Wout Spierings (Waalwijk, NL) turns province of Brabant upside down with Golden Prince

No nonsense pigeon fancier Wout Spierings from Waalwijk has been highly successul in Province 2, Brabant 2000 for years. He has been breeding talented new pigeons from his own bloodlines on a regular basis, and this report will be mostly about an important newcomer in the team: Golden Prince.

Bas Strijbosch (l) and Wout Spierings (r). They race under the name of Strijbosch-Spierings in Tilburg

The blue coloured cock with ring number NL17-3728901 was raced on a weekly basis as a yearling, and he really stood out in the last one day long distance races of the season. It was thanks to his results in the last three one day long distance flights of the season that Golden Prince became 1st Pigeon Champion in Province Brabant 2000. He takes a 9th place in the PIPA Ranking for best long distance pigeon in The Netherlands with 3 prizes. Wout's pigeons had to cover 604, 593 and 659km to Waalwijk respectively.

1st  NPO Chateauroux      - 1,303
3rd  NPO Chateauroux Parc - 3,431
10th NPO La Souterraine   - 3,087

Click here for Golden Prince's pedigree

Lethal Weapon, obtained through PIPA and now the sire of Golden Prince

The pigeons were paired in mid-January and they raised a round of youngsters. They were then darkened, and the racing team was kept together for a while, only to be separated aain two weeks prior to the first one day long didstance races. Golden Prince gained some experience in the sprint and the middle distance, as did the rest of the team. Wout likes his pigeons to excel in the one day long distance in particular, since this is his favourite discipline. In other words, he wants them to be in their best form possible for these very races.
Wout has been getting quite a few very talented pigeons from his trusted Blue Prins bloodline but he regularly tries to introduce pigeons from other breeds into his existing family as well. You can tell from Golden Prince's achievements that Wout knows how to spot a decent quality bloodline.

Daughter Alexia, the dam and grandfmother of several top class birds!

Daughter Alexia was obtained from Jan Hooymans, and he is a sister of the world famous Harry. This new introduction was tested on Blue Prins, and it proved a successful combination right away: they bred the 4th best young bird in The Netherlands in 2015. And Golden Prince illustrates that this combination has bred more than just one generation of prize winners.