Video: Eijerkamp family (Brummen, NL) invests heavily to stay at the (inter)national top

The fanciers from Greenfield Stud in Brummen spare no effort to maintain their place at the top of the competition and it seems that not only Hans and Evert-Jan have benefited from this: a long list of other fanciers have been successful with their pigeons as well.

We let Henk Juriens give an introduction: “The pigeons of Heremans-Ceusters and Leo Heremans have obviously proved their worth over and over in the lofts of Eijerkamp but other fanciers from all over the world have been very successful with these pigeons as well. Every week fanciers send them words of thanks because they have won first prizes at club level or ace pigeon titles in important competitions. We would like to talk about some of these successful fanciers, only focusing on (inter)national, provincial and NPO prizes that were won with these Heremans pigeons. These achievements indicate that Hans & Evert-Jan have managed to bring the Heremans breed to an even higher level and I expect them to make this pigeon breed even better in the future.”

We give you an overview of the best and most important references of the Heremans pigeons in the 2013 season:

1st South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2013

The direct Eijerkamp pigeon Untamed Desert is winner of the world’s most prestigious one loft race in 2013. He won the first price of 200,000 USD by beating 3,405 pigeons over a distance of 553km. Untamed Desert was bred from Achilles (son of Chicago x Miss Saigon) x Schouderduif, a direct Heremans-Ceusters and winner of 16 prizes in the one day long distance for Team Eijerkamp. Schouderduif was 16th Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Fondspiegel 2007-2009 and she is the dam of the 22nd pigeon in the final flight of the Derby Internacional de Gondomar in 2009 in Portugal.

1st International Mira Race 2013

The Portuguese fancier Os Barros won a one loft race over 370km in his home country and the sire of his winning pigeon is a direct Eijerkamp bird bred from Schouderfuif, which is also the dam of the first pigeon in the final flight of South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2013.

1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint/Middle Distance TBOTB 2013

Stephanie of Buck de Kruijf wins the title of National Ace Pigeon in the Best Of The Best Competition in the sprint and the middle distance in 2013. The dam of Stephanie was obtained directly from Eijerkamp and bred from two direct Heremans-Ceusters birds. The sire of Stephanie is a grandson of Wonderaske, the dam is a half sister of Dion, an exceptional racing and breeding pigeon in the loft of Eijerkamp and winner of two regional first prizes. A descendant of this excellent pigeon has won several first prizes, including a first NPO Peronne. Stephanie won six pure first prizes in 2013 as a yearling.

1st NPO Sezanne District Friesland in 2013

One of the best breeders of Gert-Jan Beute is a direct Eijerkamp-Heremans cock. His pigeon, Tovenaar, bred the winner of the 1st NPO Sezanne (491km) against 5,051 pigeons in 2013, as well as the winner of the 1st Prov. Hapert against 13,553 pigeons, also in 2013. He was bred in the loft of Eijerkamp, from two direct Heremans-Ceusters pigeons from the line of Olga: Peter x a Halfzus Olympiade.

1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Yearlings Middle Distance Croatia in 2013

Branko Gorupec has bred another amazing pigeon from two direct Eijerkamp pigeons: his Marilyn claims the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Yearlings in the middle distance while also winning a title of 5th National Ace Pigeon. Thanks to these results she is to represent Croatia at the FCI show in Brno (Czech Republic). Marilyn was bred from an Eijerkamp-Janssen cock paired to a Heremans-Ceusters hen (from Broer Sanne x a daughter of top pair Rossi x Spinneke). In addition, Branko has the second Ace Pigeon in Croatia for the FCI show in Brno in category G. This pigeon was also bred from two direct Eijerakmp pigeons: a grandson of Jackpot x a granddaughter of Euro.

1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint Canada in 2013

Oscar and Linda Devries have won the title of First National Ace Pigeon Sprint 2013 in Canada with their pigeon CU 12 O&L 1119, an excellent pigeon bred from direct Eijerkamp-Heremans pigeon NL09-649, a son of Dino x Hellas. This Hellas is a direct daughter of the renowned Euro x Mysterious. She is a great breeding hen, being the dam and grandmother of several first prize winners. It is partly thanks to this 1119 that Oscar and Linda Devries won the titles of First National Champion Sprint and First National Champion Overall in Canada.

Click here for further references of the Eijerkamp family (available in Dutch only)

Nieuwe Olympiade

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp made an important purchase at the total auction of Leo Heremans in May 2013: they obtained Nieuwe Olympiade, an outstanding pigeon and winner of the title of 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Category F in Poznan for Leo Heremans.

This Nieuwe Olympiade was purchased for an impressive 210,000 euro, which makes this the most expensive pigeon that is currently housed in a European loft. Nieuwe Olympiade was sold in a record breaking auction and he is the second most expensive pigeon of this century after Bolt, which was sold for 310,000 euro. Click here for the impressive list of achievements of Nieuwe Olympiade.

Evert-Jan Eijerkamp: “We really wanted to obtain a true champion to further strengthen our wonderful Heremans collection. I had already seen Nieuwe Olympiade a few times and I considered her to be the best pigeon in the loft. Leo Heremans had given me one of her daughters for my 50th birthday in 2011 and this was a truly magnificent hen. In 2013 we successfully raced two youngsters from 2012 so we are really looking forward to the descendants of Nieuwe Olympiade, which will now join our amazing pigeon breed. We plan to pair her to youngsters of Euro, Rossi, Heracles and other excellent hens to further improve our breed.”

The best and most extensive Leo Heremans collection

Hans and Evert-Jan went to Vorselaar in May 2013 to pick up Nieuwe Olympiade and three sisters and a brother, as well as Ambassadeur. The fanciers enjoyed a cup of coffee and Leo Heremans pointed out that Hans & Evert-jan Eijerkamp have the best and most extensive Leo Heremans collection. Leo Heremans sent Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp a letter of thanks to underline this. You cand read this letter (in Dutch) here. The video below, in which Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp guide you through their lofts and birds, confirms that the Eijerkamp family has the best and most extensive Leo Heremans collection. Please note that this video is not subtitled.