The winners of the Derby Arona Tenerife OLR 2021 are Team Mountain California Friends from The Netherlands

On Saturday 27th of March the final battle was raced at Tenerife. The remaining 251 pigeons had to cover the distance of 280 km to reach their loft with a moderate SSW wind and a temperature of 18 degrees.
The first 12 pigeons of the Final Race

A very hard final race last Saturday 27th of March at Tenerife. Only the strongest pigeons managed to reach their home again on the first 3 days after the release on Saturday.

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Also the second year without any spectators due to the Covid-19 restrictions all around the world. Team Mountain California Friends wins the final race in 2021 with pigeon Matter Horn, NL-1450182:

Second pigeon is Sindy, NL-1480691, of Team PEC & Batenburg:

On the third place we find Targus, NL-1498830, van Lorenzo Van Russel. This was the third pigeon that arrived home on the day of the release.

Oscar, GB-N-09163 is the pigeon of Team Paul & Christine Titcomb that finished 4th in the final race.

Fifth arrival was Robien, NL-1667687, of Frits Paulssen.

On the 6th pace we find Team Anita & Tage Gravesen with their pigeon Tilla 747, DAN-172-0747.

On the 7th spot Team Monick Nys & Kris Govers with 'Fallina', BE6180220.

Pigeon number 8 is from Denmark again. Team Henriksem wins 8th place in this Final race at Tenerife with Max, DAN-222-0240.

Daniel Hash (USA) wins the 9th place with Gaucho, AU-ARPU-85270.

The last pigeon in the top 10 is Toutatis of Team Knol Pigeons, NL-1118989.

Sharron, GB-N-88725, arrived as the 11th pigeon. She was bred by Will Curtis (England).

Team PEC & Batenburg is the only team that had 2 pigeons in this top 12. We found them on the second place, but also on place 12 with Kalypso, NL-1480403.

Competitions 2021

After this final race, we also know who are the winners of some of the competitions of the 2021 edition of the Derby Arona Tenerife.

King of the Atlantic Competition Winner: Daniel Hash

King of sprint Competition Winner: Team Monick Nys & Kris Govers

Knock-Out Competition Winner: Team Henriksen

You can find all the information about the Derby Arona Tenerife One Loft Race on

Edition 2021-2022

The intake for 2021/22 race is open from now on! The Final race for this edition is planned on 26th of March 2022.

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