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Wendela Wiersema (Appingedam, NL) continues to amaze with yet another national title

Wendela Wiersema (Appingedam, NL) national champion in 2021 with her young birds
Wendela Wiersema managed to repeat her greatest achievement by taking the National title Not Nominated Young birds NPO 2021, after also having won this title back in 2017.

Wendela Wiersema surprises with a new national title 

Wendela Wiersema is not your average pigeon fancier. With her results in the past seasons, this youthful lady from Appingedam has shown to be capable of challenging her experienced male competitors. Wendela started off her pigeon racing career with a team of young birds in 2007. In 2012, she showed to be taken seriously with a 1st and 2nd St. Truiden against 11,523 pigeons. It was only the start to a successful period. In 2017, she once again stepped into the spotlight by taking 1st National Champion NPO Young birds Not Nominated title. In the same year, she had the 2nd National Ace Pigeon Young birds NPO with Runner Up Ace. In 2018, she won 1st and 2nd Quiévrain against 3,774 pigeons and finished as 9th Best Fancier of The Netherlands in the national competition WHZB/TBOTB. In 2019, she had the Best Young bird Short Distance PIPA Ranking - 4 prizes with Noortje. In 2020, she took all the podium spots on Chimay, winning 1st-2nd-3rd against 13,945 pigeons. In the year 2021 she once again had a super season and was crowned National Champion NPO Not Nominated Young birds

Strong 2021 season

Wendela can look back on a wonderful season in 2021. Starting with a victory in Rayon 3 from Baccum against 1,932 pigeons, her old birds team performed outstanding. Although, it was especially with her young birds team that Wendela managed to hit hard. Her youngsters in particular shined on the races between 390 and 500 kilometers. Below is an overview of the best results from 2021 with the young birds (Rayon 3 Afdeling 10);  

7-8 Weert 243 km 2,074 p. 3-7-9-12-16-17-18-22-23-42-51-52-etc.(46/62)
4 Afdeling 10 against 13,495 p.
14-8 Burdinne 328 km 1,910 p. 2-9-16-17-23-36-38-50-51-53-etc.(41/61)
2 Afdeling 10 against 12,726 p.
21-8 Echternach 391 km 1,205 p. 1-7-46-47-48-49-61-69-74-etc.(22/50)
7 Afdeling 10 against 9,128 p.
28-8 Reims 493 km 654 p. 1-2-3-4-6-7-14-20-51-53-etc.(13/20)
10-11 Afdeling 10 against 6,036 p.
4-9 Venlo 219 km 489 p. 4-5-6-8-10-13-14-18-20-etc.(17/20)
11-9 Chalons 508 km 252 p. 1-3-6-9-14-15-etc.(8/10)
18-9 Burdinne 328 km 917 p. 1-4-5-7-11-12-20-23-26-etc.(23/38)


With the results above, Wendela managed to take the following titles;

1e National Champion NPO Not Nominated Category Young birds (Seniors)
1e National Champion NPO Not Nominated Category Young birds(Youth 30-)
1e National Champion NPO Nominated Category Young birds (Youth 30-)
1e Nominated Champion Young birds Afdeling 10
1e Not Nominated Champion Young birds Afdeling 10
1e Champion Young birds Afdeling 10
2nd Ace Pigeon Young birds Afdeling 10 (NL21-4770196)
3rd and 7th National Ace Pigeon NPO Category Young birds (Youth 30-)
6th Ace Pigeon Nationale Fondspiegel Young birds (NL21-4770133)
8th PIPA-ranking Best Young bird Middle Distance of The Netherlands (NL21-4770133)

NL21-4770133 Tess stands out on PIPA rankings and 'Nationale Fondspiegel'

NL21-4770133 Tess wins a.o. 2nd NPO Chalons (Rayon 1-4)

One of the absolute stars of the young bird season in 2021 was NL21-4770133 Tess. This hen hit hard on the toughest young bird races. This is reflected in the PIPA rankings, where she is the only pigeon from the Top 10 that managed a top result on a race above 500km. On the tough race from Reims (493km) she managed an 8th NPO against 1,976 pigeons, after more than 8 hours of flying and with an average speed of 1016 mpm. On this race only 59 from the 6,036 pigeons managed to achieve an average speed above 1000 mpm. An overview of Tess her magnificent results and titles; 

Chalons en Champagne 508 km 1st 410 p. (Afd. 10 C.C. DOP)
2nd 1,068 p. NPO (Rayon 1-4)
Venlo 219 km 4th 697 p. (Afd. 10 C.C. DOP)
Echternach 391 km 7th 1,205 p. (Rayon 3)
Reims 493 km 8th 1,976 p. NPO (Rayon 1-4)
5th Ace Pigeon Fondclub Noord Nederland
6th Ace Pigeon National Fondspiegel Young birds '21
8th PIPA ranking Cat. Best Young bird Middle Distance of The Netherlands

Max wins 1st Burdinne against 3,478 pigeons

NL21-4770145 Max wins a.o. 1st Burdinne against 3,478 pigeons

The young cock NL21-4770145 Max rewarded Wendela's hard work with a.o. the victory on Burdinne (323km) against 3,478 pigeons. On the late tour races, Max achieved more top results with a.o. 36th Enschede against 2,389 pigeons and 36th Tongeren against 1,210 pigeons. The father of Max, Junior 532, was bred by PIPA Breeding. Both the father (Junior) and mother (Daughter Best Kittel) of Junior 532 are children from BE15-1029362 Best Kittel, 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB Sprint 2017. The mother of Max is NL18-4722968 Sister Runner Up Ace. This hen herself won 3 first prizes and is a sister to Runner Up Ace who became 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Young birds NPO in 2017. A grandson to 18-968 won 1st Burdinne against 12,726 pigeons (fastest of the whole release Afd. 10 and 11 against 23,841 pigeons) in 2021 for Elianne (Wendela's sister). Max thereby puts super pair NL16-4789225 Father Runner Up Ace x NL16-4789311 Mother Runner Up Ace in the spotlights once again. 

NL18-4722968 Sister Runner Up Ace, mother of Max 1st Burdinne 3,478 pigeons/grandmother of Bartje 1st Burdinne 12,726 pigeons (fastest 23,841 pigeons)
NL16-4789225 Father Runner Up Ace, father Runner Up Ace 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon NPO/grandfather of Max
NL16-4789311 Mother Runner Up Ace, mother Runner Up Ace 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon NPO/grandmother van Max

NL21-4770196 Noor 2nd Ace Pigeon Young birds Afdeling 10 

NL21-4770196 Noor, 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon 2021 Category Young birds (Youth 30-)

With the NL21-4770196, we would like to introduce one more young bird that performed sensationally for Wendela in 2021. Her best results were achieved on Venlo (6th against 697 pigeons), Reims (17th NPO Rayon 1-4 against 1,976 pigeons) and Chalons en Champagne (47th NPO Rayon 1-4 against 1,068 pigeons). Her consistency resulted in high rankings in various ace pigeon competitions; 

2nd Ace Pigeon Young birds Afdeling 10
3rd National Ace Pigeon NPO 2021 Category Young birds (Youth 30-)
16th Best Young bird National competition WHZB-TBOTB 2021

Noor her remarkable results are no stroke of luck. Her father was bred from NL17-4708967 Vince 10th PIPA ranking Best Middle Distance pigeon of The Netherlands 2018 x NL19-1031021 Noortje 1st PIPA ranking Best Young bird Short Distance of The Netherlands 2019 - 4 prizes. The mother of Noor is a sister of Mother Runner Up Ace (grandmother Max). 

Wendela seems unstoppable 

The 2022 racing season is already coming up. It raises the question whether Wendela can continue her outstanding series. In 2021, there was no limit to her performances with the young birds. Possibly the biggest competitor is in her own corner, just like in August when Wendela had to settle for a 2nd place againt 12,726 pigeons behind a pigeon of her sister Elianne. We wish both fanciers a successful 2022!