Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) achieves great results with the invaluable Jordy bloodline

Jordy won the title of 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2008, and he became the grandfather of the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB, 2012, the 1st Nat. Limoges 2014, and several more long distance champions. His bloodline is a recipe for success!

The Heulestraat in Zingem is a familiar name among fanciers both in Belgium and abroad. This is thanks to the three nationally renowned fanciers running this pigeon loft: Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, and today's host Wilson Dekens.

Wilson and his wife Lydie moved to the Heulestraat in Zingem in 1973 and they promptly started building their first pigeon loft. The nearby loft of the Vandenheede family proved a tough opponent from day one. This loft was initially led by Rene, and his two sons Jacques and Freddy joined him later on. It goes without saying they Wilson had quite a difficult challenge ahead of him, having to play against one of the leading lofts in our sport.

This is perhaps the reason why the loft of Wilson Dekens has managed to become such a successful team over the years. He began as a sprint fancier but fairly quickly switched to the long distance and the extreme long distance. It was the fierce competition in his region that forced him to adopt a rigorous selection process. This is a key requirement when trying to reach the highest level. Wilson reaped the benefits from a collection of great pigeons. His racing birds are hard workers; they enjoy racing in tough conditions. They are not afraid to do a few extra miles or to do a longer training flight in a strong headwind. The pigeon Jordy and his bloodline are a key component in this hard working pigeon breed.

The breeding value of the Jordy family

The most valuable bloodline in the Wilson Dekens pigeon family is that of Jordy, whose name can be found in the pedigree of almost every prize winner and every great champion. We will briefly discuss the history behind Jordy, the pigeon that is at the basis of this success story. 

-Jordy BE05-4281706

6th Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB ’08 
’08 Dourdan        464 p. 1
’08 Brive Zone   4,381 p. 21
       Nat.     14,251 p. 169
’08 Cahors Prov.   988 p. 4
       Nat.      5,441 p. 29
’08 Souillac N.  7,315 p. 614
’08 Vierzon IP  11,399 p. 317
’07 Angoulême    1,807 p. 67
’06 Chateauroux  3,349 p. 24
’06 Argenton     4,104 p. 54
’05 Vierzon Pro  3,227 p. 69

Jordy is a son of Blauwe Van Coppenolle BE03-4352169 (a direct Luc Van Coppenolle) x Goed Geschelpt BE03-4210983 (winner of a 6th Interprov. Blois 2,474 p., a 12th Nat. Argenton 17,129 p., a 3rd Nat. Cahors hens and a 76th Nat. Cahors 7,340 d.).
Jordy was sold fairly quickly, and Wilson eventually had to admit that he should have kept him a little longer. Still, it is very hard to predict the future value of a pigeon.

In the meantime, Jordy's family (his youngsters and brothers & sisters) started to have a defining impact on the Wilson Dekens pigeon family. In fact, it was this very bloodline that enabled Wilson to become a nationally renowned long distance and extreme long distance fancier. He started winning national top prizes, including a national victory and a national ace pigeon title: Jordy became the grandfather of New Ace, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2012.

-New Ace BE10-4030190

1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2012
Souillac Prov.  1,934 p. 1
       Nat.     7,760 p. 8
Cahors Prov.    1,759 p. 15
       Nat.     8,348 p. 29
Limoges Prov.   3,466 p. 10
       Nat.    13,781 p. 40
Brive Nat.     11,130 p. 1311

The three prizes printed in bold have resulted in his title of national ace pigeon!
Click here for the full palmares and his pedigree.

Another grandson of Jordy, Jordy Limoges, won the opening classic from Limoges in the 2014 long distance season. He claimed victory in a tough race with a strong headwind.

Jordy Limoges BE12-4191454

’14 Limoges    Nat.  18,407 p. 1
’13 Libourne   Nat.   6,134 p. 20

The best breeding hen in this current generation is another daughter of Jordy, hence her name Daughter Jordy BE10-4030310 (pedigree). She is the dam of the following prize winners:

-Geschelpte Limo BE11-4225252

6th  N.Zone Limoges  7,419 p. -  23rd Nat. Limoges   17,735 p. ’12
57th Prov. Limoges I 4,267 p. - 178th Nat. Limoges I 18,390 p. ’14
25th N.Zone Tulle    2,432 p. ’15
89th Nat. Libourne   6,658 p. ’13

-Cureghem Ace BE12-4191490

 35th Nat. Narbonne   3,942 p. - 52nd Int. Narbonne 7,859 p. ’13
 54th Nat. Libourne   6,134 p. ’13
151st Nat. Montauban  5,935 p. ’14
642nd Nat. Limoges I 18,390 p. ’14
201st N.Zone Gueret   2,891 p. ’13

-Montauban BE13-4030511

 42nd Nat. Montauban  3,990 p. ’15
321st Nat. Poitiers  14,094 p. ’14
341st Nat. Libourne   5,024 p. ’15
500th Prov. Vierzon   6,298 p. ’15

Daughter Jordy 310/10 was bred from Jordy x Germaine BE09-3180601, which comes from the loft of Germain D’hondt, being a sister of the 1st Nat. Perpignan 5,591 p.
Germaine was paired to Nest brother Dam New Ace BE08-4112821, and together they bred BE11-4225241, winner of a 1st Limoges and a 1st St. Vincent, and several more prizes:

 3rd N.Zone Limoges    7,419 p.  - 17. Nat. Limoges          17,735 p. ’12
16th Nat. St.-Vincent  3,272 p.  – 47. Internat. St.-Vincent 11,388 p. ’14
59th N.Zone Argenton   8,476 p. ’12
86th Nat. Souillac     5,282 p. ’13

Germaine is also the dam of extreme long distance crack BE12-4191460, which has won the following prizes:

1st   Prov. Perpignan      1,401 p. - 3rd Nat. Perpignan 6,248 p.
7th   Internat. Perpignan 17,971 p. ’14
65th  Nat. St.-Vincent     3,272 p. - 169th Internat. St.-Vincent 11,388 p. ’14
359th Nat. Limoges I      18,390 p. ’14
217th Internat. Narbonne   7,859 p. ’13

The next pigeon, The Libourne, is a half sister of Jordy BE08-4340378, and a half sister of dam New Ace (pedigree).

-Libourne BE12-4191493

 1st  Prov. Libourne 1,039 p.
 2nd  Nat. Libourne  4,589 p.
136th Nat. Montauban 5,935 p…

These phenomenal cracks and long distance stars have enabled Wilson Dekens to achieve great results on a regular basis. One of the pigeons that plays a key role in this loft is supercrack Monti, which won a 1st Prov. and a 1st Nat. Zone from Montélimar in 2013, as well as a 1st Prov. from Souillac, all within just a few weeks' time!

Monti takes over

Monti has become the leading name in this racing team. He was bred from a number of strong long distance pigeons, being the son of Zwarte Vlieger (BE07-4046731) and Geschelpte Brinkman (BE07-4351153). He had what it takes to become a great champion. His dam Geschelpte Brinkman is another hen from the line of Jordy, since she is a daughter of Sister Jordy BE06-4367051. Click here for the pedigree of Monti.

-Monti BE10-4031613:

Angerville       reg.     436 p. 30
Vierzon          FVOV   4,366 p. 300
Chatearoux       prov.  6,148 p. 223
                 nat.  25,263 p. 1072
Argenton         prov.  4,948 p. 235
                 nat.  19,782 p. 817
Pont             reg.     252 p. 19
Vierzon          FVOV   5,893 p. 126
Perpignan        prov.  1,150 p. 261
                 nat.   6,661 p. 1495
                 int.  16,793 p. 4058
Montelimar       prov.    471 p. 1
                 zone     803 p. 1
                 nat.   5,952 p. 9
Libourne         prov.  1,480 p. 246
                 nat.   6,658 p. 772
Souillac         prov.  1,250 p. 1
                 nat.   5,282 p. 7
Tulle            prov   1,605 p. 289
                 nat.   7,350 p. 1281

In 2014 he was given a well deserved spot in the breeding loft.

His brother has won quite a few top prizes as well, including:

-Broer Monti BE11-4225323

26th Nat. Tulle    5,937 p.
96th Nat. Narbonne 6,933 p.
210th Nat. Limoges  7,221 p.
213th Nat. Brive    5,286 p.
342nd Nat. Bourges 19,655 p.

The Jordy bloodline has proved to be invaluable for Wilson Dekens. These pigeons have enabled him to become a national champion in the long distance and the extreme long distance, and he does have a great future ahead thanks to this breed.