Verreckt-Ariën (Tessenderlo, BE) win 1st Nat. La Souterraine 16.576 youngsters with a direct Jupid-pigeon!

The duo Verreckt-Ariën has shot towards ‘national top’ like a comet over the last few seasons! In addition to the title of 1° Nat Champion ‘Grand middle distance’ KBDB 2010, they also achieved their 3° national victory this weekend from the period 2008-2011! Something like this is only reserved for real ‘toppers’!

La Souterraine was the penultimate race of the national racing calendar. Once again Saturday was a bit of a washout and the race had to be postponed until Sunday due to the local persistent low clouds. It was the 7th Saturday from the last 8 weeks (July and august) plagued by rain… resulting in the races being postponed, or where the pigeons returned home in wet clothes… only last Saturday, the 20th of august was sunny. Understandably, some fanciers gave up… due to it being just too much! Luckily most fanciers are real ‘sticklers’, because the pigeon season is already so short, and over in the blink of an eye! Better weather was predicted for Sunday, but it didn’t remain dry everywhere and there were a few heavy storms mainly in the west under Paris and above our country… resulting in them literally having to lick their wounds in the west.

Both Flanders were completely thrown from the race by the wind and storms, and at national level will only participate for the proverbial ‘peanuts’! Weather, wind and mass… they play a not to be underestimated role in the distribution of the prizes, especially at national level. And how shorter the distance, and how bigger the mass, the more this is reflected! It can’t be avoided, and has to be taken how it comes… in most places in the west it was very difficult to have a pigeonwhich in the club won per 10 (which is more than a considerable performance)… down on paper at national level! Nothing can be done; the facts are what they are!

With a lot of west in the wind the early pigeons have to be looked for on the other side of the country, this La Souterraine was no exception… the storms also added to the troubles! Generally speaking, it was a very fast race, with a matter of seconds where the national victory was concerned, with a great many pigeons only a hair’s breadth from each other. By the youngsters the national victory went to Verreckt-Ariën from Tessenderlo who clocked their pigeon at 14h 54’ 16” from a distance of 594,835 Km, good enough for the highest average speed by the youngsters with 1547,96 m/min. With this they were just a few seconds ahead of Albert Derwa-Luxem from  Herent (1547,64 m/min) who ended in 2nd place, and an unleashed formation Van Hove-Uytterhoeven who carry the crown of Antwerp in places 3-4-5 national (respectively 1547,12 m - 1546 m - 1545 m)… which will also give them the first 3 places at provincial level! It looks as if the prizes at national level will hardly be open for 40 minutes! 

1° National with a ‘German pigeon’!

The brand new national winning hen La Souterraine by the 16.576 youngsters saw the light of day in the lofts of SG Jupid, the capital breeding source of Jurgen and Sarah Jung in Ebertshausen in Germany. Last season Jurgen Jung… who is located adversely for the game in his own region as there is no other pigeon fancier within a 30 km radius… had the idea of housing and testing his first and second rounds somewhere in Belgium. Plans which became more concrete during the winter months… Kris Cleirbaut was therefore allowed to thoroughly test the second round in Ebertshausen… the first round (42 pigeons) came to the lofts of  Verreckt-Ariën… a ‘golden move’ as it turns out.

This idea also fitted perfectly into the plans in Limburg… because since last year Verreckt-Ariën also toyed with the idea of concentrating more on the youngsters (until then rather a side issue, and a sort of  an ‘apprenticeship’ for later)… and Agy was to concentrate on the youngsters… try to steer her ‘darling pets’ towards national triumphs, supported in this by her co-carer, uncle Robert Rutten. And so it was… there were extra lofts erected for the youngsters, with enough room for extra youngsters, including the 42 pigeons from Jurgen and Sarah Jung. The plans, and how they were to be carried out can be read on PIPA by the double interview last winter season with the duo Verreckt-Ariën and the Vandenheede brothers.

The ‘Jung’-pigeons didn’t do bad at all in the young team of Verreckt-Ariën pigeons in the preliminary races, and were often amongst the early arrivals with several early prizes… although the ‘Josephine’, as the brand new national winning hen from La Souterraine is called… was easily the most regular from the team of  ‘German pigeons’, with already several top prizes in her honours list, with: 

-‘Josephine’ DV 08857-11-387

19/6 Soissons       590 p. 50
02/7 Momignies      514 p. 153
10/7 Soissons       282 p. 7
16/7 Momignies      551 p. 95
31/7 Nanteuil       253 p. 8
13/8 Argenton       183 p. 6
           Nat   20.383 p. 183
28/8 La Souterraine 207 p. 1
           Nat   16.576 p. 1 

Her lineage is one to make you lick your fingers!

Father: B07-5060294 ‘Motega’

Full brother of the 1° Nat. Ace bird Grand middle distance KBDB 2010, the ‘New Freddy’ from Pierre Matthijs… but bought by the PiPa Elite Center (PEC) from Nikolaas Gyselbrecht. This ‘Motega’ was also bought by SG Jupid from the PEC… and is a 100% Vandenheede pigeon, coming out ‘Son Brother Superkweker Freddy’ B99-5000704 (grandson of the super stock couple Vandenheede ‘Antigoon’ x ’t Krijt’, a.o. parents of the ‘Superkweker Freddy’ De Rauw-Sablon) x ‘Sister 1° Prov Chateauroux’ B06-4112378 (out the son ‘Limoges’ De Rauw-Sablon, namely ‘Hooverphonic 892/00’ x ‘Thebe 313/03’).

Mother: ‘Lolita’ DV 08857-10-4

We can tell you she’s a jewel… last year when we paid a personal visit to Ebertshausen (with Nikolaas Gyselbrecht) we were handed this beautiful young lady, and when Jurgen noticed out interest he immediately added… that she wouldn’t be sold for all the money in the world, possibly he already had a ‘premonition’! Because she is a half-sister of the 1° Nat. Ace bird Long Distance KBDB ‘Blue Ace’ by Erik Limbourg… as daughter of the phenomenal super breeder ‘Lucky 848’ B00-4065848, which is considered as the best breeding pigeon from the current De Rauw-Sablon generation, which was bought in the auction of  E.Limbourg by a co-operative consisting of Jurgen Jung and the PEC from Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, and is also father of the masculine half of the world famous ‘Bak 17’  by Marcel Aelbrecht…  (as son of the ‘Superkweker 548/91’ Marcel Aelbrecht, which is a full brother of the legendary ‘Limoges’, and so son of the ‘Dream Couple’ De Rauw-Sablon…. coupled with ‘Mother Smallen 368/93’). Mother of ‘Lolita’ is a ‘Daughter Freddy’ B08-5165494, a direct Pros Roosen out the ‘Superkweker Freddy 032/94’ x ‘Mother Magna Carta 265/02’ (a daughter 1° Nat Bourges by Pros Roosen).

In short, ‘world class’ from A to Z… as the Verreckt-Ariën colony has now achieved her 3rd national victory and 4th great national triumph within 4 years, after earlier winning 1° Nat Argenton 6.033 yl ’08, 1° Nat Tulle 6.585 o.b. ’10 and at the end of last year was flagged as 1° Nat. Champion ‘Grand middle distance’ KBDB 2010!

The team of youngsters has also been marvellous over the last few weeks, Agy had clearly made her ‘youngsters’ ‘sharp’ at the right moment and let them grow to their top… which resulted from Argenton just over 3 weeks ago in 3 ‘Top 100’ places at national level, from La Souterraine they took things a step further and took the highest honour, well deserved: 

Argenton  club 183 youngsters: 1-2-3-6-7-14-15-16-17-18… (25/68 per 4)
         Prov  1.478 youngsters: 2-10-11-27-30-65-79-89-91-98-124-125-146… etc.
         Nat  20.383 youngsters: 18-84-91-154-157-380-489-619-645-796… (30/68)
La Souterraine   207 youngsters: 1-2-6-10-13-16-17-25-26… (19/57 per 4)
         Prov  1.259 youngsters: 1-2-29-49-61-78-89-117-121… (prognosis per 10)
          Nat 16.576 youngsters: 1-14…  etc. (preliminary forecast)

The Verreckt-Ariën formation is like a well-oiled machine, once on the rails there is no stopping it. Everything with feathers (except the breeding pigeons of course) is basketted, and is given ample chance to prove it’s ‘class’ and ‘capability’… the selection is then also merciless… and actually begins once the youngsters are weaned, with the first selection on health and build, with special attention to model and in particular the wealth of blood radiating from the eye… later on performances. Whoever manages to remain in the Verreckt-Ariën colony as a 2 year old… has to be very demanding, and meet all the high demands and criteria. Anything else doesn’t last long in Tessenderlo!

This year the overwhelming performances resulted in the winning of 1° Prov Limoges O.b (beginning of June), 1° Prov Tulle 651 yl and double victory with 1° + 2° Semi-Nat Montluçon 6.141 p., and now the highest honour from La Souterraine… as a sort of  ‘apotheosis’ to an already overwhelming season! For which our sincerest congratulations to Agy, Pascal and Robert… and of course to the Jupid-team from Jurgen and Sarah Jung who can fully share in the joy around the national victory obtained by their pigeon on Belgium soil! 

The lofts for the youngsters with left the loft from which the 1° Nat La Souterraine was won