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Wonderful season in the international races for the combination Demaret-Marichal (Herquegies, BE)

Grégory & ses filles (pas de photo disponible avec son comparse).
This brand new combination is actually achieving an incredible racing season in 2020 with several early prizes booked on the national & international level.

Going further, stronger, faster: this is how we can summarize the philosophy behind the new combination formed by Grégory Demaret & Thierry Marichal. As a former professional cyclist and acting nowadays as the general manager of the cycling team Cofidis, Thierry doesn't have enough free time to spent with his pigeons and the choice of the combination was the best he could make. He decided to place his super breeding team in the hands of Grégory, a passionnate fancier who quickly made the choice to focus on the marathon races and who never hided his ambitions. As a true competitor, he is raising up the level of his own loft year after year.

Top level in 2020

The combination they formed since this year seems to be already on the right track. Both partners showed what they were made of on the recent international races and what we can say is that the results they booked went by far beyond their expectations. For example, they didn't miss a ranking in the national top 100 since Pau and they also booked a super 5th national on Barcelona. Before Perpignan, you could also see the combination ahead of the provisory ranking of the national championship 1+2 extreme long distance KBDB while the best racers of the team were currently ranked as 2nd-7th-15th-19th-23th best pigeons with 2 prizes on the marathon races.
Once again the proof that with top quality pigeons and the right ambition, the results will always finish to come down. Definitely something to look out for the future!

18/07 Pau (866 km) national - 2.919 p.:
74-145-389-408-... (7/24)
24/07 Agen (775 km) national - 5.140 vx:
64-76-213-349-375-... (9/18)
73th & 96th international (prognose)
24/07 Agen (775 km) national - 5.955 yls:
11-380-390-531-542-... (9/19)
15th international (prognose)
31/07 Barcelona (1060 km) national - 6.178 p.:
5-.. (2/3)
19th international 14.589 p. (prognose)
31/07 St-Vincent (859 km) national - 3.038 p.:
27-44-197-... (8/11)
99th international 6.066 p. (prognose)
01/08 Souillac (657 km) national - 7.514 p.:
151-262-275-285-385-507-571-664-665-747-... (19/38)
08/08 Perpignan (821 km) national - 2.643 p.:
63-355-638-... (3/11)

- 'Le 4h30' (BE17-1010658)

Flag bearer of the team, he booked two weeks ago on St-Vincent the fourth national top 100 of his racing career while he won already the 8th National Ace Extreme Long Distance KBDB in 2019. He is well on his way to book another ranking in the same championship for the second year in a row! Have a look to his performances:

18. St-Vincent nat 2.949 p. '19
   154. International 10.623 p.
27. St-Vincent nat 3.038 p. '20
41. Pau national 2.797 p. '19
   282. International 12.119 p.
74. Pau national 2.919 p. '20

- 'Miss Agen' (BE19-1118197)

11. Agen nat 5.955 p.
   15. International

- 'Matteo' (BE16-1072511)

5. Barcelona nat 6.178 p.

With such a level of quality into their hands and a philosophy turned on racing, this brand new combination has a bright future ahead. When you take a look at the condition in their loft, you can expect a thrilling performance this weekend on Narbonne, race where the Agen team will be basketed. Congratulations to Grégory & Thierry for their super performances!