Wilden-Lutz (Aachen, GER) seal partnership with 1st Nat. Barcelona

For the second time in his career Herbert Wilden will stand on the highest rung of the National podium … and for the first time from Barcelona. This time with Berthold Lutz at his side – a partnership which with this has directly paid off.

It must have been in 2007 when Herberts noticed an advertisement, in which Berthold Lutz – located in the unfavourable location Afschaffenburg – indicated that he wanted to take partnership with a serious fancier who was able to achieve an optimal yield from his breeding potential. Lutz had direct pigeons from Jean Hausoul and Cor de Heijde in his lofts and Herbert saw a unique chance to combine these golden blood lines with his own old Peter Elvermann (Eijerkamp-Muller) basis. When the two men appeared to click in terms of how they experienced the pigeon sport, the partnership was sealed. The previous combination Herbert and Nina Wilden was continued as Combination Wilden-Lutz, with the breeding lofts in Afschaffenburg and the racing lofts in Aachen.

A decision which in 2008 proved to be a success from the start, because from the first round of joint breeding the DV05263-08-1414 ‘The 1414’ was born … now resplendent winner of the 2011 version of National Barcelona in Germany against 1,912 pigeons. A new success for Herbert Wilden – previously 4th Nat. champion Int. Races 2004, 1st Internat. Bergerac 2005 – but moreover for Berthold Lutz, who ensures that the breeding team passes on its super genes to the racers. ‘The 1414’ was clocked at 5h36 by Herbert, after his brother woke him up to tell him that there was a pigeon on the shed. With 1.331 mpm the victory was for them and they could hang out the flag in Aachen. 

The top of the German pigeon sport is united in the pedigree of the German Barcelona winner … Father is a crossing Menne & Daughters (line ‘Smaragd’) x Mosnowski (‘Goede Barcelona’) and mother is of the old Elvermann sort from Herbert Wilden … and a daughter and full sister of ‘Dreier’, Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2004-2008. ‘The 1414’ was prepared for Barcelona with Pithiviers (400 km) twice, before this nest cock was basketted with a 10 day old youngster. It was actually supposed to be a 5 day old youngster, but his hen laid really early … twist of fate? It will definitely have been a motivation for the Barcelona winner – which has brought eternal fame to Herbert Wilden and his partner Berthold Lutz.