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Youri Deblanc (Ronse, BE) relies on the strength of one stock: the Julien family!

It is not often that someone reaches the top as quickly and seemingly easily as Youri Deblanc. Backed by his Julien dynasty, he has the strength to stay there as well.

Youri's ambition is enormous. Winning comes first, but he would like to do this with a renowned stock of pigeons. He therefore not only took the step towards the national top, but also built his own pigeon stock. The fact that he succeeded in both is phenomenal, a feat in which the fancier's skill and breeding strategy play a big role but certainly also Julien (BE05-3072796.)

Several top pigeons were bred from Julien, who in turn have brought forth many super pigeons themselves. 

Two cocks especially play a prominent role in the development of this stock which is now known as the family of 'Juliens', these are Crack Julien (BE14-4225167) and Star Julien (BE17-4002888).

Crack Julien is a son of Julien who quickly showed himself as a true super breeder. Several of his children are amongst others Son Crack Julien (3rd Nat. Brive), Cracklou 569 (father of 5th Nat. Limoges), Crack Monti 685 (5th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB) and Crack Renee 760 (3rd Nat. Bourges).

Crack Julien

Star Julien won 1st National Libourne in 2019 and is a grandson of Julien. He too has the superior gift to pass on his golden genes to later generations. This makes Star Julien, as well as Crack Julien, a priceless pigeon in Youri his dream to build his own stock. 

Star Julien

To anchor these golden genes, Youri doesn't shy away from inbreeding. This way, he hopes to make the Julien bloodline future proof. To illustrate this, we will introduce 5 pigeons who managed to shine as a racer and have Julien in their pedigree more than once. 

Prince Julien

Prince Julien (BE19-4020753) is a double grandchild of Julien. He was bred from Son Julien and Princess Julien. Prince Julien won amongst others: 

2nd Nat. Agen 6,938 p. - 2nd Int. Agen 18,056 p.
196th Nat. Limoges 9,756 p.
840th Nat. Limoges 15,547 p.
266th Nat. Sint-Vincent 3,080 p.
954th Nat. Bourges 34,311 p.
682nd Nat. Souillac 7,514 p.

Super Julien

Youri took inbreeding a little further with Super Julien (BE20-4203927). Father of Super Julien is Crack Julien, and his mother is BE18-4052030 double granddaughter of Julien. This means we find Julien back in his pedigree a total of 3 times. 

Super Julien is again a true star from Crack Julien. He won amongst others:

1st Limoges 296 p. - 5. Prov. 4,011 p. - 11. Nat. 17,356 p.
1st Tulle 188 p. - 1. Prov. 2,513 d. - 18. Nat. 9,763 p.
2nd Bourges 410 p. - 55. Nat. Zone 5,031 p.
362nd Nat. Limoges 9,218 p.
129th Nat. Zone Tulle 2,003 p.

Daughter Star 333

The yearling Daughter Star 333 (BE21- 4047333) showed herself upfront with several superb results: 

1st Libourne 39 p. - 2nd Prov. 883 p. - 6th Nat. 2,992 p.
6th Brive 131 p. - 72nd Prov. 1,459 p. - 197th Nat. 5,885 p.

Daughter Star 333 is also deliberately inbred to Julien by Youri. This winner of 6th Nat. Libourne is bred from Star Julien paired to a daughter of Crack Julien. 


Daughter Star 275

With Daughter Star 275 (BE20-4035276), a full sister of Daughter Star 333, Youri Deblanc has bred another super racer from the pair Star Julien x daughter Crack Julien. Daughter Star 275 became 15th Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2021 and 18th Int. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance Hens 2021. She won this title by winning a.o. the following prizes:

49th Nat. Agen 7,360 p. - 69th Int. 17,759 p.
170th Nat. Narbonne 5,972 p.
174th Nat. Agen 6,657 p. - 352nd Int. 16,864 p.

Princess Crack Julien

The last super pigeon we would like to introduce that was inbred to Julien is Princess Crack Julien (BE19-4020668). She is a double granddaughter of Julien, bred from Crack Julien (6th Nat. Montauban 4,327 p.) and Princess Julien (3rd Int. Sint-Vincent 2,294 p.). 

Princess Crack Julien became 5th Best European Extreme Long Distance Hen on the International races in 2021 and won the following prizes on (inter)national races: 

6th Prov. Narbonne 1,374 p. - 56th Nat. 5,605 p. - 63rd Int. 8,330 p.
139th Nat. Bourges 8,424 p.
175th Nat. Brive 4,238 p.
240th Nat. Souillac 7,514 p.
251st Nat. Agen 6,938 p.
402nd Nat. Bourges 34,311 p.


With the powerful genes which the Juliens of Youri Deblanc possess, it is almost evident that these would strengthen other colonies as well. The close-knit Julien stock paired and crossed to other renowned bloodlines could lead to spectacular results. This theory has been put into practice by several fanciers; which the most important references of 2021-2022 show: 

5th Nat. Limoges @ Marc Valepijn (grandchild Crack Julien)
13th Nat. Zone Chateauroux @ Patrick Grammens (grandchild Julien)
14th Nat. La Souteraine 14,315 @ Team Noel-Willockx (grandchild Crack Julien)
15th Nat. Zone Chateauroux @ Patrick Grammens (grandchild Crack Julien)
17th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance YB @ Team Noel-Willockx (gr. child sister Crack Julien)
17th Prov. Chateauroux 4,304 @ Team Noel-Willockx (grandchild sister Crack Julien)
22nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Allround @ Patrick Grammens (grandchild Crack Julien)
26th Nat. Libourne 3,317 @ Frederik Everaert (child Star Julien)
26th Prov. Orleans 7,093 @ Matthis Debaere (child Bro Star Julien)
27th Nat. Argenton 13,393 @ Hoogstijns-Carmeliet (grandchild sister Crack Julien)
33rd Prov. Argenton @ Ingrid Huygens (child Sis Star Julien)
35th Nat. La Souteraine 14,315 @ Patrick Grammens (great grandchild Julien)
36th Prov. Chateauroux 4,304 @ Team Noel-Willockx (double grandchild Julien)
77th Nat. Cahors 3,018 @ Frederik Everaert (grandchild Julien)
77th Nat. Argenton 22,869 @ Team Noel-Willockx (grandchild sister Crack Julien)
78th Prov. Bourges 4,742 @ Team Noel-Willockx (child Bro Star Julien)
79th Nat. Argenton 22,869 @ Hoogstijns-Carmeliet (grandchild Crack Julien)
90th Nat. Bourges 23,846 @ Team Noel-Willockx (grandchild sister Crack Julien)
91st Prov. Bourges 3,555 @ Team Noel-Willockx (son Star Julien x sister Star Julien)
94th Nat. Bourges 23,846 @ Patrick Grammens (grandchild Crack Julien)
102nd Nat. Argenton 22,869 @ Team Noel-Willockx (grandchild sister Crack Julien)

The Julien family performs fantastically on the lofts in Ronse and has proven a valuable impulse when introduced to other lofts as well. It is fantastic how quickly Youri has developed the Julien family and impacted (inter)national long distance and extreme long distance races. These pigeons can win races from 400 to 900km, which demonstrates the Julien family perfectly combines speed, orientation, endurance and perseverance. Youri without doubt enjoys the many successes, but having built his own world-class, renowned pigeon stock must be a dream come true...