Video: liberation of 70,000 Portuguese pigeons in Valencia (Spain)

In the past week, 70,000 pigeons were liberated in Valencia (Spain) for the first national long distance race in Portugal. It is the first of two long distances races this year. Tough races since racing from central Spain is very hard because of the orography and high temperatures.

The first one took place 27 May from Valencia, Spain (distances between 560 and 800 km). It was a huge success, even though the expected and desired 70,000 entries were not fully met due to a very hard season in several provinces of Portugal. The first pigeons were well spread all over the country with the winners surpassing 1450 mpm as a result of tail wind and mild temperatures:

On 20 June, a second race, from Valencia as well, will be organised. Over 50,000 pigeons are expected to be released that day.

As from this year, Portugal hopes to be the European country that organises great long distances in which countless pigeons participace.