very apt!

Stock building
The figurehead of the original Herbots-stock was the legendary Ieverige. Filip later crossed in the line of the Fenomenale from Stoces and the "National I" moved from Schellens together with the complete Schellens colony to Halle-Booienhoven. In addition they were also successful with the Grondelaers line (especially the descendants of the Bourges-couple) and the Soontjes-pigeons proved their sportive and hereditary qualities. The total colony of Soontjes moved to Herbots. The topper was without doubt the famous "155". Every year real top pigeons are obtained by Herbots. Pigeons from Pros Roosen, Gebroeders Clerinx and Van Avondt have proved to be a real strengthening for the breeding loft.

Racing style
60 widowers, 24 hens in widowhood and a group of 200 youngsters were raced in races from 300 to 600 km.
This is the favourite distance of the Herbots household. According to the modern method of racing, the pigeons are also basketted every week here. Under the motto 'rest rusts' there are regular trainings races on the programme. Depending on the recuperation and the weather conditions, the distance varies from 30 to 130 km. In order to keep everything under control they use the help of loft carer Swa. Jo, Miet, Filip and his wife Jacqueline are also busy every day getting the pigeons in top condition before the start of the race. Everything is approached professionally. That is why they have chosen to only race Extreme Middle Distance. Only specialisation can make the difference between good, better and best!

Raf Herbots is responsible for the medical guidance. He regularly checks the health of the pigeons during the season. They act on even the smallest of problems. Acting straight away is a must in the current-day pigeon sport. When you expect weekly top performances from your pigeons, then everything has to be perfect. To support the tough programme and to keep the condition up to level the Herbots use of course only the supplements from their own range of Herbots animal products.

National awards 2008
The 6 results with which the national title was achieved:
1st and 9th Inter Prov. Argenton 2.804 p
2nd and 21st Inter Prov. Toury 1.212 p
2nd and 42nd Inter Prov. Toury 798 p
3rd and 12th Orleans 254 p
20th and 25th Inter Prov. Bourges 1.224 p
31st and 145th Inter Prov. Montlucon 3.814 p

Two pigeons that have a large share in the winning of this championship are 'Ivan' and 'Made in Heaven'. Moreover they were respectively honoured as 4th and 7th National Ace pigeon Grand Middle Distance '08. Results 2008

Resultaten 2008