A very successful auction for Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (BE) with 1,177,125 EURO revenue

The two-day auction closed on 30th of March, selling all old birds from 2017 and earlier + a group of youngsters of Kurt & Raf Platteeuw. This was a highly anticipated auction with plenty of race winners.

In a time where the coronavirus is dominating our daily lives, PIPA was able to successfully host a fantastic pigeon auction featuring the two recordmen from Rumbeke. Pigeons were sold to as many as 23 (!) different countries, and some renowned fanciers joined in to try and obtain pigeons from this successful combination. How did the auction go? Read on to find out.

Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (BE) Day 1 - 204 pigeons - 4,417 euro/bird
It goes without saying that the two-day auction of Kurt & Raf started off with a pigeon that could really get things going. And so it did! New General, which finished in 2nd and 3rd place in the PIPA ranking in 2018 sparked off a spectacular weekend. Part one was due to close on Sunday at exactly 11am but New General was only sold at 1:35pm! We saw a tough fight that eventually led to an impressive winning bid of 404,000 euro! The new owner of New General is Dr. Wang, the organiser of the Lang Fang pigeon exhibition. He obtained this bird together with a few Belgian entrepreneurs. New General promptly became the 2nd most expensive bird ever in an online auction.

New General, 2nd most expensive pigeon ever in an online auction

Cannibal was another pigeon that many fanciers were interested in. This dark coloured cock was 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB, and he moves to the PIPA Breeding Loft to help strengthen the existing sprint family. This four year old sprint cock stays in Belgium, with a sale price of 90,000 euro. The fanciers from Rumbeke ended day 1 with an average sale price of 4,417 euro/bird, resulting in an overall revenue of 901,100 euro.

Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (BE) Day 2 - 110 pigeons - 2,509 euro/bird
On day two we had another fantastic group of birds from Kurt & Raf's collection on offer. The 110 pigeons of day 2 were sold for 2,509 euro/bird on average, leading to a total revenue of 276,025 euro. The most expensive pigeon on day two was Peter Pan. She claimed a 2nd national of 13,569 pigeons, finishing right behind a teammate, and she is also the dam of Peter Admiral, winner of a title of 2nd Ace Pigeon in West Flanders. Peter Pan was sold to a Chinese loft for 41,000 euro.

Another pigeon that sparked particular interest was Nabrina, winner of a 1st National Limoges of 13,569 pigeons, as well as Catoo 665. Catoo 655 comes from breeding pair Cannibal x Catoo, and she was sold to a Chinese fancier for 26,000 euro. Nabrina went to China as well, with a sale price of 19,000 euro.

Like we said, this PIPA auction attracted fanciers from across the globe. We listed the 23 countries to which the pigeons were sold below:
Belgium (74), China (68), Taiwan (37), Poland (32), Germany (27), Great Britain (26), the United States (15), The Netherlands (14), France (7), Japan (4), Lithuania (4), Morocco (4), Portugal (3), Kuwait (2), Argentina (1), Austria (1), Spain (1), Iraq (1), Macau (1), The Philippines (1), Pakistan (1), Romania (1) and lastly Slovakia (1).