Who wins a youngster of a full brother Porsche 911 (PIPA Elite Center) in our 2017 Christmas Quiz?

Our DVV pigeons auction, one of the highlights of this season, closed last weekend. There was an overall revenue of 396,750 EURO, and this means we can announce the winner of our 2017 Christmas Quiz. Three fanciers from Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands made it a head-to-head race but there can only be one winner.

This is the top three of our 2017 Christmas Quiz:

  1. Willem Pero (Valkenswaard, The Netherlands): € 397.500
  2. Hans Cambre (Westerlo, Belgium): € 397.975
  3. Willi Keller (Leun, Germany): € 395.450

Willem Pero, a fancier from The Netherlands made a very accurate guess: he was just 750€ short. He is the well deserved winner, and he can look forward to the arrival of a youngster of a full brother of Porsche 911.

We were pleased to see so many people join in again this year. Thank you!