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A visit to the Spring Exchange in Expo Houten-NL pays off!

Now that the temperatures outside are slowly starting to rise again, we are already thinking about the coming season for racing pigeons. The kick off for the new season is has been taking place in Expo Houten for many years, and this is also the case now.

With more than 170 exhibitors, it’s the start of the new season.

With more than 170 exhibitors, it promises to be another spectacular exhibition. Various innovations in the technical field will be shown, because the pigeon sport certainly does not stand still. Also some product introductions and new products in the field of pigeon food and supplements at the many dozens of manufacturers and wholesalers. Often offered to visitors with nice trade fair discounts, so that a visit tot he Spring Exchange in Expo Houten quickly pays for itself! 

New trends

Next to the big manufacturers, there are also many small independent pigeon sport enterpreneurs with unique products from all over Europe, although it is often just as hard to find the one product you have been looking for for years... In view of the latest developments, we see products popping up at resellers that used to be exhibited independently in a stand. We saw that years ago by the one loft races too, by the way. But in that group One Loft Races (OLR) there is a growing interest in exhibiting during the Spring Exchange in Houten. The beginning of March is simply a perfect date for them to get the first youngsters delivered! The 24 OLR’s who have registered and/or their agents come from all over the world and can be found in the following stand numbers:

207. Moledo Atlantic Coast Derby, Moledo PORTUGAL
211. Sjaak Buwalda - Agent One Loft Races
214. As Golden One Loft Race, Tessaloniki GREECE
215. Favorit OLR Farm - Andik Janos, HUNGARY
230. Algarve Elite OLR – PORTUGAL
234. Talent Quatro z.s. OLR, Sternberk TSJECHIA
262. Algarve Golden One Loft Race, PORTUGAL
264. Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race ZIMBABWE
321. Derby Costa del Sol – SPAIN
328. Derby Brod CROATIA
331. Fauna Orheiului OLR – MOLDAVIE
332. Ukrain Master OLR
341. Derby Riachos, Riachos – PORTUGAL
342. Algarve Great Derby – PORTUGAL
345. Corabia FCI One Loft Races, ROEMANIA/SPAIN
346. Sofia One Loft Race, Sofia BULGARY
356. Viking Pigeons OLR, Sävedalen – ZWEDEN
358. Derby Zagreb – CROATIA
362. Krakus OLR – POLAND
364. Avirings Derby, Klagenfurt – SLOVENIA
365. Milan Best Pigeon OLR – ITALY
385. Europa Master Pigeons OLR, Falticeni ROEMANIA
391. Dubai Pigeon Race – UAE
392. Derby "AS" Croatia - NEW

Wide range of youngsters and old birds

However, the Spring Exchange owes its name and fame to a large supply of youngsters. You will find an extensive selection of pigeon breeds, from speed demons to extreme long distance and marathon. From bloodlines that are currently hot such as Vanderbulck and Leideman to the good old Aarden pigeons. It's all there!! More than 60 exhibitors offer about 2000 youngsters and 1000 old birds for sale. Especially the trade in the youngsters gives the Spring Exchange its specific atmosphere that the season is imminent. Since a few years there is also the famous Wall of Fame where only the VERY BEST pigeons from different disciplines and rankings are exhibited. A real pleasure to see or to get in touch with their owners, just take a look at the videos on our Facebook page of 2023. The Spring Exchange is already coming to life on Facebook. Definitely recommended to follow the facebook page Voorjaarsbeurs Houten. There, the exhibitors will post a lot of news regarding their participation in the coming weeks. Also pictures of the youngsters they breed or discounts and promotions from the business community and much more current news.

Many fancy pigeons breeds

This unforgettable pigeon sport event takes you on a journey full of passion, knowledge and amazing pigeons. Discover an extensive selection of beautiful pigeon breeds in the field of fancy pigeons. In the specialty clubs of the various fancy pigeon breeds there are the absolute Dutch toppers. Showshowstoppers especially, with impressive plumage. You will be amazed by the variety of colors, shapes, personalities, and the wide variety.

Whether you are a seasoned pigeon fanatic or just curious about our fascinating hobby, this fair is the place to be. The full list of exhibitors and a map can be found on the website or on the Facebook page: Voorjaarsbeurs Houten

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, preferably by email:

Opening hours 28th edition 2024:

  • Saturday 2 March from 9.00 – 17.00 hrs.
  • Sunday 3 March 9.00 – 14.00 hrs.

Admission: € 14.00 per person, children up to 12 years free.

Expo Houten is not even far away, only an hour's drive from the Antwerp ring road.

Address: Meidoornkade 24 – 3992 AE – Houten – The Netherlands, parking is free.