Verbesselt - Van Riet, "Their Stichelbaut-Gorin pigeons conquer the international one loft races"

The rocket stars 'Silver lining marathon loft'

With Stichelbaut-Gorin origin rising to the International top of pigeon racing.
What is the best way to judge the quality of your pigeons ? Let them race in the international one loft races. Every pigeon is treated the same way and 'stimulating products' aren't involved. Only the fittest bird will survive. From all over the world pigeons are entered and put together in a common loft.
Diseases are spread easily, so indeed you need very tough birds. To examine the quality from your pigeons, this is the easiest way to judge them. Without the usual nonsense talk after a defeat, such as a lack of a good loft, race circumstances, wind profit or other disadvantages.
Outstanding performances in International Barcelona race is our biggest thrill and drive. Therefore we need very tough and consistent birds. The very tough Asia (Japan-China-Thailand) one loft races seemed for us the best and easiest way to judge the quality from our stock birds to determine their outrageous task.

You can describe it as selecting your birds in pre-toss races before the ultimate race which is the 'International Barcelona' race. You can compare this with the pre-selection races, proving your capability to perform and deserve your selection for the Olympic Games.

2001 : The start into the international one loft race scene.
A. China (2X ENTERED birds)
4th China international 500K race in Chengdu 2001.
On the 18 of november 2001, Kim 4349071-01 from Verbesselt Van Riet, Stichelbaut-Gorin origin wins 4th place from 1150 pigeons in the final race of 500 km. from Luoyang to Bengbu. With this result she wins the
It was a very tough race, after 3 weeks only 27 pigeons returned to the loft. This hen was an inbred from the line from 'Angouleme 1 - 6536300/00 '
1st interprovincial against 3694 pigeons in 2000 from Van Riet F & K. (National Barcelona winner Notary Dons sold this 1st Interprovincial Angouleme winner at the auction in 2000).
17th China international 500K race in Nanjing 2003.

On the 23 of October 2003, 'China blue 4410103/03' from Verbesselt Van Riet was 17Th from 994 pigeons basketed and 3rd INTERNATIONAL entry. - She was also an inbred Stichelbaut - Gorin hen.

B. JAPAN. (2x entered)
JRPA International loft located in Yasatomachi ( near Tokyo):
* JRPA International race 2002 - 2003.
Cock DC 4414262/02 from Verbesselt Van Riet origin Stichelbaut-Gorin:
· 300 km Kashimadai : 25/02/2003 : International Winner race : 79e of 943 pigeons - 7th International and 2nd from Belgium
· 400 km Kouma : 09/03/2003 : International Darby race : 92th of 840 pigeons - 3rd International and 1st from Belgium
* JRPA International race 2003 - 2004.
Hen 'JRPA' DC 4410288/03 from Verbesselt - Van Riet origin Stichelbaut-Gorin:
2OO K : 15/02/2004 : 2. International Winner race : 5th of 1425 pigeons - 1st International and 1st from Belgium
5OO K : 21/04/2004 : International Friendship race : 42nd of 958 pigeons - 4th International and 1st from Belgium.

Sompong-Verbesselt-Van Riet:
5OO K : 21/04/2004 : International Friendship race - 5th International and 1st from Thailand. (THAI03-74574)
13th International and 5th from Thailand. (THAI03-74576)
700 K : 01/05/2004 : Iternational Oriental race:
Otani-Verbesselt-Van Riet : 23rd from 466 pigeons left.
Sompong-Verbesselt-Van Riet : 141 - 220 (only 9 foreign birds returned)



C. THAILAND : Sompong-Verbesselt- Van Riet
* Amazing results within 2 years of pigeon racing .
* Together with their partner and friend Mr. Sompong Tejatrisorn, Verbesselt-Van Riet achieved super results in Thailand international and local pigeon races. Mr. Sompong is the rising star in the Thailand pigeon racing scene. His 2 lofts (2 different locations in Bangkok) are described as 'the rocket' star lofts in Bangkok racing.
* Thailand international Worldchampionship 2002 :
Miss 'NANA' B02-3418 a blue hen wins the best of the best ACE-PIGEON for the overnight long distance flight from Bung-Karn . She won 3rd place from 1040 entered birds in the final race from 600K. Only 8 pigeons returned within 2 days .
* Thailand international Worldchampionship 2003:
The organisation committee from Thailandworldchampionship declared Sompong-Otani-Verbesselt-Van Riet as the best performed combination into Thailandworldchampionship 2003. They made top results from the 1st pre-toss until the final race. Their Stichelbaut-Gorin origin birds bred from direct Belgian Verbesselt-Van Riet stock birds excelerated under 'tropical' and 'moisture' weather conditions.
Results from Thailand Worldchampionship races December 2003:

1. Test Si-Khiu (140K) - Nong-Kai : 703 pig. 11-27-63-73-91 - Bung-Karn:617 pig. 18-19-26-35-52-68
Udon-Thani:297 pig. 12-27-41-80

2. 1stpre-toss Nakhon Ratchasima (200K)
Nong-Kai : 708 pig. 30-37-60-888-90-103-110-112 - Bung-Karn:498 pig. 24-27-50-53-74-84-165 -
Udon-Thani:254 pig. 30-39-49-98

3. 2nd pre-toss Bua - Yai (300K)
Nong-Kai : 539 pig. 18-21-24-75-77-84-109-117 - Bung-Karn:422 pig. 3-30-77-96-111-165 -
Udon-Thani:236 pig. 6-71

4. 3rd pre-toss Khon-Kaen (350K)
Nong-Kai : 451 pig. 35-56-61-68-91-98-138-153-172-182 - Bung-Karn:317 pig. 16-24-32-45-144-146
Udon-Thani:183 pig. 14-54-56

Nong-Kai : 510K :
5 (Princess cup winner) - 8 (2nd ace-pigeon) - 11(3rd ace-pigeon)- 12-21-39-62
Bung-Karn: 610K : 20 -34
FCI - race : Udon-Thani: 450K : 16 - 34

Some pigeons :
B02-3418 : Miss NANA : won 1st Ace pigeon + 3rd final race Thailandworldchampionship 2002.

N03-0509 : Miss FORTUNA : won 5th and Princess Cup Thailandworldchampionship 2003.