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Wendela Wiersema (Appingedam, NL) once again shows her skill in the pigeon sport in 2020

Wendela Wiersema primarily garnered attention in 2020 with her unprecedented performance on Chimay where she took the entire podium of province 10 for herself. But those were not her only achievements.

Wendela Wiersema knows how to take care of herself at the highest level in province 10

Despite her young age, Wendela Wiersema has more than proven herself in the pigeon sport. In 2017, she took the National Championship Sprint Young Birds (NPO not nominated), in 2018, she qualified as the 9th best fancier in the competition WHZB/TBOTB and another year later she had the Best Young Bird Sprint of the Netherlands (4 prizes) within the PIPA rankings. In 2020, she garnered attention with the phenomenal performance on Chimay where she caused quite a stir in province 10 by taking the entire podium for herself against 13604 pigeons. This remarkable achievement was given considerable focus in a reportage by PIPA. In 2020, Wendela grabbed 1st place three times in Rayon 3 of province 10. Besides her victory on Chimay, she also scored on Telgte, where she had 1st against 2744 p.    (13th province 10 against 18652 p.) and on Sittard where she won against 2610 p. (4th province 10 against 17635 p.). Here you find a concise overview of several top performances in 2020;

23-5 Telgte 160 km 2744 p. 1-12-16-45-etc.(39/52)
6-6 Sittard 263 km 2610 p. 1-10-14-15-17-29-40-etc.(35/52)
28-6 Chimay 402 km 2054 p. 1-2-3-25-28-37-38-39-51-etc.(33/40)
11-7 Rethel 455 km 1286 p. 3-4-17-19-28-33-34-51-etc.(27/35)
25-7 Venlo 219 km 2656 p. 11-12-16-17-21-24-26-40-43-44-52-etc.(58/69)


The performances of Wendela and her racing crew earned her a couple of well-deserved championships. In rayon 2, she finished as 1st loft champion in the category sprint. In the general championship, she finished as 2nd nominated and 3rd not nominated (rayon 3).

Miss Chimay stole the show on Chimay

NL19-4730023 Miss Chimay, 1st Chimay province 10

We would like to introduce several of Wendela’s favourite pigeons to you. We start with NL19-4730023 Miss Chimay who earned the victory in the province North-East Netherlands on the high profile Chimay. That this was not a fluke as proven by her other achievements. Judge for yourself;

1st Chimay 13945 p. (province N-E Netherlands)
20th Varsseveld 12736 p. (province N-E Netherlands)
21st Venlo 10507 p. (province N-E Netherlands)

In the pedigree of Miss Chimay, we see, among others of significance, the Heremans-Ceusters pigeons (through the brothers van Toor), Grandmother of Miss Chimay is het Krasje 657, one of Wendela’s favourite hens.

Krasje 657

NL10-1000657 Krasje 657, mother of, among others, 1st NPO Quiévrain 5051 p.

The NL10-1000657 Krasje 657 is not just the grandmother of Miss Chimay. She caught public attention due to a series of achievements, most significant of which is the 2nd Deventer (through province) against 17346 p. Her children ended up many times in the top 10, including a 1st NPO Quiévrain against 5051 pigeons. Krasje 657 genes can be seen throughout Wendela’s pigeon colony. Krasje 657 is also the mother of, amongst others, Stippie, Wendela’s favourite hen, and of Half-zus Stippie. Both hens we will introduce to you below.

Stippie 1st Quiévrain against 1392 pigeons

NL12-1951251 Stippie, won among others, 1st Quiévrain against 1392 pigeons

One of the pigeons bred from Krasje 657 who won a 1st prize is NL12-1951251 Stippie. This hen won, among others, a 1st place at Quiévrain against 1392 p. (3rd province against 7747 p.)

Half-zus Stippie, mother of 2nd National Pigeon Champion Young NPO 2017


Half-zus Stippie, mother of 2nd National Pigeon Champion Young NPO 2017

Another top hen bred from Krasje 657, who deserves further attention, is the NL16-4789311 Half-zus Stippie. This hen finished as the 3rd Ace Pigeon Sprint of province 10 in 2017. In the same year, she was paired with the NL16-4789225 Father Runner Up Ace and became the mother of the L17-4708958 Runner Up Ace, who classified that same year as 2nd National Pigeon Champion Young NPO 2017. A full brother of Runner Up Ace became the father of the 9th National Pigeon Champion Young NPO 2020 for the combination Kamp/Kippers (Rijssen, NL)

Blue Wonder, mother of amongst others, 10th best middle distance pigeon of the Netherlands 2018 - 4 prizes (PIPA-rankings)

NL15-1135879 Blue Wonder, mother of the 10th Best Middle-Distance pigeon of the Netherlands 2018 - 4 prizes (PIPA-ranking)

The last top hen in this report is one that should certainly not be missing. NL15-1135879 Blue Wonder managed to bring Wendela a great deal of joy on the competitive level with various top performances. Blue Wonder (granddaughter Stippie) is no longer being raced after she injured herself by flying into a window while she was being chased by a sparrowhawk. As a result, she could show her full breeding potential. Blue Wonder is the mother of amongst others;

10th best middle distance pigeon of the Netherlands 2018 - 4 prizes (PIPA-rankings)
4th Ace Pigeon Young 2018 province 10 (behind 2 loft mates)
1st Arlon 2442 p.
1st Rethel 1292 p.
1st Maaseik 930 p.
1st Arlon 628 p.
(These are all victories on province or rayon level. The children of Blue Wonder also win an impressive amount of 1st prizes on the local level)

Good Omens

If the omens are not deceiving us, 2021 shall be another good competitive year for Wendela. The hen (NL19-4730072) which proved itself to be the fastest at Telgte in Rayon 3, finished 1st of the rayon against 1933 pigeons on the very first training race of season 2021. After a bad start in the opening weekend of 10 and 11 April, where due to bad weather conditions the entire program was thrown out of the widow, Wendela can look forward to a new competitive year where she will most likely cause quite a stir once again.