Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) wins 1st Nat. Tulle Old birds with none other on the finish photo

The national Tulle became a super-fast edition with a small amount of pigons to surpass the 1.600 m/min. Still the results delivered one clear winner: De Vooruitvlieger of Wilson Dekens. He flew its nearest competitors to pieces and clocked off with a lead of almost 75 m/min.

A radiant Wilson with his wife Lydie and the national winner De Vooruitvlieger

No competitors to be seen

After weeks of ponderous weather with often a severe head wind we now got the opposite wind-wise. With a pretty firm southern-to-southwestern wind all pigeons rushed home, some even that fast that a few enthusiasts hadn’t even seen one or more pigeons get home. “To be fair, neither had I”, Wilson Dekens commences. “I was watching the news sitting on my couch when from the corner of my eye I saw a pigeon land on the ridge. Only after he was inside, I knew it was one coming from Tulle.” Actually not that much of a surprise knowing that Wilsons national winner, by now named De Vooruitvlieger, signed off at a speed of 1694,83 m/min. at 13:31:11 hours, while the fastest pigeon at that time had only been clocked 25 seconds before and 50 km shorter(!). Even more: it lasted exactly ten minutes before Gino Clicque clocked off a pigeon that had also flown more than 1.600 m/min., but even then still about 18 km shorter. The nearest pursuer, one of Benny Billiau from Adinkerke, signed off a stretch of more than 70 m/min. to the national winner. The national victory tastes very sweet for Wilson after prior in the season he just missed a nation victory with a 3rd National Montélimar of 4.652 pigeons, also the 1st Prov. And 1st Nat. Zone.

1st National Tulle 4.172 p.: line New Ace x race Vandenheede

With his top performance BE15-4121157 De Vooruitvlieger can surely match those other (former) racing toppers from Zingem Jordy, Jordy Limoges and New Ace. All of them aces of which he is related to from his sire. But also at his dams side it’s more than bingo with the line of his neighbours Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede.

Sire: BE08-4113966 Half-brother Jordy, 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB
GV: BE03-4352169 Van Coppenolle, sire Jordy (6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB) and great-grandfather New Ace (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long distance KBDB) and Jordy Limoges (1st Nat. Limoges, 20th Nat. Libourne, ...)
GM: BE02-4400300 Lolita, grandmother New Ace (paired with Jordy)

Dam: BE14-4042159, direct F&J Vandenheede, half-sister 2nd Nat. Guéret 8.517 p., 16th Nat. Argenton 18.363 p., ...
GV: BE11-4244241, half-brother 42nd Guéret 5.166 p., 1st Tours 730 p., 1st Tours 274 p., ...
GM: BE11-4244281 Julita, winner of a.o. 247nd Nat. La Souterraine 9.548 p., 503rd Nat. Bourges 16.859 p. and 514th Nat. Châteauroux 15.902 p., daughter of De Majoor (full brother of the famous Blauwe Prins) and foremost granddaughter of Topkweker Freddy, the cock that marked his stamp on the last two decades of international pigeon racing with countless many successes in racing and breeding.

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Through the years De Vooruitvlieger already showed flashes of its talents with among others a 249th Nat. Zone Bourges 11.401 p., 434e Prov. Vierzon 7.056 p. and 1.229th Nat. Limoges 14.937 p. Check the full record of the 1st Nat. Tulle Old Birds 2018.

Latest trick

De Vooruitvlieger was only trained as a young bird, but was able to show itself for (just nearly) three seasons. This year on Pithiviers (twice) and then consecutively the nation Bourges, Brive, Limoges and Tulle. At a speed pace he rushed home from Tulle on what later turned out to be its final flight and greatest performance. “He’s done with playing the widowhood. Now he can fully enjoy the female company in the breeding loft”, as Wilson concludes. We wonder if he can follow in its illustrious predecessors footsteps.

A part of the stock lofts in Heulestraat in Zingem