Wim De Troy (Berlaar, BE) starts the season with a bang!

Last weekend the first middle distance race was scheduled. In Antwerp this race was flown from Melun and Wim De Troy opened the season with the fastest pigeon against the whole release of 12,207 pigeons.

It was "Cheese" BE22-6033218 who won the middle distance race in the federation Turnhout-Region Mechelen and took the 1st against 3,450 old birds. Not only in the federation, but "Cheese" was also the fastest of the whole release against 12,207 pigeons. 

The father of "Cheese" is "King Vierzon", he himself won 1st Prov. Vierzon and is also father of another provincial winner from Vierzon. He is a son of stock breeder "Keesboer 863-08". Mother of "Cheese" is a direct Gaston Van De Wouwer, a half-sister of "Maria". 

Wim and Steven achieved the following result: Melun (305km) - 3,450 old birds: 


What a phenomenal way to start the season!