Youri Deblanc (Ronse, BE) has a golden boy in his collection with Julien

Familie Deblanc
When Julien of Youri Deblanc demonstrated his enormous potential by finishing in the national top 100 three times, Youri did not hesitate to give him a spot in the breeding loft. It proved a brilliant move…

Since 13th of June, Youri has been racing on a high level week after week, mainly with descendants of Youri. The team claimed top results and high prize percentages almost every single week:

13/6 Sermaises (293 km) Union 1870 p.: 1-2-5-8-20-25-29-34-35-37-48-49-54-65-68-68-70-…(81/112)

20/6 Vierzon (407 km) Provincial 7838 olds: 5-10-89-111-218-374-…(21/37) en Provincial 4218 jl : 5-6-7-39-49-70-116-155-157-201-…(40/69)

4/7 Limoges (610 km) National 15979 olds: 18-152-361-955-1159-1202-1347-…(11/24)

4/7 Chateauroux (460 km) National zone 9511 YLs : 5-24-96-162-178-190-193-247-253-313-321-…(28/75)

11/7 Argenton (500 km) National zone 4574 olds: 6-57-111-149-…(6/14) en National zone 7262 jl: 12-38-54-102-126-140-146-183-185-224-292-…(25/68)

18/7 Limoges (610 km) National 9756 YLs: 27-56-94-104-111-162-166-197-274-297-371-394-459-460-490-…(27/55)"

Julien's breeding value is nothing short of phenomenal. The first generation of descendants proved very strong, and we have seen many other very talented racing birds in further generations as well (the picture below goes into more detail). For instance, a grandson of Julien won a 1st national Libourne, while a son of this renowned breeder finished in 4th place national in Limoges.

Julien and his descendants

BE14-4225167 or  Crack Julien is one of Julien's many talented sons. And he is a good illustration of the exceptional breeding value of this bloodline. Crack Julien has an impressive list of achievements, including a 6th national Montauban, 51st national Gueret, 230th national Brive and 940th national Limoges.

Crack Julien

And this Crack Julien has in turn bred Son Crack Julien, winner of a 3rd national Brive. And Youri went on two breed two other talented birds: Crack Monti 685 and Crack Monti 703, which are a sister and brother. Crack Monti 685 claimed a 6th provincial Vierzon of 4218 pigeons, a 12th national zone Argenton of 7262 pigeons and a 162nd national Limoges of 9756 pigeons. And Crack Monti 703 has an equally impressive palmares: 39th provincial Vierzon of 4218 pigeons, 183rd national zone Argenton of 7262 pigeons and 104th national Limoges of 9756 pigeons.

Another son of Julien that clearly illustrates the enormous potential of the Julien DNA is Son Julien (BE13-4188614). Youri has bred several successful racing birds from him: Soulmate Julien (winner of a 7th national Aurillac), Jules Cesar 900 (18th national Chateauroux and 68th national Argenton), Julien VDE (4th provincial Argenton), Jules Cesar 605 (5th nat. zone Chateauroux), Jules Cesar 582 (127th national Libourne), etc.

And let's not forget the impressive palmares of Smart Fred (BE17-4183805), a direct F. Everaert that has won 6 prizes in 6 races in the long distance, including a 152nd and 275th national Limoges in 2020. His 'worst' performance was a 302nd national of 5030 pigeons.

Smart Fred

Last but not least we have Son Louise 633, from which we saw some outstanding results last year, including a 1st Ecouen of 174 pigeons, a 1st Toury of 253 pigeons and a 74th nationaal Tulle. And he continued to deliver this season, with an excellent 18th national Limoges of 15,979 pigeons.

Pedigree Son Louise 633

Results of Youri Deblanc in 2020