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Wendela Wiersema (Appingedam, NL) and her sister Elianne showed a strong presence again in 2023

Wendela Wiersema (Appingedam, NL)
The strong performance of Wendela Wiersema and her sister Elianne earned both ladies a cartload of championships again in 2023

The 2023 pigeon season will again have many highlights for the Wiersema sisters

We have become somewhat accustomed to the remarkable achievements of Wendela Wiersema, consistently astonishing the pigeon-loving community in Holland. The year 2023 is no different. Wendela experienced remarkable success, particularly with her young pigeons, securing the top spot twice in Rayon 2 of the North-East Netherlands division. Elianne, Wendela's younger sister, continued to demonstrate her resilience in 2023, successfully defending her Undesignated middle distance title at the national championships Youth 25-. Additionally, Wendela achieved significant success at the Pattaya International Pigeon Race, emerging victorious in the extra final of the OLR. This report provides an introduction to the key pigeons that played pivotal roles for Wendela and Elianne in the year 2023.

Wendela shows up strong with her youngsters

In the 2023 season, Wendela frequently asserted herself with her older pigeons, consistently achieving top positions in Rayon 2 of the North-East Netherlands division. She made her presence known with top-ten rankings, including Weert (7th and 8th out of 1833 pigeons), Arlon (6th out of 2271 pigeons), Arlon (4th out of 1376 pigeons), Saulieu (4th out of 412 pigeons), and Kalkar (10th out of 2758 pigeons). The real fireworks in 2023 came from the young pigeons. She had a dream start from Kalkar, where Wendela not only secured the 1st but also the 2nd prize against 2787 pigeons. She repeated this success in Marche, claiming victory again against 1934 pigeons. With a 7th in Gennep (against 2727 pigeons), a 10th in Venlo (against 2687 pigeons), and a 7th in Kerkrade (against 1183 pigeons), she consistently appeared at the forefront of the results with top-performing pigeons.

Best Kittel Stippie wins 1st Kalkar against 6080 pigeons

NL23-4708039 Best Kittel Stippie wins 1st Kalkar against 6080 p.

Wendela has a standout pigeon in her loft for the 2023 season, NL23-4708039 Best Kittel Stippie, who certainly made a remarkable start. In the maiden flight of the best youngsters from Kalkar (175 km), she showcased her prowess by securing victory in Rayon 2 against 2787 pigeons. Additionally, she triumphed in the competition of Rayon 1-3 (north side of the department) against 6080 pigeons. In the overall division result, Best Kittel Stippie conceded only two pigeons ahead, earning her a prestigious place on the podium among 15066 pigeons. A week later, she demonstrated her skills once again by being the first to reach Wendela's loft from Gennep, securing a commendable 7th place in Rayon 2 against 2727 pigeons. In the ace pigeon championship Jong, she holds the 9th position in Rayon 2. Best Kittel Stippie, bred from a cock on loan from PIPA Breeding (Best Kittel x Black Juwel), was paired with NL18-1368089 Halfsister Stippie, who is also the mother of a division winner from Chimay against 13945 pigeons.

NL18-1368089 Halfsister Stippie is mother of, among others, Best Kittel Stippie

Barbarian Finn 078 wins 2nd Kalkar against 6080 pigeons

The almost all-white NL23-4708078 Barbarian Finn 078 needed just 2 seconds more from Kalkar than Best Kittel Stippie to leave a time still in the electronic system. With that, Barbarian Finn 078 occupies the second spot in the result of Rayon 1-3 against 6080 pigeons. In nine baskets, Barbarian Finn 078 won no less than eight prizes. That young cock is a son of NL18-1368480 Barbarian Jr. who turned out to be a super breeder. Among others, he is father of the 10th National Ace Pigeon Young Ladies League 2023, 1st Marche against 4176 pigeons, 2nd Kalkar against 6080 pigeons and a 2nd Rethel against 817 pigeons. Mother of Barbarian Finn 078 is BE21-4201937 Daughter Finn out of top male Finn from Tom van Gaver.

NL18-1368480 Barbarian Jr. is father of, among others, Barbarian Finn 078 2nd Kalkar against 6080 pigeons

Snowy Finn 046 wins 1st Marche against 4176 pigeons

NL23-4708046 Snowy Finn 046 wins 1st Marche against 4176 pigeons (Rayon 1-3)

With NL23-4708046 Snowy Finn 046, a full sister to Barbarian Finn 078 wins a 1st Marche (358 km) of Rayon 2 against 1934 pigeons. That hen also wins the competition of (rayon 1-3) the entire north side of the department against 4176 pigeons. In the division results, Snowy Finn 046 finished in 8th place against 11387 pigeons. Before the release, the young pigeons from North-East Division stayed in the racing baskets for a long time (three nights) for the first time. Snowy Finn 046 won eight prizes out of the nine times she participated.

Elianne prolongs National title Cat. Middle Distance Undesignated Youth 25-

Elianne, Wendela's younger sister, also managed to perform at a high level again in 2023. She crowned her strong play at the National Championships Youth 25- including the 1st Undesignated loft championship in Cat. Middle Distance. Die duivin stellen we graag aan u voor. She thereby prolonged one of her 2022 titles. In the Category Best Fancier Youth 25- Elianne finished as 2nd Undesignated loft champion. A pigeon that had a large share in Elianne's performance is NL21-4770274 Aagje. We would love to introduce that hen to you.

NL21-4770274 Aagje, 2nd ace Midfond Rayon 2 div. N-E The Netherlands

NL21-4770274 Aagje is one of Elianne's top hens

One of Elianne's absolute top hens is NL21-4770274 Aagje. She particularly asserted herself on the middle distance flights. Aagje has a wonderful palmares including

1st Marche against 1482 p. (4th division against 4057 p.)
6th Arlon against 1529 p.
15th Chalons against 1176 p.
15th Dizy l.Gr. against 1039 p.
2nd Ace Middle Distance Rayon 2 department North-East Netherlands
10th Ace pigeon V-M-E Rayon 2 department North-East Netherlands
5th National Ace Pigeon Cat. Middle Distance Youth 25-
9th National Ace Pigeon Cat. Best Ace Pigeon Youth 25-

Aagje is a granddaughter of NL17-4708958 Runner Up Ace that in 2017 finished as the 2nd National Ace Young Pigeon NPO for Wendela. Aagje's mother is of Gaby Vandenabeele origin via Gijs v.d. Pol.

Elianne performs strongly with a brother to Barbarian Finn 078 and Snowy Finn 046

With NL23-7080036 Barbarian Finn 036 Elianne has an almost all-white brother on the racing loft of Barbarian Finn 078 and Snowy Finn 046 (both Wendela). Barbarian Finn 036 managed to achieve some great performances for Elianne. For example, that young cock won 12th in the division from Rethel (Grand-Prix flight over 456 km) against no less than 8471 pigeons. On the closing Arlon (410 km) it was again the 1st pigeon on the lofts of Elianne and Wendela and won 29th against 796 pigeons in Rayon 2. With his performance, Barbarian Finn 036 finished 10th pigeon champion in the Young Pigeons category at the National Ladies League championships. A total of three youngsters from Barbarian Jr. were started by Wendela and Elianne and all three managed to profile themselves with top prizes at divisional level.

Display of power by Elianne and Wendela at Weert 

A flight on which both Elianne and Wendela were strong was the sprint flight from Weert (243 km) scheduled for early July (with a SE wind). In the DOP group, in which the fanciers of 8 clubs from North-East Groningen cross swords, the two sisters had no equal. Against 919 pigeons, Elianne beat the main bird with her first signed NL20-1182293 Raina (and also won the 5th and 19th prize). Moreover, she saw all her 10 basketed pigeons back in the result. Wendela was hot on her sister's heels with NL22-4780057 Junior Wonder who stranded in 4th place in the result. Wendela continued with 21-22-23-31-37 etc and flew no less than 17 of her 20 pigeons in the prizes. Junior Wonder is a granddaughter of BE17-1019414 Junior (PIPA-Breeding) and a daughter of NL21-4770173 Sister Luna. Junior Wonder has made the release station Weert a speciality as evidenced by a 1st place against 1256 pigeons., a 3rd place against 1330 p. and now a 4th against 919 pigeons.

NL22-4780057 Junior Wonder won a 4th Weert against 919 pigeons in samenspel DOP

Wendela wins the extra final of the Pattaya International Pigeon Race

Participation in One Loft Races by Wendela is on a limited scale. In the last few years, pigeons were entered in the Golden Algarve OLR and Pattaya Int. Pigeon Race. In the 2023/2024 edition of the latter OLR, Wendela caused a stir by winning the extra final over 600 km against 3737 pigeons with NL23-9512073 Ricky's Pattaya Runn with a lead of 7 minutes. The winner is a son of NL18-1368460 Son Runner Up Ace 460 (son Runner Up Ace) in which it was paired with the BE21-4202083 Daughter Ricky of Tom van Gaver. She in turn is a daughter of BE13-4142684 Ricky who finished 9th National Ace KBDB in 2014. Son Runner Up Ace 460 is incidentally also sired by Luna with two wins on her record. In the Golden Algarve OLR, a 23rd prize was won on race 1 (154 km) against 5233 pigeons with a full brother/sister of Ricky's Pattaya Runn. There were also nice entries in the Pattaya Int. Pigeon Race with a 57th place in Hot Spot 1 (245 km) and a 261st place in the leaden final of the Golden Algarve with a pigeon out of Barbarian 989 x a Tom van Gaver hen.

NL23-9512073 Ricky's Pattaya Runn wins the extra final in the Pattaya Int. Pigeon Race
NL18-1368460 Son Runner Up Ace 460 is father of Ricky's Pattaya Runn and two-time winner Luna, among others.


We conclude this report with a review of championships not mentioned here before that once again reinforce Wendela and Elianna's strong play;

Combination DOP
1st Ace of Bouts
1st uncontested middle distance
1st loft champion middle distance (Elianne)
1st appointed Youngsters
1st loft champion Young (Elianne)

Rayon 2 North-East Netherlands Division
2nd loft Middle Distance (Elianne)
2nd loft Young (Elianne)
3rd Dog Breeze
3rd Dog Middle Distance
3rd Dog Young

North-East Division
3rd Undesignated General
5th Designated General
3rd loft middle distance (Elianne)
5th loft middle distance