Winners of 2015 PIPA Christmas Quiz announced

Last weekend the young birds' auction of Gaby Vandenabeele closed with a revenue of 274,200 euro, which means we know the winners of our 2015 Christmas Quiz. The winner is Alfons Göbel from Germany. The second place goes to Bartos Istvan from Romania and Guy De Clercq from Belgium takes third place.

Alfons Göbel (€ 274.091) will be the first to pick a prize, followed by Bartos Istvan (€ 274.400). Guy De Clercq (€ 274.581) gets the remaining prize. This is the prize pool:

  1. a grandchild of New Laureaat
  2. a PIPA pack with eight items for you to choose from
  3. a PIPA pack with six items for you to choose from

The winners will be contacted in person in the course of this week.

Thank you to everyone who joined our quiz!

A grandchild of New Laureaat is the main prize in the 2015 PIPA Christmas Quiz