Your top pigeon on the PIPA-calendars

On the door of many pigeon fanciers it still shines: the PIPA-calendar of 2017/2018 that was so popular at the most important shows in the world. PIPA now offers the opportunity to ensure a position on its successor: the PIPA-calendar 2019!

Your best champion on the PIPA-calendar, surrounded by the cream of the crop of international champions? A dream that becomes reality when you react quickly.

The calendar shall again be spread for free at the most important pigeon shows in the world:

  • Olymiade Poland (Poznan)
  • Fugare (Belgium)
  • Spring Exchange Houten (The Netherlands)

Participation costs are 250 euro (incl. VAT)

For compagnies there are 4 spaces free on the PIPA-calendar. Cost: 350 euro (incl. VAT).

You can sign up at