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Winner OLR Victoria Falls sold for 136,000 EURO, Pebbles sold for 95,000 EURO

The Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race (ZIM) auction ended on Wednesday, November 4.

Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race (ZIM) - 247 pigeons - 2,519 EURO / pigeon
The one loft race Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race is held annually in Zimbabwe and thanks to the extremely good organization has become one of the most famous one loft races at the moment. Thousands of pigeons are sent worldwide. The next edition will probably start with a record number of pigeons.

Today the pigeons from the last edition that managed to color the final and which were part of the ace pigeon competition were sold. The first ten pigeons that arrived in the final were sold for a total amount of 217,500 EURO. As expected, the most was paid for the winner All in One. No less than 136,000 EURO was paid for the blue cock, bred by none other than Gerard Koopman. That one loft races are global is evident from the breeders of the 10, they come from the Netherlands (1st, 4th, 8th), Germany (2nd), England (3rd), United States (5th, 7th), South Africa (6th, 10th) and Qatar (9th). They were sold today as follows:

Sold for 136,000 EURO to Iraq / Netherlands

Sold for 13,000 EURO to Bulgaria

Sold for 7,400 EURO to Qatar

Sold for 16,000 EURO to China

Sold for 7,600 EURO to China

Sold for 1,600 EURO to Qatar

Sold for 2,200 EURO to the United States

Sold for 20,500 EURO to Great Britain

Sold for 6,800 EURO to Qatar

Sold for 6,400 EURO to Germany

Another phenomenon sold today is Pebbles. She won 1. Super Ace / 1. Grand Average / 1. Normal Ace. This made her the best pigeon ever in the one loft race of Victoria Falls. The pigeon bred by Jason Brown stems from pigeons that already participated in the race in Zimbabwe. Pebbles will move to Germany, where she will undoubtedly be heard. The buyer paid 95,000 EURO.

In total, the auction raised 622,300 EURO, which is good for an average of 2,519 EURO / pigeon.

It was an auction that could count on a huge order, which is reflected in the buyers who come from the following 29 countries: United States (79), China (40), Great Britain (11), Germany (15), Qatar ( 10), Belgium (9), Mexico (8), Netherlands (7), France (7), Taiwan (7), Kuwait (6), Poland (5), Morocco (4), Japan (3), Romania ( 3), Bulgaria (2), Hungary (2), Canada (1), Switzerland (1), Czech Republic (1), India (1), Iraq (1), Lithuania (1), Mozambique (1), Philippines ( 1), Slovakia (1), Turkey (2), South Africa (3), Zimbabwe (1).