Victoria Falls: follow hotspot 2 live!

The 2020 edition of Victoria Falls is going to erupt fully! Follow hotspot 2 (235 km) here today! Meanwhile the terms and conditions of the 2021 edition are being published too.

Coming week, various Hotspots are scheduled in Victoria Falls! You will be able to follow each hotspot live on PIPA with a livestream provided by the Victoria Falls team!

Take a look at the complete race & training programme 2020 here.

Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race is one of the leading one loft races in the world. It has a guaranteed prize money of 1.2 million US Dollar.

Terms & Conditions 2021 Race Series

The Terms and Conditions for the 2020 intake for the 2021 Yearling race series have been published and can be viewed on our website under Terms- Forms- English or here.

The new terms are for the coming intake and do not apply to the birds already racing. There have been several changes and we encourage you to familiarise yourself with them for next year. The most important change, revolutionary in One Loft Racing, is the fact that most of the prize money will be distributed to the ace pigeons next year. In this way, the race wants to reward the real best pigeons, pigeons that can fly at least 4 X early (Hotspot 3, 4 and 5 and the final). The winner of this Super Ace competition will win $ 120,000. The first 120 Ace pigeons divide a total of $ 600,000. The final race itself remains very attractive, with no less than $ 440,000 distributed among the winners. In addition, there are many side competitions where nice amounts can be won such as the Knock Out, Team Competition, Grand Averages, Hot Spot Races, ...

Fot the current edition, please take note of the last day for activations or selections for the various competitions as follows;

Thursday 25 June - before Hotspot 2;

Normal Ace competition (normal USD 950 activation fee)

5 bird Team selection (from activated birds)

Knock-out competition (normal USD 950 activation fee)

Thursday 2 July - before Hotspot 3;

Super Ace competition - USD 250 per bird in addition to the normal USD 950 activation fee        

Sunday 19 July - before Hotspot 5;

Grand Averages (normal USD 950 activation fee)

Please note that because of tight deadlines in administration the date and times will be strictly followed. It may be prudent to activate in advance if it is your intention to do so, to prevent a last-minute rush or possible exclusion from the competitions.