Yong Lin (Ter Aar, NL) achieves eye-catching results in the preliminary results of WHZB 2013

The preliminary results of the national WHZB completion have been announced and Yong Lin has no less than four cocks and one hen in the top ten. He is also the most successful fancier in the WHZB 2013 competition overall.

Yong Lin and his son Jiabin

Yong Lin was born in China and he has lived in The Netherlands since 1983. He moved to the town of Ter Aar in South Holland in 1993, where he got involved in the sport in 2005. He has become a brilliant fancier. His pigeon Miss Europe won the title of fourth best one day long distance pigeon WHZB in 2010 and he won the title of best natour pigeon WHZB in 2010 with his NL10-1728686. The natour races are races organised in Holland at the end of the season (starting from approx. August) in which the old and young birds fly together. NL10-1728686 also finished as first Dutch pigeon in the all round category in the Europe Cup Dortmund. The preliminary results of the national WHZB competition 2013 have really highlighted the impressive quality of the Yong Lin pigeon family.

Secrets of success

Yong has purchased several pigeons from successful fanciers over the years. His lofts currently houses pigeons of J. Ouwerkerk (Lekkerkerk, NL), C. Hebberecht (Evergem, BE) and G & S Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL). The pigeons of Verkerk have been particularly important for Yong Lin and his breed now consists of at least 80% Verkerk birds. His pigeons are raced on total widowhood; they can see their partner for a short while before basketing and the cocks and hens can sit together for one to two hours after completing a sprint race. They get to see each other for a longer period of time as the races become more demanding. In the one day long distance the pigeons are separated only on the second day after their arrival. The pigeons are not released on Sunday but they are given a bath instead. There are no training flights on the day of basketing either. There is a daily 1.5 hour training flight during the rest of the week.

Feed and medication

A lot of attention goes to the feed of the pigeons in Ter Aar. A combination of three different brands is used: Mariman, Beijers and Versele Laga, to which some P40 and Tovo is added. The pigeons are also given peanuts and sweet seeds throughout the season. They are heavily fed until after the natour races. When the pigeons arrive home some Probac1000 of Dr. Brockamp is provided, as well as a portion of CéDé egg food once a week.

If Yong Lin is worried about the health of his pigeons he pays a visit to either doctor De Weerd or Van der Sluis. Medical treatments are provided by both veterinary surgeons as well.

Yong and Jiabin

Yong’s son has been racing independently for a few years as well. The Lin family has moved house this year and that is one of the reasons why Yong and Jiabin are racing together this season. They have competed in the young bird races under the name of Jiabin Lin from a new loft. Next year they will also join the old and young bird competition from here.

Before introducing you to the stars of the WHZB competition we would also like to show you some of the most impressive results of 2013:

11/05       Nanteuil      363 km       15,451 p: 2-17-20-24-27-78 etc. (60/92)
18/05       Meaux         380 km       12,026 p: 4-10-16-32-49-53-60-66-67-69 etc. (59/91)
01/06       Sens          452 km       11,391 p: 2-7-30-31-32-33-38-43-46-70-90 etc. (67/86)
08/06       Bourges       587 km        3,379 p: 2-3-6-14-36-52-53-68-78-81 etc. (38/60)
15/06       Nanteuil      363 km        8,520 p: 6-9-28-30-36-63-94-95-99 etc. (56/76)
06/07       Châteauroux   632 km        2,994 p: 1-3-4-6-9-40-47-58-59-68 etc. (42/82)
03/08       Ruffec        757 km        1,937 p: 6-16-17-32-34-36-41-48-49-50 etc. (47/65)
01/09       Troyes (jong) 435 km        3,685 p: 3-4-5-6-16-17-25-26-28-29-30 etc. (91/119)

These results have laid the basis for their top rankings in the WHZB championships of 2013.

Great Wall No.1, best cock WHZB 2013

The NL11-1782084 Great Wall No.1 takes the first place in 2013. The pedigree of this excellent cock revealed that Yong Lin relies on a collection of outstanding breeders. The sire of Great Wall No. 1 is NL05-1445378 Super 378. This cock has a proven record and has won the title of 2nd cock sprint-middle distance TBOTB 2007, while also finishing as third cock and fourth ace pigeon in the WHZB competition that season. His best results include Peronne 1/4590, Duffel 1/3152 and Duffel 1/2114. The dam of Great Wall No.1 is NL08-1587454 Miss Europe, 4th best one day long distance pigeon WHZB 2010 and winner of a first prize from Tours against 4591 pigeons.

NL11-1782084 Great Wall No. 1, best cock WHZB 2013

His best results in 2013:

06/07/2013 Châteauroux 632 km  85/2,994 p. 
13/07/2013 Sens        452 km  10/2,171 p. 
20/07/2013 Vierzon     581 km  58/2,150 p. 
03/08/2013 Ruffec      757 km   6/1,937 p. 
17/08/2013 Oudenaarde  168 km  42/2,831 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Great Wall No. 1. A full list of achievements can be found here.

Race Against Time, 2nd best cock WHZB 2013

The NL11-1782157 Race Against Time was only beaten by his own loft mate in the overall results of WHZB 2013. This pigeon is a crossing of J. Ouwerkerk and G & S Verkerk pigeons. His sire is the NL10-1711251, which is also the sire of Invincible Girl 156, winner of a 1st Argenton 3375 p. The dam is NL09-1232233, which is a sister of NL09-1232232, 1st general pigeon and 6th best hen WHZB 2010. The best results of Race Against Time include a 3rd from Duffel against 2,879 pigeons and a 6th from Bourges against 3,379 pigeons, after having already won Argenton 3/3671 and Sens 31/11391. 

Race against time, 2nd best cock WHZB 2013

Click here for the pedigree of Race against TimeClick here for his list of achievements of 2013.

Pigeons from paradise

The tagline of PIPA is “pigeons from paradise, available on earth”. Yong Lin could not agree more, as the dam of his 6th best cock WHZB 2013 was purchased here on PIPA. In fact, both the sire and the dam of the 10th best cock WHZB 2013 were purchased here as well.

NL12-5208191 De 191, 6th best cock WHZB 2013

The 191 is yet another pigeon that originates from a combination of J. Ouwerkerk and G&S Verkerk. This pigeon is related to Magic Amoré, a daughter of Magic Man and Amoré of C&G Koopman (the dam of Olympic Solange) both via his sire and his dam. The greatest result of 191 was a first prize against 2,994 pigeons from Châteauroux.

NL12-5208191 De 191, 6th best cock WHZB 2013

Click here for the pedigree of 191His results of 2013 can be found here.

NL11-1782244 Eye God, 10th best cock WHZB 2013

Eye God is bred from a crossing of Olympiad Pigeons. His grandmother is Olympic Solange (G & S Verkerk), olympiad pigeon all round 2009 and his grandfather is Home Alone (Braad-de Joode), 1st olympiad pigeon LD cat. C Holland. Eye God has done very well in the WHZB with, for instance, Châteauroux 1/2,994 and Bourges 14/3,379.

NL11-1782244 Eye God, 1e Chateauroux 2994 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Eye GodClick here for an overview of his results in 2013.

NL11-1782226 Queen Netherlands, 9th best hen WHZB 2013

Yong Lin has a pigeon in the category of best hen as well: his NL11-1782226 Queen Netherlands has finished ninth in the preliminary results, thanks to a few top prizes including Nanteuil 2/5,167, Peronne 2/775 and Duffel 7/2,879. She is a granddaughter of NL09-1214695 Golden Dragon (J. Ouwerkerk). This cock was 12th best one day long distance pigeon WHZB in 2010 and has won, for instance Argenton, 1/1,483, Nivelles 5/6,684 and Orléans 6/3,365 p. The dam NL09-1214694 Golden Phoenix is a sister of Golden Dragon and was bred from a daughter of Kleine Figo of Kees Bosua, paired to a daughter of Super 484 of J. Ouwekerk.

NL11-1782226 Queen Netherlands, 9th best hen WHZB 2013

Click here for the pedigree of Queen NetherlandsClick here for a list of achievements.

Yong Lin and his son Jiabin have been performing very well, with racing birds that originate from some of the finest pigeons out there. Their approach has been paying off and in 2014 they will compete in the races from a new location. It will be difficult for them to match last year's results.