Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) likely to become winner of the 1st Nat. ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2012 with his New Ace

It has not been confirmed yet but all calculations and prognoses indicate that Wilson Dekens is in pole position to win the title of 1st National Ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2012!


Most of the fanciers from East-Flanders (and Belgium in general) know that the loft of Wilson Dekens in Zingem houses plenty of talented birds. His loft is situated in the Heulestraat, where Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede live as well. The two brothers have been dominating the grand middle distance and the one day long distance in the last few seasons. Wilson Dekens lives 200 metres away from the lofts of the two brothers. He is another great fancier who has been doing equally well as the Vandenheede brothers and has even beaten them a few times. In pigeon racing the Heulestraat is equally well known as the Paddestraat, Haaghoek or Kapelmuur in the world of cycling.

In 1973 Wilson and his wife Lydie moved to the Heulestraat, where they built a first loft for their pigeons. They would quickly win some first prizes and titles in the sprint races. Everything went well in the loft so he decided to expand his loft to have more room. He also decided to no longer do sprint races. Throughout the week he took care of his pigeons after work only to clock his pigeons all within 10 minutes on Sunday. He found it difficult to stay motivated in the sprint races so he decided to switch to the middle distance. Due to back problems and a surgical operation he was forced to quit his job as a welder. This is when he decided to try his luck in the long distance and the extreme distance, where he could enjoy the arrival of his pigeons after a national flight.

He switched to the long distance and to a new approach without a problem but he decided to obtain a few long distance birds for his team. Thanks to these reinforcements it did not take long before he had a few top results in the marathon races. However, Wilson knows he has to compete with a few excellent fanciers from around the area, including his neighbours Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, who are his biggest rivals. So he has to stay focused if he wants to play a key role in the competition and if he wants to win top prizes.

The successful line of Goed Geschelpt

The most important racer in the loft of Wilson Dekens is Jordy, which is one of his greatest long distance champions ever. In 2008 he was awarded as 6th National Ace pigeon long distance KBDB. He was a direct son of one of Wilson's main breeders, who had an enormous impact on today’s stock and their successes: Goed Geschelpt BE03-4210983. This bird has won a 12th Nat. Argenton 17,129 pigeons, a 6th Prov. Blois 2,474 pigeons, a 76th Nat. Cahors 7,340 pigeons, a 49th Prov. Argenton 2,245 etc.

So it is no surprise that the big star of today’s racing team is the son of one of Jordy’s daughters, which is yet another grandson of Goed Geschelpt! The big star is called New Ace and in November he will be rewarded as National Ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2012 in Ostend. In other words he was this season’s best long distance fancier in Belgium! Let’s take a look at his list of achievements:


-New Ace BE10-4030190

Souillac       105 p. 1
     Prov.   1,934 p. 1
     Zone A  3,447 p. 8
     Nat     7,760 p. 8
Cahors         124 p. 4
     Prov    1,759 p. 15
     Zone A  2,695 p. 24
     Nat     8,348 p. 29
Limoges        372 p. 4
     Prov    3,466 p. 10
     Zone A  5,957 p. 38
     Nat    13,781 p. 40
Brive          160 p. 31
     Prov    2,645 p. 370
     Zone A  4,743 p. 761
     Nat    11,130 p. 1311
Angerville     237 p. 4
Pont           252 p. 53
La Châtre      655 p. 15
     Prov    4,675 p. 63
     Zone A  7,487 p. 42
     Nat    21,180 p. 1290
Limoges        355 p. 85
     Prov    3,548 p. 474
     Nat    14,686 p. 1765
Tulle          126 p. 21
     Prov    1,376 p. 308
     Zone A  1,996 p. 382
     Nat     6,345 p. 1349
Chateauroux    716 p. 152
     Prov    6,148 p. 796
     Nat    25,263 p. 3415
Argenton       690 p. 161
     Prov    4,948 p. 717
     Nat    19,782 p. 2429
Ecouen         489 p. 39
Noyon          422 p. 42
Angerville     436 p. 59

This New Ace is also a full brother of the 4th Nat. St. Vincent, which underlines the breeding qualities of his parents.

Sire: Geschelpt Witpen BE04-6030372… a 100% Jan Aarden pigeon which was bred from Kleinzoon Lange 044/93 (Lange was a brother of the famous Lichtenberg of Aarden, an inbred of the world famous Dolle) x Geschelpt Aarden 833/01 (a combination of the famous pigeons of Aarden, including Vlekje, Lange, 017 and of course stock bird Dolle).
Dam: Daughter Jordy BE08-4112820… she was  bred directly from the 6th Nat. ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2008 Jordy BE05-4281706 (click here for his pedigree), who was a son of stock dam Goed Geschelpt, coupled with Blauwen Van Coppenolle 169/03. Jordy was coupled with Lolita BE02-4400300, which is the last daughter of stock cock Zwarte Pau 348/88 (a direct Daniel Aerens via Mark De Backer) x Blauw Norman 256/92 (a direct N & F Norman as a full sister of the 1st Nat. Argenton).

You can find the full pedigree here.

This champion will be moving to a different loft as soon as he is awarded as national ace pigeon, but before he leaves he will breed a round of descendants in the loft of Wilson to safeguard the future. After that he will also be used as a breeder in the PEC of Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, after which he will be moved to his final destination.

Wilson Dekens and his wife Lydie can be proud of their New Ace. As soon as the final results of the national championships KBDB will be published they can celebrate his national title, which is a crowning achievement for a long and successful career as a fancier. Wilson and Lydie, many congratulations, you deserve it!