Wilfried Bruyneel - Oudenaarde (BE) International winner Perpignan 2010!

Wilfried Bruyneel from Oudenaarde wins 1st international Perpignan 2010 with his super pigeon ‘BE07-4104426'. A well-deserved winner we see when we look at the honours list of the winning cock.

The BE07-4104426 is an excellent racer and is a candidate for representing Belgium in the Olympiad in Poland in the discipline Marathon (4 races + 700 Km). He has won a.o.:
1st international Perpignan against 15.857 pigeons
1st National Perpignan 2010 against 6.436 pigeons
63rd National Montelimar 2010 against 7.187 pigeons
56th Nat. Zone Montelimar 2009 against 1.334 pigeons
216th National Perpignan 2009 against 7.364 pigeons

The '426' has a lineage to make your mouth water with world famous pigeons so as 'Euro Diamond', 'Marseille King', 'Venus' (Dr. H.P.& P. Brockamp) and 'Limoges', the 700 - brother 'Millenium', 'Super Mario' (Georges Carteus) included in his ancestry.

Father is a direct Brockamp, grandchild of Euro Diamond (1st Olympiad pigeon), Marseille King (1st Int. Marseille 2005) and Venus (mother 1st Nat. Perpignan, grandmother 1st Int. Barcelona and 1st Int. Marseille)

Mother is a direct Georges Carteus, daughter of his famous '700' who is brother of his Millenium (1st Nat. Perpignan 2000), who is son of the stock father 'Limoges'. The grandfather of the mother on mother’s side is the Super Mario, one of the best pigeons ever from Georges Carteus..