Yong Lin (Ter Aar, NL): another very successful season

Yong Lin runs a top level pigeon loft in Ter Aar. In the last few years he hardly missed a podium or award ceremony. 2012 was again a very successful season.

Yong Lin (52) is a charming fancier who decided to leave the empire of China in 1983 to move to the small and cosy town of Boxtel in Brabant. A few years later, in 1993, he moved to the lovely town of Ter Aar in the south of Holland. That is where the Chinese Dutchman started the Chinese and Indian restaurant Golden Garden. During the following years he had to work very hard. It was then that he developed a passion for pigeons, although it had already started in China. Eventually he built his own loft in 2005. He soon started racing with a good collection of pigeons.

After the first season Yong Lin was not satisfied, so he asked other fanciers where he could find the pigeons that he needed to reach his goal; he wanted to become a top class fancier. On the advice of some fellow club members he got into touch with some of the greatest fanciers in The Netherlands, including Jan Ouwerkerkerk (Lekkerkerk), Piet van der Merwe (Dordrecht) and of course Gerard and Bas Verkerk (Reeuwijk). He could not be happier as nowadays his loft houses nothing but top class pigeons from some of the greatest Dutch fanciers. These fanciers have sold him some of their best pigeons and they have given him some valuable tips as well. "It is great to get a helping hand from them”, says Yong.

Meanwhile Yong and his pigeons have been doing very well. When you see the small loft in his tiny backyard it is hard to imagine that this is, in fact, the home of a very successful team. The tiny courtyard is the home base of a fancier who has won just about everything. That is no surprise as he has a great team of birds. He has nothing but pigeons of astonishing quality in his loft. The origins of this team are 80% G&S Verkerk and 20% other champions. The result is that he has had one successful season after another.

Two recent highlights

Miss Europe won the title of second International Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance in 2010. The ring number of this amazing hen is 08-1587454. She was also fourth Best One Day Long Distance Pigeon in the WHZB competition in 2010. This wonderful bird has won the following top prizes: 1st Tours 4,591 pigeons, 5th Orleans Saran 5,515 pigeons, 7th Orléans Saran 3,365 pigeons, 6th Creil 1,137 pigeons, et cetera. The sire of Miss Europe is the 06-1117762, a pigeon belonging to Yong. The dam is the 06-1117803, in her turn a grandchild of the 00-1976021 Harry Potter x 02-1635103 Reverie. Both parents are from G&S Verkerk.

In 2011 he had another great result in the demanding WHZB competition. Yong won the title of Best Natour pigeon in The Netherlands with his Chinese Dragon (10-1728686). This was not the only achievement of Chinese Dragon; the bird won several other top prizes as well. That is why he was selected as the first nominated Dutch pigeon for the Europe Cup Dortmund in the all round category. He took a magnificent second place by winning the following prizes: 1st Nijvel 6,684 pigeons, 1st Strombeek 5,621 pigeons, 1st Menen 1,913 pigeons, 2nd Vierzon 6,967 pigeons, 7th tours 1,700 pigeons, etc. Chinese Dragon is a child of the pair 06-2034450 (the Fanger brothers) x 08-3828781 Hometown Hero (which stems from Home Alone from Braad de Joode).



2012 was also an outstanding season for Yong Lin. His father passed away this year, as a result of which he spent less time in his loft in April and May. In spite of this both his old birds and his youngsters were able to win an impressive series of top results. Helicopter (11-1782182) took the first place in the Rayon West (Disctrict 5 South-Holland) and she won a first prize from Argenton against 3,671 pigeons over a distance of 662 km. This resulted in a third prize against 7,709 pigeons and a Teletext notation. Helicopter is a wonderful vetkras hen bred from 09-1186379 Halfbroer Olympic Solange (G&S Verkerk) x Revenge and Magic Amore x B09-4321689 Dochter Champion (Chris Hebberecht).

And there is more: his young birds were tough enough to win in Rayon West (District 5 South-Holland) in 2012; their opponents were no match for the young birds of Yong Lin. They won a first prize Not Nominated Championship and a third prize at the Championship NPO. The results of the young racers at the Ace Pigeon Championships were even more impressive. The pigeons flew against an average of 8,055 pigeons over five races and they took the following prizes: 2, 5, 10, 12, 14, 17 and 20. That is right: no less than seven Ace Pigeons in the first 20. Congratulations! What follows is an overview of the young champions who were responsible for this feat:

12-1656590 Magic Goddess: 2nd Ace Pigeon
Sire: 09-1186334 from Sven x Kournikova (G&S. Verkerk)
Dam:  06-1078586 Hanna (Kees Bosua)
Click here for the full pedigree of 'Magic Goddess'

12-5208193 Eastern Dragon: 5th Ace Pigeon
Sire: 10-1109608 Nabor (C&G. Koopman)
Dam:  09-1186586 from Benji x Nadala (G&S. Verkerk)
Click here for the full pedigree of 'Eastern Dragon'

12--52082179 Andy Lau: 10th Ace Pigeon
Sire: 09-1186572 from Olympic Survivor x Olympic Stradivarius (G&S. Verkerk)
Dam:  B07-076078280 Van Dijk  

12-5208211 Bomber: 12th Ace Pigeon
Sire: 08-4130963 Mr. Vierzon won zelf 2e NPO 11,674 d. 
Dam:  09-1186399 uit Icarus x Magic Amore (G&S. Verkerk) 
Click here for the full pedigree of Bomber

12--5208213 Trapeze: 14th Ace Pigeon
Sire: 10-1728185 Super 185 from Miss Europe 
Dam:  10-1109860 Kleindochter Kleine Dirk (C&G. Koopman) 

12-1656595 Hope Star: 17th Ace Pigeon
Sire: B09-6130510 – (Jos & Jules Engels – Putte) 
Dam:  B07-6078288 – (Van Dijk) 

12-5208188 Mermaid: 20th Ace Pigeon
Sire: 09-1186579 from Bulldozer x Olympic Solange (G&S. Verkerk)
Dam:  09-1214694 Golden Phoenix (Jan Ouwerkerk)
Click here for the full pedigree of 'Mermaid'

We give you a few other results from 2012 to illustrate the quality of the racing pigeons in this team:

Argenton    (662 km) 1,611 p.: 1st–4th–7th-11th–13th–14th–41st–42nd–48th–51st etc.
Peronne     (278 km) 4,170 p.: 2nd–3rd-4th-9th–11th-13th–15th-16th–18th–20th-21st–22nd etc.
Ruffec      (757 km) 1,060 p.: 2nd-11th-16th–23rd–25th–26th–27th–31st–32nd–33rd-42nd-45th etc.
Sens        (452 km) 1,393 p.: 3rd-4th-7th-8th-16th-17th-20th-21st-22nd-30th-31st-43rd etc.
Nijvel      (177 km) 4,657 p.: 5th–10th-22nd-95th–98th–99th–100th–101st–102nd etc.
Vierzon     (581 km) 2,011 p.: 6th–8th-13th–23rd–51st-85th-87th-89th-93rd etc
Pommeroeul  (202 km) 4,653 p.: 6th–22nd–65th–69th-73rd-79th-80th-85th-91st etc.
Peronne     (278 km) 4,251 p.: 13th-19th-26th-64th-68th-69th etc.
Morlincourt (313 km) 3,854 p.: 15th-31st-35th-38th-43rd-58th-60th-61st-67th etc.

A flying start

Yong Lin made a flying start in pigeon racing in 2005. He soon realised that it takes more than a good and a well maintained loft to become a great fancier. The most important requirement is to have great pigeons. In a very short period of time Yong managed to become a top racer at (inter)national level as well. He is convinced that his friendship with such champions as Gerard and Bas Verkerk were a great benefit to him, as he obtained several youngsters of their best pigeons. Yong said: “If you do not race with good pigeons, you should not race at all!”