Verkerk Gerard & Bas win 17x 1st against an average of 3.010 pigeons. Best Fanciers of Holland 2006!

Gerard & Bas Verkerk, Alphen aan den Rijn (NL)

That’s it then for the season of 2006. The league tables are being drafted and the national competitions are about to present the best fanciers and pigeons of Holland.
2006 was truly a golden year for the team of Gerard and Bas Verkerk in Alphen aan den Rijn. They have acquired top results in speed, middle distance and long distance racing and they will certainly end up in a high position in the rankings of several competitions such as “Wie Heeft Ze Beter?” and “The Best Of The Best”. They are favourites to win the “Best fancier WHZB” considering their total score of the season of 2006.
Having a top year as a fancier happens, but being part of the national (world) top for 10 continuous years is very rare. In 10 years’ time, Gerard and Bas have won 203 1st prizes against an average of 2.218 pigeons (without doublings) and they have acquired one or several national top 10 titles every year since 1995.
As far as ace pigeons are concerned, 2006 will be no different with a topper such as
NL05-1394721 aka “Taylor”. In 2006, she won 9x 1:100 with a.o.
Strombeek 1st-6.205 p
Orleans 1st-1.710 p
Blois 2nd-1.759 p
Harchies 3rd- 884 p
Tours 3rd- 631 p
Ablis 6th-5.957 p


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Another topper is NL04-2050373 aka “SpongeBob”.

Olympic Pigeon All Round Oostende

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Last year, he raced:
Blois 1st- 20.755 p.
Peronne 1st- 6.017 p.
This crack added a little extra this year by winning 8 prizes 1:100 and a.o.
Chantilly 1st - 6.762 p.
Strombeek 2nd - 6.205 p (together with Taylor)
Orleans 2nd - 1.710 p (together with Taylor)

Oprah”’s; NL04-2050252, performances; will bear as well with 7x 1:100 and a.o.
Harchies 1st - 5.948 p.
Chantilly 4th - 3.794 p.
Peronne 4th - 1.811 p.
Tours 5th - 1.660 p.
In 2005 she had already obtained:
Peronne 1st - 2.127 p.
Le Mans 4th - 7.464 p.


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“ Inspiration”; NL04-2050210, was the 9th fastest pigeons of the entire country in the national Blois race against 75.000 pigeons (the other 9 in the national top 10 of this extremely tough race lived approximately 94 km closer).
This is a half sister of “Olympic Unbelievable” (father’s side) and a half sister of “SpongeBob” (mother’s side). She has performed excellently in 2006:
Blois 1st - 5.644 p.
Ablis 1st - 2.365 p.
Tours 1st - 631 p.


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NL05-1441789 “Gerelly” (Best cock of the loft for WHZB)


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NL05-1394720 “Dennis The Menace” (1st ace pigeon middle distance Provincial; dept West and nest brother of “Taylor”)

“Dennis The Menace”

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How do they do it?

First of all: a good loft, top quality pigeons (they’ve never sold an olympiad or national ace pigeon but moved them directly to the breeding loft) and optimal care.
Apart from that, the racing pigeons were coupled a few days before Christmas and they raised a round of eggs from the breeders. They were separated when the youngsters were 17 days old (early February) and the cock raised the youngsters on his own for another week. The pigeons are on widowhood as from early February. You will probably think that the pigeons are re-coupled before the season or in August but nothing is further from the truth. The birds just remained on widowhood and were not re-coupled after the last race. They were 7,5 months on widowhood when they flew their last race! According to Gerard and Bas this is an advantage because they have nothing to do with laying eggs and good or bad positions. Furthermore, they noticed that the pigeons did not loose 2 feathers at the same time in the after racing season, which they did during the past 2 years when they were sitting on eggs.
In addition, the pigeons receive plenty of feed all year through (4 kinds of racing mixture, “zoontjens”, purification, candy seed, tovo, p40 and peanuts). In view of basketing the pigeons, they receive a heavier diet; heavy with respect to composition, not to quantity. The widowers get a filled feed box (little pots). Henk de Weerd is in charge of medical support.

Performances 2006 (prize relation 1:5):
28.05.2006 Peronne, 276 km, 6.990 p. - 2,5,26,31,32,34,38,43,48, etc. --- 55/84
10.06.2006 Ablis, 451 km, 2.365 p. - 1,3,7,8,12,13,21,23,25, etc. --- 47/83
17.06.2006 Tours, 603 km, 631 p. - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,14,15,16,18, etc --- 43/67
24.06.2006 Creil, 359 km, 13.293 p. - 24,34,35,69,85,91,114,116,119,123,etc. --- 51/70
01.07.2006 Orleans Saran, 509 km, 1.710 p. - 1,2,4,6,12,15,16,19,21,22,23,27, etc. --- 42/67
08.07.2006 Chantilly, 364 km, 11.499 p. - 13,18,34,52,53,66,81,117,119,etc. --- 52/67
15.07.2006 Blois, 562 km, 1.759 p. - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11,12,16,22,24,etc. --- 46/64
23.07.2006 Creil, 359 km, 9.187 p. - 1,10,15,44,69,70,74,90,93,etc. --- 36/65
28.07.2006 Argenton, 660 km, 3.449 p. - 1,2,14,20,21,32,34,35,etc. --- 32/60 - 2nd & 3rd S.Nat-NPO 6.709 p.
05.08.2006 Chantilly, 364 km, 6.762 p. - 1,2,4,5,7,8,14,15,18,25,27,28, etc. --- 50/57
19.08.2006 Duffel, 118 km, 6.629 p.- 2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11,14,17,18,19,etc. --- 60/64
26.08.2006 Strombeek, 141 km, 6.205 p. - 1,2,24,28,33,36,43,44,66, etc. --- 46/67
02.09.2006 Harchies, 198 km, 5.948 p. - 1,4,8,19,20,21,22,23,26,28,etc. --- 57/61
09.09.2006 Peronne, 276 km, 1.811 p. - 1,3,4,6,7,11,12,13,14,15,17,18,19,20,21,22,etc. --- 57/59