Wonderboy Erik Limbourg (Brussegem, BE) impresses with 3 x 1st Provincial Flemish Brabant in just two weeks!

With a provincial win for yearlings from Bourges on 26 May, a 1st provincial Chateauroux yearlings and a 1st and 2nd provincial Limoges last weekend, Erik Limbourg is definitely one of the key players in the province of Flemish Brabant!


Last week was the first grand national middle distance race from Bourges and this weekend it was time for the opener of the national middle distance championship. These are the national races Erik Limbourg particularly looks forward to with plenty of ambition. So you can always expect him to perform well in these races. Consequently his loft was in top form at just the right moment and having already won a series of big victories at provincial level, Erik and Geert managed to add three provincial victories in just two weeks to their already impressive list of achievements! The two fanciers from Brussegem have already won 9 first prizes and 8 second prizes and the season has only just started. Let’s take a look at their achievements in the past two weeks:

Limoges NW Brabant 417 old birds:
Chateauroux Anderlecht 193 yearlings:
Chateauroux Anderlecht 245 old birds:
1-26-35-45-69 (5/5)
Bourges Beersel 317 yearlings:
Bourges Beersel 186 old birds:

Let's take a closer look at the winners from this loft:

1st Provincial Flemish Brabant Bourges yearlings:

A chequered hen and a summer bred youngster that was only trained to Dourdan (335km) in 2011. But she has some very interesting origins: her grandsire (her father’s father) is the excellent top-class breeder Lucky 848 De Rauw-Sablon (in this hard Bourges race the first four yearlings were all grandchildren of this amazing stock breeder). Her mother is a descendant of the world-famous Limbourg pigeon Eagle Eye! The apple does not fall far from the tree.

1st Provincial Flemish Brabant Chateauroux yearlings:

The sire of this cock is the De Libourne 2119370/09 who was 1st National Zone against 2,212 pigeons and 16th National Libourne against 6,767 pigeons. His dam is Axel Red, the best youngster of the Limbourg lofts in 2009 with the following results: 1st Argenton, 15th National 23,904 pigeons. and 1st La Souterraine, 201st National 17,814 pigeons.   

1st Provincial Flemish Brabant Limoges old birds:

This two-year-old chequered cock is very experienced, winning 1st Angerville 859 pigeons, 2nd Noyon 532 pigeons, 4th Noyon 271 pigeons, 10th Argenton 381 pigeons etc… He stems from the old Crack Aelbrecht line, coupled with Miss Salbris, who won 1st Interprovincial Salbris against 2,737 pigeons. Miss Salbris is a daughter of a superclass pigeon of Limbourg: Blue Ace 4290095/03. This is a direct De Rauw-Sablon and winner of the 2nd National ace pigeon KBDB middle distance 2007 and already the grandsire of a 2 x 1st National winner for the lofts of Raf Denhaese. In that same Limoges race Erik also won the 2nd prize provincial, this time with a grandchild of the previously mentioned Blue Ace, whose sire is a half brother of Father Gilbert (a son of Favoriet Marseille x Dochter Lucky 85) coupled with Dochter Blue Ace.

For a complete pedigree of these four champions, click here.

De Limbourg-pigeons are also successful in other lofts:

-1st Nat Bourges 16,859 yearlings for Gaie Freres: 50% Limbourg

-1st Prov & 5th National Bourges 16,859 yearlings for Gyselbrecht-Leliaert: 50% Limbourg from the champion Blue Carcassonneke, purchased at the Limbourg PIPA Auction in December 2009. This amazing yearling was again 1st Chateauroux against 628 yearlings in the middle distance club Eeklo and 22nd Prov against 3,960 yearlings!

-15th National Bourges 20,589 old birds for Casaert-Senechal: 50% Limbourg, this pigeon has also won 8th National Bourges II 12,607 yearlings last year.

-1st Nat Zone B Limoges ’12 of Marc De Cock is a half brother of the world-famous Eagle Eye.

We wonder what the Wonderboy from Brussegem has in store for us in the coming weeks. As we all know, a team of Limbourg pigeons in top form is very hard to beat!