Yvon Deneufbourg, "One of the most laurelled fanciers in Belgium has now also won the PiPa-IATP ranking (2007)"

Yvon Deneufbourg Estinnes-au-Val (BE)

"The history of the Belgian pigeon sport" : Jules Gallez.
Yvon Deneufbourg already classified himself in 1983 in the national selection for the Olympiad in Praag 1st and 2nd in the standard class with two nest-brothers.

Which pigeons will win the PiPa-IATP ranking ??

479th International Barcelona
523th international Perpignan

Pedigree of "Le Perpignan 030" : Click here
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Performances :
In 2002 didn't travel
2003 : Trained in celibacy, sometimes only returning after the training of the widowers.
Jarnac : 279th against 1642 pigeons and 560th against 5233 p
2004 :
Bourges : 1152nd against 7690 p
Montélimar 837th against 4507 p and 1412th against 8538 p (Nat)
Orange :942nd against 4143 p and 1689th against 7568 (Nat)
Marseille : 940th against 5798 p and 2563rd against 19627 p (Int)
2005 :
Montélimar : 899th against 5730 p and 1612th against 10195 p (Nat)
Perpignan : FCW 10th against 2209 p
- Noyau 1000 : 5th against 1091 p
- Noyau direct : 4th against 1174 p
National : 23rd against 7611 p
International: 171st against 17653 p
2006 :
Aurilac :124th against 528p Derby Henegouwen
Barcelona : 11th against 689 p Derby Henegouwen Perpignan : 75th against 554 p Derby Henegouwen
2007 :
Montélimar : 9th against 274 p club
Barcelona : 17th against 342 p Derby Henegouwen Perpignan : 40th against 523 p Derby Henegouwen

229th international Pau

Pedigree of "Le Pau 125" : Click here
Was placed in the breeding loft at the end of 2007.

2004 :
Brive : 213th against 723 p
Pau : 28th against 784 p and 1132nd against 8270 p (Int)
Dax : 228th against 6138p and 368th against 17526 p (Int)
Perpignan : 682nd against 6489 p and 1596th against 17570 (Int)
2005 :
Pau : 16th against 2213 p (Nat) and 75th against 8438 p (Int)
Dax : rain. Brought back a few days later.
2006 :
Limoges : 166th against 824 p Derby Henegouwen Pau : 29th against 158 p Noy. 1000
Dax : 28th against 292 p Derby Henegouwen
2007 :
Brive : 461st against 1632 p Derby Henegouwen
Pau : 4th against 145 p CFW
Irun I : 79th against 498 p Derby Henegouwen Perpignan : 36th against 523 p Derby Henegouwen

Son "Zof"

When Yvon Deneufbourg decided to leave his shop in La Louvière in 1974 to return to Estinnes-au-Val, he also made the decision to concentrate fully on the Long Distance races. "The races less than 550km are of no importance, I remember racing the sprint races with my father and it's as if you only have time to see your first pigeon return home and nothing else after that.. I think Long Distance is the most logical for everyone, irrespective of the geographical position. I had noticed that the most magnificent races were the endurance races.

"Those were the days", as Mary Hopkins sang, when we could race the youngsters until La Souterraine with a good nest position, but with the arrival of the cortisone, I turned the page and didn't participate in these races. New lofts were built. " Just like everyone else, I've known good times and bad times". In a time span of 5 years a Long Distance colony was built up that was out of this world. The first big prize was won in 1979 with the National Championship KBDB

The breeders :
The initial start was mainly with Marc Roosen and Duchène-pigeons from Stree.
One of the stock cocks was "De Zof".
The number of breeders is always about thirty couples. Most are proven widowers. Any new addition is tested, but so as Yvon says: " It takes 2 or 3 years to form a Long Distance pigeon". The new additions in 2005 were pigeons from another champion, Ballmann".
Dieter Ballman from Amel ended 6th in the Pipa-IATP ranking 2007. We also come across names such as "Sulmon", "Fernand Frédéric from Bléharies", and "Van de Poel" . The Deneufbourg-pigeon is certainly not small, say above average, but they are all splendid athletes. Our IATP winner attaches a lot of importance to a "BEAUTIFUL" eye. The only other important things are the results. "We can't look inside their heads" adds Yvon.

The game :
The 2008 season will be started with 60 old widowers. These will be raced in classic widowhood, the hens are never shown before the basketting. The hens are never raced. The 2007 season began very badly for Yvon. He was seriously injured when he fell off his bike during a cycling trip and was out of things for a few months. It was evident in the first results that the master couldn't commit himself for 100%. The first Brive was below average for the champion from Estinnes-au-Val. After this, the athletes gained form and it became one of his best ever seasons. The second setback was that Yvon decided to give his pigeons vitamins before they left for a race ... it wasn't a success. They weren't given anymore vitamins for the rest of the season. The almost full bottles are still sitting in the fridge ....
It is exceptional that the pigeons are given training races before the start of the season. They generally go directly to Soissons, if there is no Orleans ... Then Vierzon, Bourges or Châteauroux where they are separated into groups, for either the races from the Rhône-valley, or in the direction of Brive, Cahors and Barcelona. Some of the yearlings are usually basketted for Bourges and the "Centre-Est" races from the Long Distance in Wallonia, and are always raced in celibacy. Because of his accident at the beginning of 2007, the two-year olds were not moved in time and had to start the season in celibacy.
The system is adapted regularly. This is how it came to be that the racing pigeons have, for the last few years, been separated at about the 15th of February. Last winter it had already been done on the 15th of November.
About 100 pigeons are let out every year, they are separated on time in order to prevent early pairing, and in the year that they are born they only take part in the training races.

Yvon Deneufbourg is a great sportsman, an unlucky fall caused by a discarded can mortgaged his 2007 season

The yearling cocks are raced in celibacy.

Feed :
The whole year consists of feeding the pigeons the well-known basic mixture "Spécial Deneufbourg", commercialised at the time by Marc Roossens from Leernes. The speciality of this mixture is in its simplicity: only 5 types of grain: corn, Tasmanian peas, dari, oats and safflower.
Yvon premises : " I add things according to the season. During the breeding period the percentage of peas is increased and during the racing season "
Super diet "is added. During the moulting they are given small grains for dessert. In the winter they are mainly given tea and now and again trade vitamins.

The beautiful installation in Estinnes au-Val

Medication :
Medication is given frugally, only when necessary and then on the advice of the vet. He never cures blindly and never gives any medicine during the winter. Cahors is his favourite race because of its hardness and the possibility of reaching the loft the same day as the liberation. "This is why I like the races from the Rhône-valley. Postponed liberations hamper the races...."


Yvon Deneufbourg is not a specialist in keeping accounts. He prefers to keep busy with the pigeons. He has some photos and pedigrees, but you need to search for them. The computer made its entrance a few times, but each time that difficult contraption was given to one of the grandchildren. ... still, Yvon thinks he could learn to use it ...

The memories are inexhaustible, so long is the list of championships, gained titles and victories. "The best ?? "The best would be my national victory from Béziers in 2001. Come evening, there had been no pigeons reported so I closed the entrance and suddenly I heard a noise on the roof. The " 341 " had landed. I can hear it like it was yesterday. It is an emotional moment when a pigeon arrives home from a long race, ... a tear now and then, and I have seen many pigeons arrive home ! "
Another great moment in his career was winning the "Golden Wing" in 1989.
"It is a remarkable event, the winning of the trophy, the party in Bruges, I wish everybody could experience it"
So as you can see, we are dealing with a great champion in Yvon Deneufbourg from Wallonia. His friendliness, simplicity and helpfulness make him a true gentleman. His three grandchildren have also inherited his interest for sports. All three (two girls and a boy) have, at a young age, already done well in sport, albeit in judo and fighting sports ... not yet with the pigeons, but with such a grandfather, it will happen.

The top pigeon from 2007 was without doubt "L'Elite"

Pedigree "L'Elite" : Click here

Results 2007
(very limited list)
Aurilac national Zone C - 6th-13-23-45-206-274-297-326-396-458-545-718-741-831- 3663 pigeons, 14/14
Cahors National Zone C - 38-138-152-357-421-585 - 2679 pigeons 6/10
Brive National Zone C - 1st - 11-152-579 - 3238 pigeons 4/9
Albi national Zone C - 70-82-98-103-233-293-329-334-435-457 - 2414 pigeons 10/19
Barcelona Long Distance club Wallonia Henegouwen 15-50-98-103-117-206-236-257-276-281-285 - 931 pigeons 11/14 CFW - 87-209-366-382-440-791-918-994-1062-1081 - 3258 pigeons 10/14
Perpignan National 203-326-397-596-600-1186-1200-1254-1351-1540 - 6165 pigeons 10/14

Top quotations nationally in 2007

100th national Montauban
49th national Pau 62nd national Pau
151st and 166th national Barcelona (9/10)
228th and 247th national Irun (12/19)
295th and 418th national Narbonne (8/12)
Perpignan : see above.
3rd Ace pigeon Rhône-valley with the "499"
1st Ace Colombophilie Belgium
1st Ace Grand prix Javeaux CFW with the "499"
1st Ace Long Distance Province Henegouwen with the "030"
9th championship Long Distance KBDB
2nd champion Grand Distance "Belgische Verstandhouding"

Region Estinnes
1st General Champion
1st Long Distance club Henegouwen
1st General champion international races.
1st Champion Super trophy international races.
1st Champion international races 10 first nominated
1st Champion 3 first nominated from Irun
1st Champion national races 10 first nominated Long Distance
1st Ace pigeon Long Distance national races with the "499" (4 prizes)
1st PiPa -IATP ranking

Results 2006 (very limited list)
Barcelona national 151-166-906-1139-1314-1616-1822-2842 - 12.612 pigeons 8/10
Irun (Marseille) national 228-247-382-488-536-608-612-701-776-844-923-969 - All clocked the first day even though the race was far from over the first day....12/19
Narbonne national 295-418-495-554-578-635-636-680 - 5051 pigeons 8/12
Perpignan national 40th and 40th, the two pigeons landed together on electronic clocking system - 79-98-133-157-172-173-192-195-284-649-933-1104 - 5547 pigeons 14/16
Noyeau direct 5-6-11-16-22-29-37-38-47-48-52-94-127-148-215-306- - 957 pigeons 16/16

Results 2005 (limited list)
Brive 620km 23 basketted FCW 5446 pigeons 222-599-677-840-1094-1468-1497-1506
Prov. Henegouwen 3163 pigeons 85-270-311-387-521-723-748-753-936
Montélimar 654km 21 basketted FCW 4316 pigeons 156-215-550-556-588-619-696-726-754-873-1117-1151-1188 = 13 pr NAT.Z. 5730 pigeons 187-265-677-687-728-768-861-899-933-1081-1375-1413 = 12 pr
NAT 10195 pigeons 328-475-1199-1225-1289-1364-1545-1612-1669-1929-2477 = 11 pr
Cahors 685km 12 basketted FCW 2928 pigeons 73-199-363-387-484-503-612-862-880-900-956 = 11 pr
Prov. Henegouwen 1821 pigeons 37-117-227-248-281-293-347-484-490-562-544 = 11 pr
NAT 9275 pigeons 413-823-1258-1322-1831-1892 = 6 pr
Montauban 739km 3 basketted FCW 2019 pigeons 26-228-377 = 3 pr
NAT.Z. 2455 pigeons 23-258-410 = 3 pr
NAT. 7303 pigeons 79-1089-1754 = 3 pr
Pau 857km 10 basketted FCW 479 pigeons 1st-18-33-37-91-142 = 6 pr
NAT.Z. 2212 pigeons 16 -158-216-226-447 = 5 pr
INT. 8438 pigeons 75-656-829-849-1630 = 5 pr
Orange 705km 13 basketted FCW 2857 pigeons 23-48-54-62-293-478-528-565-604-754
NAT.Z. 3734 pigeons 13-25-28-35-238-438-481-517-552-710 = 10 pr
NAT. 6751 pigeons 44-102-114-146-654-1010-1091-1154-1211-1438 = 10 pr
Barcelona 1017km 10 basketted FCW 3652 pigeons 9-124-134-203-227-503-842 = 7 pr
NAT. 12998 pigeons 33-470-494-747-865-1812-3086 = 7 pr
INT. 25815 pigeons 74-1007-1057-1637-1901-3817-6254 = 7 pr
Bordeaux 706km 3 basketted FCW 981 pigeons 77-83-99 = 3 pr
Euro R 5344 pigeons 190-215-342 = 3 pr
Limoges 550km 12 basketted FCW 3080 pigeons 55-132-290-319-485-574-729-823-889-987 = 10 pr
Prov. Henegouwen 1699 p 29-64-132-146-236-278-367-427-463-521-560 = 11 pr
Dax 840km 4 Basketted FCW 619 pigeons 67-108 = 2 pr
NAT. 4534 pigeons 541-918 = 2 pr
Marseille 799km 18 basketted FCW 2244 pigeons 20-45-56-135-193-396-406-458-485-567-539 = 11 pr
NAT. 4398 pigeons 27-75-93-223-318-866-891-1023-1092 = 11 pr
INT. 13930 pigeons 98-245-297-580-796-2416-2479-2810-2469-3078-3247= 11 pr
Souillac 620km 14 basketted Prov. Henegouwen 516 pigeons 63-66-75-84-91-112-129-145 = 8 pr
Narbonne 812 km 8 basketted FCW 2036 pigeons 90-161-184-244-387 = 5 pr
NAT. 5963 pigeons 277-502-575-764-1113 = 5 pr

Typical widowers loft by Yvon Deneufbourg.
The nest boxes are side by side. The whole of the ceiling is wire mesh.

865 km 12 basketted FCW 2209 pigeons 10-33-37-53-67-101-154-257-303-512-594 = 11 pr
NAT. 7611 pigeons 23-148-153-225-283-373-521-825-1636-1857 = 11 pr
INT. 17653 pigeons 111-411-424-590-731-939-1309-2002-2401-3974 = 10 pr

Top 100 National and top quotations over the years...

National champion KBDB 1979
1st national Beziers
1st national Brive Zone C
1st national Souillac Zone C
1st Grand prix Javeaux (twice)
Golden medallion Cureghem Centre
1st European cup
1st and 2nd nominated
1st international Criteria
1st Challenge cup Mediterranean Sea
1st Inter-pares Belgium Barcelona club over 5 years 1st Decathlon national
1st Long Distance champion Cureghem Centre
1st Long Distance champion CFW
2nd national Bourges
3rd national Marseille
3rd national Carcasonne
5th national Perpignan
6th national Marseille
11th national Beziers
16th national Pau
16th inter region St.Vincent
19e national Barcelona
21st national Marseille
23rd national Perpignan
27th national Barcelona
33rd national Barcelona
34th national Beziers
41st national Beziers
43rd national Barcelona
47th national Marseille
53rd national Aurilac
59th national Marseille
65th national Beziers
66th national Perpignan
74th national Beziers
75th national Marseille
81st national Carcasonne
95th national Barcelona
95th national Perpignan 95th national Brive