Wilfred Sebens (Hoogezand, NL) is renowned for winning races against a large field

Winning races against a large field has become Wilfred Sebens's trademark. To prove his point, he claimed a provincial victory in Chimay against more than 6000 pigeons in 2019.

From left to right: father Willem and his son Wilfred Sebens

A life with pigeons

In 2003, the then seven year old Wilfred Sebens followed in the footsteps of his father Willem, who also started keeping pigeons at the age of seven. Wilfred soon became a national champion in the junior competition. Later on, father and son Sebens started racing together as a combination. They can look back on several very successful seasons together, especially in the sprint and middle distance, their competition of choice. In 2017, Wilfred continued on his own in his loft in Hoogezand, where he was off to a great start with his young birds in particular. He and his father also invested in a joint breeding loft together. Their foundation comes from the Visscher Combination and Nico-Jan Koenders.


If you manage to claim a provincial victory pretty much every single season, you are for sure a specialist in your field. Wilfred continued his tradition in 2019 with a victory in Province 10, this time in a race from Chimay of 6279 pigeons. It is worth noting that several of his provincial first prizes were backed up with an impressive overall team performance; here a few examples from recent years:

Duiven   1-2-3-4-5 of 13193 p.
Duiven   1-2-3-4-5 of 12734 p.
Boxtel   1-2-3-4-5 of  2510 p.
Feluy    1-2-3-4-5 of   942 p.
Nijvel   1 of 6705 p.
Chimay   1 of 6279 p.

Click here for an overview of his victories in major races.

Stock breeder Niek

NL14-1688328 Niek, stock breeder for the Sebens pigeon loft

Father and son Sebens are blessed with a fantastic stock breeder: NL14-1688328 Niek has really pushed this racing team to new heights in recent years. Niek originates from Nico-Jan Koenders, and he is the (grand)father of several great racing birds, including the provincial winner (Rayon 1 through 4) from Duiven of 12,734 pigeons. Niek comes from the bloodlines of Gaby Vandenabeele x Hennie La Grouw. For the full pedigree of Niek, click here. We take a look at a few of his youngsters and grandchildren below.


NL15-4760544 Witkopje, a daughter of Niek

A direct daughter of Niek worth taking a closer look at is NL15-4760544 Witkopje. This five year old has quite a palmares. She gained prominence as race winner both in Quiévrain (2783 p.) and Boxtel (2510 p.), among others top results:

1st  Quiévrain  of  2783 p. (2nd of 10538 p.)
1st  Boxtel     of  2510 p. (3rd of  7590 p.)
13th Asse-Zelik of  1128 p.
15th Duiven     of  3770 p.

For the pedigree of Witkopje, click here.

Niekie Lady

NL16-4791586 Niekie Lady, daughter of Niek

Another daughter of Niek that deserves a mention is NL16-4791586 Niekie Lady (full pedigree here). This racing hen managed to claim victory as well, with a first prize from Budel against as many as 5703 pigeons. Niekie Lady had a great racing career overall; this is her palmares:

1st   Budel     5703 p.
5th   Duiven    1157 p.
7th   Deurne    1976 p.
8th   Zutphen   1286 p.
11th  Deurne    3265 p.
12th  De Meern  1329 p.

New Niek Jr. wins 1st Duiven of 12734 p.

Racing bird NL17-4711019 New Niek Jr, an exponent of the second generation of Niek descendants, highlights the enormous breeding potential of stock breeder Niek, claiming a beautiful victory in Duiven of 12,734 pigeons. The sire of New Niek Jr. is a full brother of Niekie Lady. And there is more on New Niek Jr's palmares than this victory from Duiven. We take a look at his best five results:

1st  Duiven      12734 p.
2nd  Weert        1794 p.
4th  Quiévrain    3038 p.
4th  Zutphen       230 p.
8th  De Meern    14950 p.

Other eye-catchers

And the pigeon loft of Wilfred Sebens is home to several other successful racing birds, besides these Niek descendants. One of them is NL17-4710992 Miracle Lady, which is an appropriate name for this racing hen.

NL17-4710992 Miracle Lady, 1st Chimay 6279 p.

Miracle Lady added additional flair to Wilfred's 2019 season, claiming a provincial first prize from Chimay. Miracle Lady had already been close to taking the win in the provincial race from Isnes, where she had to settle for second place of 11,322 pigeons. The sire of Miracle Lady was bred from two Gaby Vandenabeele birds, with the sire being a son of the iconic BE06-3008003 Rudy. The dam of Miracle Lady originates from the team of Nico-Jan Koenders. For the pedigree of Miracle Lady, click here.

No easy feat

Claiming victory in the entire province 10 North-East Holland on a regular basis is not an easy feat. Wilfred Sebens has set quite a high bar indeed, and yet he managed to reach his goals time and time again. This could not be done without a fantastic pigeon family based around stock breeder Niek.