Win a grandchild of New Laureaat for Christmas with the PIPA Christmas Quiz 2015

We are approaching the end of the year so it is time for our annual Christmas quiz. This time we organise a quiz in theme with the young birds' auction of Gaby Vandenabeele, which starts on 21st December. The fancier that guesses or comes closest to the overall revenue of this auction wins an amazing prize: a grandchild of New Laureaat, 1st International Barcelona 2013.

Win a descendant of the highly successful Laureaat pigeon breed

As always, PIPA tries hard to come up with a spectacular first prize. For the 2015 edition of our Christmas Quiz, and for our Barcelona Quiz 2015, the PEC and Batenburg-Van de Merwe joined forces. They have come up with another great prize for this year's quiz as well: a grandchild of 1st International Barcelona 2013 New Laureaat. This blue coloured cock is named after his great-grandfather Laureaat Barcelona, which was overwhelmingly strong in the 1995 race from Barcelona for the Gyselbrecht family, eventually winning the international first prize as one of only three pigeons that had a velocity of over 1000 m/min. 

Over the years Laureaat Barcelona became an internationally renowned pigeon, thanks to his many successful descendants, which managed to achieve remarkable results in the extreme long distance:

1st Int. Barcelona 2003 – Fauche
  (great-grandchild Laureaat Barcelona, grandfather was bred by dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht)
1st Int. Barcelona 2013 – Wiels
  (great-grandchild, the dam was bred by dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht)
1st Int. St.-Vincent 2014 - Meulemans-Damen
  (great-grandchild Laureaat Barcelona)
1st Nat. Pau 2006 - Moens
  (grandchild Laureaat Barcelona)
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB 2008 with 0.25% - Etienne Meirlaen
  (great-grandchild Laureaat Barcelona)
2nd Int. Barcelona 2008 - Van Kerckvoorde
  (great-grandchild Laureaat Barcelona, grandmother was bred by dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht)

This is of course an impressive list of breeding references, and on top of that there is of course New Laureaat, winner of a 1st Interntional Barcelona 2013 and winner of the PIPA ranking for 'Best Bercalona Pigeon International 2013-2014'. He inherited his racing qualities from his grandparents Arthur (1st Int. Bordeaux 1995), King (61st Nat. Barcelona) and of course Laureaat Barcelona. Click here for the pedigree of New Laureaat.

Guess the overall revenue for the Gaby Vandenabeele auction

In order to win a prize you need to guess the overall revenue (in euros) for the Gaby Vandenabeele auction. This auction takes place from 21st December 2015 to 3rd January 2016. Check out the 24 youngsters that will be up for offer at the end of this year here.

Fill out the Christmas quiz form by Wednesday 23rd December 2015 at 11:59pm to win our main prize. You can only join our quiz using this web form.

This is the prize pool for this year's quiz (top 3):

  1. a grandchild of New Laureaat
  2. a PIPA pack with eight items of your choice
  3. a PIPA pack with six items of your choice

Both registered and non-registered users can participate. Be aware: each fancier can only join once, which means fanciers cannot make a bet under the name of their son, daughter, wife, uncle, etc. The only exception is when fanciers place a bet for relatives that are racing under a different name and are thus KBDB members. If you do submit a bet in the name of a relative that is not a KBDB member, only the first bet will count.

The rules

  • The person that guesses, or comes closest to the total revenue of the Vandenabeele auction wins the first prize.
  •  Only one guess per fancier is allowed. Guessing under the name of a family member or others without them being a member of the KBDB is invalid. If you do, only the first bet will count.
  • Participating can only be achieved by sending in the webform on which your address, contact details and the bet are mentioned. Please use numerals only, no "euro" or "EUR".
  • The participation forms can be sent in until Wednesday 23rd of December 2015 23:59PM.
  • The winner can ask us to ship his pigeon for free or he can pick it up at PIPA.

Whoever wants to share his bet with others can post a reaction under this article. Please note that the publication of a bet below this article does not count as a participation to the contest!

Good luck to you all!