World record for Pieter Veenstra: 1.899.300 EURO for 245 pigeons! Mr. Hu Zhen Yu buys the most expensive pigeon ever for 250.400 EURO!

Today the auction of Pieter Veenstra ended, in which yesterday the record for the most expensive pigeon ever was broken with 250.400 EURO. Today an even more prestigious record has been added, namely that of the most expensive total auction ever!

Update Sunday 8 p.m.:

It was already clear yesterday that a super record would be set by the auction of Pieter Veenstra. But at the start of this auction 2 weeks ago no-one dared to think of almost 1,9 million EURO. An average of 7.752 EURO per pigeon with 245 pigeons in the auction... Overwhelming figures.

An overview of the most expensive pigeons from today:
Skychen from China bought, after losing out on Dolce Vita, her full sister Chanel Nr. 5 for 75.000 EURO after a battle against 3 different bidders: Great Wall, Mark Kitchenbrand and Zhan Zhi Lin.
The nest sister of Dolce Vita, namely Cela Vita will move to Great Wall for 40.400 EURO.
The Golden Blue will move to Zhan Zhi Lin in Singapore for 50.000 EURO, he beat Mr. Hu, the buyer of Dolce Vita.
Kai Er, the buyer of the BIS couple Mr. Blue/Da Vinci went out fully for the Miss Million and also won her for 60.200 EURO, last opposing bidder here was Mark Kitchenbrand.
In the last part today a younger sister from Dolce Vita was sold for 39.000 EURO to Great Wall.

Up to a few years ago no-one thought such  a result was possible, but PIPA has managed to double the record of most expensive auction in a timespan of just 3 years… In April 2009 Ludo Claessens sol all his pigeons via PIPA and it was for a never before seen record of 905.000 EURO with the most expensive pigeon ever at that time, the Jonge Supercrack with 110.000 EURO. Less than 3 years later it stands at almost 1,9 million EURO and 250.400 EURO respectively!
And this thanks to a fantastic team of employees worldwide…PIPA is one great network with all fantastic people whereby the total is greater than the number of people. PIPA would like to thank everybody who has contributed to this fantastic success, be it from close by or far away.

For the statistics here a list with the most expensive auctions ever:
1. Pieter Veenstra – January 2012 (internet auction) – 1.899.300 EURO
2. Pros Roosen – January 2011 (public auction)  – 1.368.000 EURO
3. Jos Thoné – December 2010 (public auction) – 1.323.780 EURO
4. Andre Verbesselt – January 2012 (internet auction)– 1.292.400 EURO
5. Erik Limbourg – December 2009 (public auction)  – 1.252.000 EURO
6. Dr. H.P. & P. Brockamp – November 2010 (internet auction) – 1.017.750 EURO
7. Verreckt-Ariën – December 2011 (internet auction) – 971.800 EURO
8. Ludo Claessens – April 2009 (internet auction) – 905.450 EURO

Update Saturday 8 p.m.:

At the bottom of this page you can find a report on the most expensive pigeon ever.
In addition there were many more highlights, with the most predominant being the BIS sale Mr. Blue/Da Vinci. Hereby it was clearly a case of the saying: “When 2 dogs fight for a bone…” because after a long battle between Mr. Hu (buyer Dolce Vita/Special Blue) and Sky Chen, who bid against each other up to 120.200 EURO, at the very last minute Mr. Xing (better known as Kai Er) bid 130.000 EURO. With this he made the final bid.

An hour previously the bidding for Rolex ended, 1st National Ace bird WHZB 2009 and was sold for 70.400 EURO to Great Wall. He fought with Yong Lin who was bidding for his client Dempsy Dong from China.

Dempsy Dong wasn’t able to buy the Rolex, but then went full out for Sissi which was sold later in the afternoon. In a battle with Zhan Zhi Lin, Dempsy Dong (via Yong Lin) made the final bid on Sissi of 35.400 EURO.

Other notable transfers:
Koen van Roy bought Turbo Magic for 20.200 EURO.
One of the last children of the Golden Lady from Koopman moved to China for 41.200 EURO.
Next Sissy moved to Great Wall for 29.800 EURO.
Tiange (China) bought 2 children and a brother Dolce Vita for a joint sum of 52.000 EURO.

Tomorrow the sale of many more top pigeons will end with a.o. Chanel Nr. 5, Cela Vita (nest sister Dolce Vita), Armani, Golden Blue, Miss Million, Olympic Hanne, Olympic Patrick, Lion King,…

The first auctions end tomorrow at noon!

Update Saturday 1 p.m.:

The previous record of most expensive pigeon ever in an auction was attributed to the name of the Euro Diamond from H.P. & P. Brockamp which moved to Japan for 170.000 EURO. The fact that it is now a hen which has pulverised this record is very remarkable but also displays the class of both Dolce Vita and Special Blue.

Mr. Hu Zhen Yu is the owner of one of the biggest One Loft Races of South-China, in Wenzhou. He accumulated his capital  through his business    through his business Zhenyu Holding Group which is the biggest producer of ships in China. He intends to focus more and more on the pigeon sport. This investment is a clear signal of this.

Hu Zhen Yu left, together with PIPA Distributor Green Xiang