Xander and Jochen Fens (Beerse, BE): 1st National Ace Pigeon Short Middle Distance Young Birds 2012

What does a fancier do if he does not have enough time to take care of his pigeons? You ask your oldest son to help you from time to time.

Kurt Fens

Young fanciers

After a while his youngest son started to have an interest in pigeon fancying as well. Kurt Fens was on the podium in Ostend before he realised it. Kurt leaves the house early in the morning and he is home only at 6 o’clock in the evening. Meanwhile his sons Jochen and Xander make sure that there is light in the loft of the young birds and they call the young birds back to the loft after their flight and they feed them. When Kurt arrives home he can darken the loft again. Still, it is Kurt who decides how much feed the pigeons will be given during the day. One thing is clear: Kurt's two sons are invaluable in his pigeon loft. 

Angerville: 1,441 p.: 2-3-13-16-35-36...(16/22)
Angerville: 1,142 p.: 10-11-12-89-102-131-146...(13/17)
Orleans (disastrous flight): 965 p.: 5-25-129 (3/18)
Angerville: 1,452 p.: 1-2-13-139-446 (5/7)
Angerville: 1,278 p.: 1-2-5-38-340-421 (5/5)
Angerville: 1,451 p.: 2-3-81-133-282-387-408 (7/11)
Angerville: 1,026 p.: 13-14-40-72-73-106-210 (7/7)

Very few racing pigeons

They bred 38 young birds and 27 of them were basketed for the middle distance. In the disastrous flight from Orleans seven young birds from the first round did not return home. On top of that his young cocks had smallpox, so he could only race the young hens. The breeding loft (12 breeding pairs) consists of 75% of pigeons from Luc Van Mechelen (Oud-Turnhout, BE), plus some pigeons from Johan Donckers (Grobbendonk, BE) and Frans Heylen (Vorselaar, BE). He also purchased two pigeons of the Dutch champions Gerard and Bas Verkerk more recently. Mega Mindy (6260032/12), the first Ace Pigeon Short Middle Distance Young Birds, proves once again that a pigeon with first class origins has a significant advantage over the other birds. Click here to take a look at her pedigree. This hen was basketed nine times and she won eight prizes. The result from Quievrain did not count but we included the other results:



Two secrets

Every fancier has his own secrets, hasn’t he? Well, we give you two secrets of Xander and Jochen. The first is syrup with pro-bacterial effects. It has the following ingredients: 100 grams of water kefir, five to six dried apricots, half of a lemon or lime, 5 tablespoons of white sugar candy and 2 tablespoons of red berries (e.g. cranberries). This mixture is poured into a bowl filled with bottled water and they let it ferment for 48 hours. Afterwards you remove the fruits with a wooden spoon and you sift the liquid. You can then add the water and the other ingredients to the water kefir again.

Is this the magic potion Obelix fell into when he was a baby?

The second secret is the sixth sense of Staf Geenen. He is a diviner who composes the breeding pairs in several top class pigeon lofts (including some of the very best in Belgium). Kurt asked him if he could compose four breeding pairs for him. While he was there he also selected a stock sire. Coincidence or not, these four pairs bred his best pigeons. And to make the story even more surprising: this season (2013) Staf had no time to come by so he had to select the pairs by telephone. Kurt picked up Mega Mindy and he placed her in front of each of the boxes with cocks. Staf gave him advice by telephone; “Not good, good but not good enough.” At a certain point he said to Kurt: “this is the one, this is the cock that should be paired to her”. The cock that he was talking about appeared to be his stock cock.

Youth is the future

One thing was clear when we paid a visit to Xander, Jochen and Kurt Fens. They are truly passionate about pigeons and their pigeon family has a lot of qualities. We believe they would make it to the top even without their magic potion or the diviner. In 2013 they focus on the national races for young birds and we think this will be a success story as well.